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(IMPORTANT: Before I get to my story, if your Yahoo! email has been hacked I recommend that you immediately change your password, update your security questions and ensure your Yahoo! Mobile and Y! Messenger are both up-to-date. You should also visit Yahoo! Email Abuse Help and use this process if you are unable to login to your Yahoo! account. Also, make sure to read the comments on this post since there is a tremendous amount of good information there as well.)

(UPDATE 12/13/11: Yahoo has introduced second sign-in verification as an added security measure. It will require that you add a mobile phone number and verify it via a text message. Here’s the direct link to start using second sign-in verification.)

It happened just before we arrived at the San Francisco Zoo. We are at a red light on Sloat Boulevard when my phone started to vibrate.

Buzz. Buzz. Buzz. Buzz. Buzz. Buzz. Buzz. Buzz. Buzz. Buzz. Buzz. Buzz. Buzz.

Had the rapture come a day late No. I was getting undeliverable messages. Lots of them. My Yahoo email had been hacked!

Here are the two important lessons I learned as a result.

I Have Good Friends

I didn’t want our day at the Zoo ruined, me staring into my phone resetting passwords and figuring out what happened. So I put the problem on the back burner and proceeded to have a fun family day.

But I did take time to quickly tap out a response to people who replied to the spam coming from my hijacked account. Why Because they took the time and effort to give me a heads up that I had a problem. These were good people. Good friends.

The thing is, I’d gotten a number of these same emails lately from other hacked Yahoo accounts. I figured these people knew they’d been compromised and I didn’t need to respond. With the shoe on the other foot, I realized those emails were comforting even though I was well aware of the problem.

I’ll shoot off an email the next time I get a hacked email from someone.

Yahoo Email Security Failed

The odds are that I will get another one of those emails because I learned just how easy Yahoo makes it for hackers.

Upon getting home I went about securing my account. On a lark, I checked Yahoo’s ‘View your recent login activity’ link.

Sure enough at 10:03 AM my account was accessed from Romania. This obvious login anomaly didn’t set off any alarms Shouldn’t my security questions have been presented in this scenario I have never logged in from Romania before.

I’ve never logged in from outside the US. Yahoo knows this. In fact, Yahoo knows quite a bit about my location.

My locations puts me in three states: California, New York and Pennsylvania. I also have location history turned on, so it’s not just my own manually saved locations (some of which are ancient), but Yahoo’s automated location technology keeping track of me.

Do you see Romania in this list I don’t.

Why is Yahoo making it this easy for spammers to hijack accounts Make them work a little bit! At a minimum, make them spoof their location.

Yahoo should have noted this anomaly and used my security questions to validate identity. I still would have had to change my password (which wasn’t that bad) but I would have avoided those embarrassing emails.

A simple rule set could have been applied here where users are asked to validate identity if the login (even a successful one) is outside of a 500 mile radius of any prior location.

I’ve had a Yahoo account for over 10 years without a problem, even as I moved my business accounts over to Gmail.

Yesterday I thanked those friends who had my back. Unfortunately, Yahoo wasn’t one of them CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X6 Corel Website Creator X6 [x32x64 Multi]

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Just months after disclosing a breach that compromised the passwords for a half billion of its users, Yahoo now says a separate incident has jeopardized data from at least a billion more user accounts. The company also warned attackers have figured out a way to log into targeted Yahoo accounts without even supplying the victim’s password.

On September 22, Yahoo warned that a security breach of its networks affected more than 500 million account holders. Today, the company said it uncovered a separate incident in which thieves stole data on more than a billion user accounts, and that the newly disclosed breach is separate from the incident disclosed in September.

(Update, Dec. 15, 2016: Yahoo users looking for more advice on what to do next should check out the QA just published here, My Yahoo Account Was Hacked! Now What).

“Based on further analysis of this data by the forensic experts, we believe an unauthorized third party, in August 2013, stole data associated with more than one billion user accounts,” Yahoo’s chief information security officer Bob Lord said in a statement the company published Wednesday afternoon. “We have not been able to identify the intrusion associated with this theft.”

The statement says that for “potentially affected accounts, the stolen user account information may have included names, email addresses, telephone numbers, dates of birth, hashed passwords (using MD5) and, in some cases, encrypted or unencrypted security questions and answers.”

