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There are many reasons why you might want to capture your screen. For example, you can record videos of your screen to give a review for a product or to create a tutorial video. If you use the right software, your screen capture can look very professional. Today we’ll take a look at applications that will allow you to record you computer screen for almost any purpose you can think of.

Most of the apps come with useful features that will make your life easier. Once you finish recording your video, you can post it to any video site like Youtube.com, Dialymotion, and Vimeo to get more exposure. You can also narrate your video explaining the step by step process of whatever you’re trying to teach. Thanks to many free viable options, you no longer need to pay for screen-capture software. There are lots of free options out there. Let’s take a look.

BSR Soft

BSR Soft can record sound, pictures, or video of whatever is on your screen. You can restrict the capture to part of your screen or just capture your whole display. You can save videos to many different formats, including WMV, EXE, and AVI. There is even an editor that lets you add text, callouts, and animations to your video. This can help you create a polished effect. Overall, BSR Soft is a powerful all-in-one screen capture and editing software. This is a great choice for anyone looking for screen-capture software.

Website: Bsrsoft.com


XVidCap is not as robust as BSR Soft. This software can simply be used for capturing frames or video on your screen. You can restrict the area of your screen that is recorded. You can also record audio. XVidCap is only available to Windows and Linux users, and given it’s limited functionality, it is very lightweight. If you are just looking to do screen capturing without editing, this may be the software for you. This is a good tool for someone looking to do documentation or illustration.

Website: Xvidcap.sourceforge.net


EZVid lets you both capture your screen and edit the video. Using EZVid, you can easily create tutorials or product reviews that look professional. You don’t have to be a screen-capturing expert to use the software, because it is easy to use. EZVid has pretty basic features. You can add voice narration and text effects. This software is not ideal for an advanced video creator. If you want to add complex transitions or callouts, you should find a more advanced screen-capturing software. For the basic user, just trying to get a video made with some light effects, EZVid may be for you.

Website: Ezvid.com

BB FlashBack Express

This software is intended for tutorials and demos. You can record the screen and narrate as you record. You can choose to just record a window, the full screen, or just a region of the screen. The interface for recording videos is intuitive. Once you’re done recording your video, you can review the recording using the review feature. After that, you can export it to an AVI or Flash file or publish it to YouTube. You can also add some effects to your video, like images, text, or sounds.

Website: Bbsoftware.co.uk


Screenr is a great tool because it allows you to create videos fast. If you’re in a rush, this tool might be the best one for you. You don’t even have to download or install anything. You can use Screenr on both PCs and Macs. All you do, is click on the record button in the web browser, and you can start right away. You can easily share your videos that you create with Screenr. Another nice feature is that you can view Screenr videos that other users have created. This could give you some inspiration for making your own videos.

Website: Screenr.com


Jing was made by TechSmith, who also made Camtasia. So, you know it’s high quality software. Unlike Camtasia, Jing is free. You can record all of your screen or just part of it. Then, you can share it easily using Jing’s share feature. Jing is really lightweight. If you’re looking for lightweight software that is also professional-grade, look no further. Jing has a huge support community. So, if you ever have a problem, you can get help easily.

Website: Techsmith.com/jing


Rylstim’s purpose is simple – it allows users to easily record their screen and export it to an AVI file. If that’s all you’re interested in doing, why get software that has extra features that you aren’t going to use Rylstim is often used for usability testing. It could also be a good choice for users wishing to create demos or tutorials. Rylstim doesn’t have all of the frills of other screen-capturing software, but it’s certainly easy to use.

Website: Rylstim.com


CamStudio is a very popular and powerful screen-capturing software. Some users even prefer it to Camtasia. Unlike Camtasia, CamStudio is free. CamStudio can add captions to your videos and also record your webcam along with your screen if you would like. Additionally, CamStudio files are smaller than many other screen-capturing software files because of the codec that they use. You can also add effects to your videos.

Website: Camstudio.org

It’s easy to make professional screen-captured videos. If you’re looking to make tutorials, demos, product reviews, or video game captures, there’s certainly a free tool for you in the list above Setup 5

  • Fast coupled with Ezvid's ability to record a region of the screen, you can create amazing screencasts and document your online world with ease.

