Windows Loader 2.2.2 by Daz - Windows Loader 2 1 5 by Daz WAT Fix

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Read more Windows 7 Loader Activator v2.6.2 By Daz windows 7 loader activator v2.6.2 Full Version Free Download. Windows 7 loader application has been utilized by numerous .,Windows 8 Loader Activator by . Download free Windows Loader v2.1.2 (By DAZ) WAT Fix. Free download Windows Loader v2.1.2 (By DAZ) and WAT Fix., – AVS Video Converter 10.1.2 Full Version : Dari namanya kita udah tau dong kegunaan dari software yang satu ini. AVS Video Converter merupakan.

Windows 7 loader application has been utilized by numerous individuals all through the world to actuate Windows 7 effectively. The loader can initiate most Windows 7 versions for all time and all the more securely. Windows loader is suitable for all renditions of Windows 7, Vista, Server 2008, and Server 2008 R2. It’s likewise good with Windows 7 SP1 and all framework redesigns, and it will keep running on 32-bit (x86) and 64-bit (x64) frameworks. The extraordinary thing about this loader is that all the key parts of the adventure scrambled with a custom encryption. The endeavor keeps running before Windows began up, so it’s harder for Microsoft to avert. It fixes every essential table making initiation look bona fide, and each client has a remarkable variant of the adventure introduced in his/her framework.

Windows 7 Loader keep running as a standalone application. Functions admirably with all framework dialects No center framework records get adjusted. No additional procedures have run, so you don’t have anything eating at your RAM Custom OEM data can be introduced Contention support for noiseless. It’s pre-enactment Application uprightness checking Custom blunder taking care of Support for shrouded parcels, and complex setups. Can work close by Linux’s GRUB or whatever another boot chief Works with TrueCrypt and numerous different sorts of hard drive encryption applications Include your authentications and serials remotely Offers authentication and serial establishment just for clients with a current SLIC 2.1 Robotized framework profiling (The application matches everything up for you)

The accompanying is the full guidelines on where to download and how to utilize the Windows 7 Loader 

  • Introduce Windows 7 (Don’t enter the item key and simply click Next to continue amid establishment until wrapped up).
  • Turn off any against infection on your PC before download or introduce the loader.
  • Ordinarily, you can do this by right-tapping the antivirus symbol on the framework plate and pick cripple.
  • Download the Windows 7 loader
  • Utilize the pressure apparatus like Winzip or WinRAR to unfasten the document to your PC desktop.
  • Right-tap the Windows Loader.exe and select ‘Keep running as director’.
  • Click Yes from the pop-up windows and you will see the accompanying screen
  • In the Installation tab, tap the “Introduce” catch.
  • Sit tight for the Windows Loader to work and tap on OK to reboot.
    Some discretionary strides before snapping the Install catch on the Installation tab:
  • Click on Profile tab.
  • Pick Matching SLIC and Certificate (Dell, MSI, and so forth)
  • Pick (Serial must match your rendition of Windows 7)

Windows 7 Loader

What happens IF the Windows Loader experience issue amid the Windows 7 actuation process

On the off chance that you’ve utilized different applications to attempt and sidestep the Windows 7 initiation framework and/, or you’ve not uninstalled them before attempting to utilize Windows Loader then nine times out of 10 that is the reason you’re not going as real. Download WAT Fix Now. This apparatus can take care of your initiation issues. If you don’t mind, read the directions of utilizing it here.

How to activate windows and Microsoft office with windows 7 loader

windows 7 loader is a Microsoft product that delivers something new. It enables Windows and office freely. Company product cost is much higher, but we will provide you full setup with activator freely.

Do you need to activate Windows 7

  • Disable all Windows and security firewall.
  • Many of antivirus program or security firewall will not allow you to download and install required product, so this is best to activate windows 7 loader.
  • Here you can download Mirror Link
  • Run and install on your PC.
  • If do not run automatically then click on the option “run anyway.”
  • Activation is complete.
  • So this time to enjoy genuine permanent activator.

Windows 7 Loader Activator Feature

  • more than 100 languages supported.
  • Work as a virtual machine.
  • Keep safe and clean.
  • Keep all file secured from malicious content.

Note: if this Windows 7 Loader is not working for you, please attempt different activators like RemoveWAT, Microsoft Toolkit, Windows 7 Loader eXtreme release, Trilogy, 7 Loader or Windows 7 Activator that are accessible at this site.