In addition, Lord said the attackers had worked out a way to forge “cookies” that Yahoo places on user computers when they log in. Authentication cookies are text files that contain information about the user’s session with Yahoo. Cookies can contain a great deal of information about the user, such as whether that the user has already authenticated to the company’s servers.

The attackers in this case apparently found a way to forge these authentication cookies, which would have granted them to access targeted accounts without needing to supply the account’s password. In addition, a forged cookie could have allowed the attackers to remain logged into the hacked accounts for weeks or indefinitely.

Yahoo’s statement said the company is in the process of notifying the affected account holders, and that it has invalidated the forged cookies.

“We have connected some of this activity to the same state-sponsored actor believed to be responsible for the data theft the company disclosed on September 22, 2016,” Lord said.

Yahoo says users should change their passwords and security questions and answers for any other accounts on which they used the same or similar information used for their Yahoo account. The company is asking users to review their accounts for suspicious activity, and to consider using Yahoo Account Key, a simple authentication tool that eliminates the need to use a password on Yahoo altogether.

For years I have been urging friends and family to migrate off of Yahoo email, mainly because the company appeared to fall far behind its peers in blocking spam and other email-based attacks. But also because of pseudo-security features (like secret questions) that tend to end up weakening the security of accounts. I stand by that recommendation.

Most importantly, if you are reusing your Yahoo password anywhere else, now is a great time to change those passwords. And remember, never reuse your email password (or any other password tied to an account that holds sensitive data about you) at any other site Facebook Hacker v3 8

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Hewlett-Packard will apparently need close to two months to start fulfilling backorders for the (temporarily) revived TouchPad tablet.

"It will take 6-8 weeks to build enough HP TouchPads to meet our current commitments, during which time your order will then ship from this stock with free ground shipping," read an email sent to customers and reprinted in a Sept. 7 posting on the blog. "You will receive a shipping notification with a tracking number once your order has shipped."

That would place the new TouchPads in consumers' hands sometime in either late October or early November. The reduced-price devices are not returnable, according to the email.

HP originally acquired webOS as part of its takeover of Palm in 2010. The manufacturer originally had big plans for loading the operating system onto a variety of devices, including tablets, smartphones, desktops and laptops.

However, sales of its TouchPad proved anemic, and HP made the decision to end the tablet's life after a mere six weeks on the market. In order to clear out inventory, the manufacturer sliced the starting price to $99, which sparked a surge of consumer interest. In the wake of that, HP made the decision to revive the line for a limited time.

In addition, HP plans on dividing its webOS arm into two separate units reporting to different areas of the company, according to two leaked memos that have made their way onto the Web.

The webOS software assets will find their way into the arms, however welcoming, of its Office of Strategy and Technology. The other parts of the webOS corporate infrastructure, presumably including its hardware interests, will continue as part of the Personal Systems Group, which manufactures HP's PCs, and which will presumably be spun off into its own entity under the terms of the company's new strategy.

"We have decided that we'll be most effective in these efforts by having the teams in webOS software engineering, worldwide developer relations and webOS software product marketing join the Office of Strategy and Technology," Todd Bradley, executive vice president of HP's Personal Systems Group, wrote in an email circulated to the webOS developer team and also leaked onto "The remainder of the webOS team, under Stephen DeWitt, will continue to report into PSG."

According to at least one analyst, flooding the market with additional TouchPad devices could have significant benefits for HP going forward.

A "larger installed base of TouchPad and webOS devices should increase the value of webOS in a potential sale," Sterne Agee analyst Shaw Wu wrote in a research note widely circulated on Barron's and other financial Websites. "We believe logical buyers may include Samsung Electronics, Research In Motion, HTC,, Facebook, Sony, Microsoft and others crack avira 2013


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Just received a new firmware update for my Telstra Nighthawk M1 router. Does anybody know what the change log is.The firmware went from NTG9X50C_10.25.01.01 to the new one NTG5X50C_12.06.02.00

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HiDoes anyone know how to change the name of the WiFi NBN booster pleaseJust the name the comes up when you connect to the home dash app.


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  The decision to cease sales of Telstra-branded ZTE mobiles and mobile broadband devices through our stores and partners has been reversed. 

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  • http://t4is3dhdc2jd4yhw.onion/ – OnionForum 3.0 – New Onionforum for general talk, now with marketplacehttp://zw3crggtadila2sg.onion/imageboard/ – TorChan – One of the oldest chans on Tor *Email and Messaging**
  • http://bitmailendavkbec.onion – swiss email
  • http://sms4tor3vcr2geip.onion/ – SMS4TOR – Self destructing messages
  • http://notestjxctkwbk6z.onion/ – NoteBin – Create encrypted self-destructing notes
  • http://torbox3uiot6wchz.onion/ – [TorBox] The Tor Mail Box
  • http://u6lyst27lmelm6oy.onion/index.php – Blue matrix chat NOT UP ALL THE TIME so chek often to see when it is
  • http://wi7qkxyrdpu5cmvr.onion/ – Autistici/Inventati
  • http://u4uoz3aphqbdc754.onion/ – Hell Online
  • http://f3ljvgyyujmnfhvi.onion/ – New email host of DW. The URSSMail: anonymous and, most important, SECURE! Located in 3 different servers from across the globe, we will not be taken down! Even if the FBI reach us, our users will be totally secured! All interactions made by our servers are encrypted by an AES 256 (Serpent-Twofish-AES) key, including the content of those messages. Not the admins, or even the FBI can access the content of your mailbox.

  • http://6sgjmi53igmg7fm7.onion/index.phptitle=Main_Page – Bugged Planet
  • http://faerieuaahqvzgby.onion/ – Fairie Underground
  • http://2r2tz6wzqh7gaji7.onion/ – Kavkaz Center
  • http://tnysbtbxsf356hiy.onion/ – The New Yorker Strongbox
  • http://duskgytldkxiuqc6.onion/ – Example rendezvous points page
  • http://rrcc5uuudhh4oz3c.onion/ – The Intel Exchange Forum :: Information and discussion on various topics, ranging from Illegal Activities and Alternative Energy, to Conspiracy Theories and Hacking. Same people from SnapBBS on a fully secure, moderated and categorized forum.
  • http://opnju4nyz7wbypme.onion/weblog/index.html – A7B blog :: a blog dedicated to the restoration of a limited constitutional republic in the USA
  • http://assmkedzgorodn7o.onion/ – Anonymous, safe, secure, crowdfunded assassinations.
  • http://duskgytldkxiuqc6.onion/comsense.html – Commo Sense by Thomas Paine
  • http://nwycvryrozllb42g.onion/ – Destination Unknown
  • http://zbnnr7qzaxlk5tms.onion/ – Wiki Leaks

  • http://salted7fpnlaguiq.onion/ – SALT
  • http://bbxdfsru7lmmbj32.onion/marketplace/ – Delta Initiative
  • http://2ogmrlfzdthnwkez.onion/ – Rent-A-Hacker
  • http://5xki35vc4g5ts6gc.onion – GTF Greek Tor Forum For Greek Speaking Users
  • http://doxbinumfxfyytnh.onion/ – There are no limits on what kind of info you can post
  • – Hidden TeamViewer software for anonymous access to any PC

  • http://2gxxzwnj52jutais.onion/ – The Nowhere Server (restored from backup after FH)
  • http://jntlesnev5o7zysa.onion/ – The Pirate Bay – Torrents
  • http://am4wuhz3zifexz5u.onion/ – Tor Library – library of books and other media files
  • http://uj3wazyk5u4hnvtk.onion/ – The Pirate Bay – Torrents (official .onion)
  • http://doxbindtelxceher.onion/ – DOXBIN
  • http://wuvdsbmbwyjzsgei.onion/ – Music Downloads
  • http://lolicore75rq3tm5.onion/ – Lolicore and Speedcore Music
  • http://xfmro77i3lixucja.onion/ – ebooks
  • http://vt27twhtksyvjrky.onion/ – lol 20th Century Western Music Recordings and Scores
  • http://2ygbaoezjdmacnro.onion/ – Pony at Noisebridge
  • http://xfmro77i3lixucja.onion/ – Imperial Library of Trantor
  • http://c3jemx2ube5v5zpg avast free antivirus SERIAL TILL 2038

    onion/ – Jotunbane’s Reading Club

    Unknown links:-

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