Windows 7 Loader by daz

Download Windows 7 Loader for PC

So you want to activate Windows 7 but you’re having some problems. I hear you, I feel you, it can be a pain, can’t it But don’t you worry, there just happens to be a tool that can solve all of your problems.

Windows 7 Loader.


Windows 7 Loader basically allows you to load windows if you’ve ‘lost’ your unique activation key. It’s pretty smart so how do you feel about getting a little technical

A loader program is a bios emulator. It’s sneaky and very clever and to understand how it works takes a little bit of explanation.

So here goes. Big computer manufacturers need to find ways to keep things efficient. So instead of giving away copies of operating software with each machine, they make sure each computer has the software PRE-LOADED and PRE-ACTIVATED.

Gone are the dark days of needing a unique code specifically for you and your copy of the software. This is simple, efficient and, actually, the route to the Windows 7 Loader existing.

Every one of the manufacturers has their own ‘master key’ for Windows. What that means is that they don’t need to have a million and one individual keys for each user, they’re able to pre-activate from the same code. The information tied to that key is in the BIOS.

The BIOS is basically a set of computer instructions in the firmware that controls input and output operations. By emulating the bios on a pre-activated and pre-loaded PC the Windows 7 Loader can appear to be the ‘master key’ like putting on a neat disguise.

In reality, the loader actually alters your bios making sure it matches the unique encrypted information of a machine that already had the software ready to go.


Windows 7 Loader is the best of the bunch but it’s a fair question to ask.

We all like to keep our computers secure and running smoothly for high performance so it’s reasonable to wonder if Windows 7 Loader is going to do the trick or not.

Loaders can be risky, they can install things you don’t really want on your computer, including malware that means your computer can be controlled remotely without you even being aware of it. Like a double agent! This is the risk with any unlicensed software and tools of this kind and the risks are pretty well known.

In fact asking if its safe is not the right question because there is risk even with the best software out there. The right question is ‘does it work’.


Windows 7 Loader absolutely works, unlike previous software that caused all sorts of problems, Windows 7 Loader is now considered to be the go to bios emulator for activating Window 7 on your PC. We wouldn’t recommend anything else.

And as we said, it works in a pretty clever way.

Since the big manufacturers have Windows pre-activated, Windows 7 Loader simply tricks your machine into acting like it came from one of those companies, thus activating the software instantly. Very clever.


So why would you want Windows 7 in the first place

Are you kidding The boot time on Windows 7 is seriously decreased, booting up in under 60 seconds.

You also have more compatibility and access to programs and accessories you couldn’t have with its predecessors, this means new games, new controllers, new hardware etc. If you want to keep using your machine you need to make sure you update the operating system otherwise the world is going to evolve around you and leave you behind!

The search function on Windows 7 is also kind of magic before you have even finished typing it’s pulling up every matching document, making finding your files incredibly easy compared to how it was in the past.

This is similar to the function on Word but also within Spotlight on iOS which is a great feature of a Mac.

With improved performance, enhanced searching and expanded security (app-blocker, Windows access center and Geo-tracking) you no longer have the nightmares of Windows 95 boot screen haunting you as you sleep.

If you want Windows 7 on your machine then Windows 7 Loader is going to make that possible.

And here’s the thing, we don’t get hold of software just to have it, we get it so we have the benefits it provides. So it’s not really Windows 7 Loader you want, is it It’s quicker boot up, increased compatibility etc.

All software hacks are basically the same, helping you get to the benefit you need in the quickest way possible. Every hack is a solution to a problem, a route to a very particular destination.

And if the destination is Windows 7 for your PC, if the solution is enhanced security etc. then the hack is Windows 7 Loader Activator and you can get hold of it right here, right now.


Windows 7 Loader for PC is a very specific tool for a very specific job. You know if you need it and if you need it then, well, you need it.

It’s a smart piece of software that demonstrates the ingenuity of coders by emulating the bios of a computer with pre-activated Windows you can fool your machine into thinking it’s one of them too.

This means you can activate Windows 7 loader on your machine right away and get access to all the fantastic features it comes with.

Don’t be fooled by the bad reputation of other Loader software; Windows 7 Loader is the primary piece of software you need. So if you’re looking for a bios emulator for PC to activate Windows 7 for PC then look no further, Windows 7 Loader is for you WoT

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Скачать активатор Виндовс 7. Windows Loader 2.2.2 By DAZ .

Решение всех проблем с активацией кроется в одной маленькой, но очень эффективной программе — активаторе windows 7. Основная задача: установка лицензионного ключа Windows 7 и защита от повторных удалений активации.

Описание: Windows Loader — активатор операционных систем windows 7 максимальная, ultimate, профессиональная, домашняя, Server, Vista. Применяется как на архитектурах x32 bit, так и x64 bit. Активатор обладает гибкими настройками: возможность выбора сертификата и лицензирующего элемента, при желании производится установка индивидуального логотипа в свойствах системы, перепрошивка биос. И многое другое. Но нас интересует автоматический способ активации windows 7.

* Проверяет версию Windows* Автоматически находит активный загрузочный раздел* Работает на всех языках* Работает со скрытыми разделами* Работает на Windows 7, Vista и Server 2008/2012 и других* Поддержка BIOS мода пользователей* Аргумент поддержки автоматических установок* Вы можете использовать этот инструмент для активации Windows 7/Vista ISO, для редактирования SetupComplete Acronis True Image Home 2013 16 0 Build 5551 Plus Pack ITA


* Улучшает Windows 7 на время загрузки Mac

Windows Loader 2.2.2 by Daz -

—————————————————————————————————Для активации Windows 8.1 непосредственно необходимо устанавливать TAP сетевой адаптер и использовать IP адрес или использовать специальный драйвер. Всё это встроено в программу.Для активации по локальной сети TAP интерфейс можно не устанавливать и использовать для активации сетевой адрес компьютера.

Если вы перенастроили программу и она перестала нормально работать — выполните пункт меню «Сбросить настройки программы». Все настройки установятся по-умолчанию.

Дополнительные параметры запуска программы (ключи):—————————————————————————————————/win=act — Запустить программу в скрытом режиме, активировать Windows и выйти из программы./off=act — Запустить программу в скрытом режиме, активировать Office и выйти из программы./log=yes — Запустить программу в скрытом режиме, создать файл ActStatus.log и выйти из программы./kmsset=yes — Запустить программу в скрытом режиме, установить KMS-Service и выйти из программы. Устанавливается только сам KMS-Service, без TAP, WinDivert, Hook./kmsdel=yes — Запустить программу в скрытом режиме, удалить KMS-Service и выйти из программы./key=yes — Запустить программу в скрытом режиме, установить ключ Windows и выйти из программы./task=yes — Запустить программу в скрытом режиме, создать задание в планировщике по активации Windows и Office каждые 25 дней и выйти из программы./taskrun=yes — Запустить программу в скрытом режиме, выполнить задание в планировщике по активации Windows и Office и выйти из программы./convert= — Запустить программу в скрытом режиме, выполнить подготовку к конвертации редакции Windows и выйти из программы. Возможные значения ключей:win8, win8pro, win8ent, win81pro, win81ent, win81, win81sl, win81wmc, win81n, win81entn, win81pron. После этой функции необходима перезагрузка компьютера./sound=yes — Включить звуки.

/sound=no — Выключить звуки.

Активация или установка KMS-Service будет проведена с настройками установленными на вкладке KMS-Service.

—————————————————————————————————При переносе программы на другой компьютер нужно сбросить настройки Авто Режима.Активировать он всё равно будет, на то он и авто, но режим может быть не оптимальным для вашего нового компьютера.

Для сброса авторежима в начальное состояние нужно переключиться на любой другой режим, а потом снова выбрать авто. Всё, теперь авторежим сброшен на начальное, стартовое состояние.

О способах активации встроенных в программу—————————————————————————————————Программа может проводить активации от встоенного в неё эмулятора КМС Сервера несколькими разными способами. Зачем их несколько: стандартный способ подключения к серверу активации направлять сами знаете кому…

Все применяемые способы активации предназначены для того что-бы обмануть систему, сделать так что-бы она «думала» что КМС Сервер находится не на вашем компьютере, а где-то в сети, далеко.

Вкратце о режимах работы программы:—————————————————————————————————

Auto — программа пытается автоматически найти тот способ активации который подходит вашей системе. Делаются попытки активировать систему или Офис от всех допустимых для вашей системы способов, и тот от которого активация пройдёт программой запоминается. Для сброса настроек режима на начальные можно переключиться на любой другой режим и снова выбрать Auto. Этот режим выбран в программе по-умолчанию.

Hook — метод, основанный на подмене оригинального файла системы на специальным образом изменённый. После активации возвращается на место оригинальный файл. В новых версиях программы этот метод работает без замены файлов, все операции проходят в памяти.
WinDivert — в систему на время активации устанавливается специальный драйвер и управляющая им программа для эмуляции удалённого подключения к КМС Серверу.
NoAuto — в этом режиме нет никакой автоматики, как настроите так всё и будет работать. Для людей которые лучше меня знают что, как и когда нужно делать и нужно ли это делать.
TAP — в систему устанавливается виртуальное устройство, TAP интерфейс, и активация проводится через него. В программе два драйвера TAP адаптера, если у вас уже установлен один из драйверов — программа будет использовать для активации драйвер другого типа, в результате ваш адаптер останется в целости и сохранности.
* Названия режимов на вкладке Система — это гипер ссылки, нажав на которые можно изменить некоторые настройки. Кроме того, есть и другие активаторы windows 7. Обратите внимание и на них AutoCAD

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Remove WAT – Free Activator Software to make Windows XP 7 .

user December 28, 2011 Hacking, Security, Software Hacking

Well I was facing problems on my other computer where the windows was still not activated. My work was compromised due to it so Today i Decided to write a post on how to activate it to let go of that annoying message “windows is not activated and blah blah blah”

So here are the foolproof stepsThere are many ways on the net to activate windows 7 ultimate but only a few work out– this is one of the working one’s as i have tested it myself

Sorry for the Wrong English and all
This post was done 2 years back when i started blogging !

It will get an update very soon with a video on my Youtube channel. Please subscribe  

1.If you know your windows is not an bought one then i recommend you to use this software called windows loader. to use it just run it– it takes some time to run on slow computers as it analyses your computer and accordingly loads the correct serial in it. This will do your work and you dont need to go more deep into the other steps.

2.For those who already have that annoying message called windows is not activated in your black desktop these are the steps for you

after i got this message saying that my windows is not genuine. In my case i already applied RemoveWat 2.2.6 before i installed SP1,but then after i installed SP1 on my PC it was a mess.

After i installed SP1

After I finished my work

After steps applied – or in your case the “Windows Activation” INFO may not appear,but that’s fine. like this

If SP1 installed already,apply the whole steps.

The validation and updates will still be available after you apply the steps.


1. First we need to Uninstall Windows Activation Technologies (WAT KB971033) it has to be removed before we proceed.

Go to Control Panel > Programs and Features and Click “View Installed Updates” on the upper left corner. Then right click to “Uninstall” the patch then press “Yes” as shown below.

2. Run RemoveWat 2.2.6 [Run as Administrator]Click “RemoveWat” button, then restart.Download link posted below.[If ‘RemoveWat’ button is not available,proceed step 3] 3. After you reboot repeat step 1 to check whether the (KB971033) patch is properly removed. If patch appeared on the list proceed to step 1 except step 2[if not on the list proceed step 3a] and after you “Uninstall” Patch (KB971033) on the second time open “Task Manager” Click on the “Processes” Tab, find “dllhost.exe” then End this Process.

[this is optional if you still have trial apearring on system properties or the not genuine message]

First download this registry tweaker and double click it and press ok for every thing it asks

3a.Download this: file

For 32bit OS –Download(do not do anything with this file now)

For 64bit  OS – Download  (do not do anything with this file now) Now go to system 32 folder and search for this file systemcpl.dll. Right click on it and there will be a option called take ownership click on it.4. Right click-properties-security-click “Edit” button.And on every User names or Group below tick “Full Control” apply and delete the file.Paste the downloaded file systemcpl.dll here.5.Download my slmgr and paste it in the system 32 folder!!(I got this File at last and for everyone’s Happiness)Note: This time i have named it HappyCookie so that no file host deletes the File !! On the Basis of a Suggestion by comments. Will be putting 12 moremirrors just in case it gets deleted Again !! Download it From above like or here 6. Click Start Button and type “cmd” then important to run “CMD” as administrator. On cmd type the following command “slmgr[space]-rearm” and a msgbox will appear says that you have to restart your pc press ok then restart.           7.After restart,run CMD as administrator type the following command “slmgr[space]-ato”,press OK.[if error occur  ignore it]. Go to system32en-US folder and delete the file “slui.exe.mui”

7. Click Start button type “Windows Update” and run,Click  “Change Seetings” and set “Important Updates” to “Let me choose whether to download or Install them” press Ok,click “Check for Updates”.If windows finds an important update,click on it to verify.

If patch (KB971033) is on the list, right click then “Hide Update”,else don’t hide if its not (KB971033) free 5 day remote desktop

Your Done you have a fully activated windows 7 now!!

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