  • Since release in early 2011, Ezvid has been downloaded more than three million times and used to make millions of videos on YouTube. Especially popular with players of Minecraft and other massively viral games, Ezvid burst on the scene and quickly dominated as the screen recorder and video editor of choice. Stay tuned as Ezvid releases even more amazing features soon, including innovative solutions never before seen on any computing platform.

  • Download Ezvid today to discover 2018's newest, coolest, and easiest video creation tool.

Works in HD

Screen Capture

Instant Facecam

Screen Drawing

Speed Control

Ezvid is the world's most easy screen recorder and screen capture program for Windows. Just click the "screen capture" button, and you instantly being recording your computer screen.

Ezvid makes amazing computer narration for your video. Make a text slide, click the "synthesize speech" button, and Ezvid instantly creates computer speech for your video Active Data Setup KeyGen

Программы для снятия (записи) видео с экрана монитора .

Wait! Before you scroll all the way down to just see what is #1, we just published a new blog with an updated 2017 ranking! Check it out!

Videos are excellent tools for visual and auditory learners. They can be used to:

  • demonstrate processes step-by-step in a tutorial
  • demonstrate software to other people or record tips and tricks for later reference
  • share pointers for playing a game
  • record product reviews
  • record recurring problems with your computer to show tech support 

The ability to make a screencast video can also be used to showcase your creativity when playing games like Minecraft and recreating scenes from movies and/or filming music videos in simulation games like The Sims.

Most video screen capture software utilities have a number of attributes in common, such as the ability to:

  • film picture-in-picture to capture video from screen and webcam
  • edit and annotate a video after it has been filmed
  • create videos in a variety of commonly used file types

Completed videos may be uploaded to YouTube, posted on web pages or social media, and/or uploaded to e-Learning courses.

Here is a list of the top 10 video screen capture software.

10. DVD VideoSoft’s Free Screen Video Recorder

Free Screen Video Recorder allows you to capture anything on your monitor, including multiple windows, objects, menus and other screen activities. There is a comprehensive, step-by-step instruction page with graphics to help you create your videos. DVD VideoSoft markets their Free Screen Video Recorder as being full-featured, and safe to install and run.


  • saves in a variety of formats including AVI, JPG, GIF, and PNG
  • spyware and adware free
  • 100% freeware software


  • must accept or opt-out of bundled, third-party products on installation
  • does not appear to have picture-in-picture recording option

Though there is no specific paid version of Free Screen Video Recorder, you can purchase a license that covers all of DVD VideoSoft’s software, which includes the Free Screen Video Recorder. Premium memberships range from $9.95 USD for 6 months, $14.95 for 12 months, and $29.95 for an Unlimited Premium membership. When you purchase a Premium membership, you get 

  • ad-free products
  • priority tech support
  • easy update management
  • the use of the software on up to 3 computers per license

9. CamStudio

CamStudio is open source, free software, to create AVI videos of all audio and video activity on your screen. It can also convert your AVIs to SWFs. CamStudio’s website claims its software is so easy to use, you can learn it in a matter of minutes, thanks to their built-in help files. CamStudio’s website claims the file size of the videos you create with their software will be smaller in size than other leading video screen recorders, and have great quality.


  • can add screen captions to your video
  • records picture-in-picture web cam simultaneously with screen recording
  • built-in help file
  • 100% free to use


  • the website admits to there being a bug and offers a “workaround” until the next version
  • users complain about having to decline “offers” they receive after installing software

There is no paid version of CamStudio.

8. Ezvid

Ezvid is freeware video and screen capture software. Ezvid’s web page claims to use your computer’s processing power to increase the speed of its screen recording and video editing capabilities. Though Ezvid files may be uploaded to sites like YouTube, it is most compatible with their Wiki site, wiki.ezvid.com, which touts itself as the world’s first exclusively video Wiki.


  • has facecam and voice synthesis
  • includes a video editor
  • the site claims you can create a professional-looking video in minutes (rather than hours)


  • needs 10GB free hard drive space, which might be a lot for older machines
  • online forums complain it’s laggy and glitchy

There is no paid version of Ezvid, though the developers encourage you to make a donation of anywhere from $9.00 USD to $250.00.

7. TinyTake 

TinyTake claims to be the best free screen capture and video recording software out there. The software allows you to capture a video of your screen activity, annotate it, and share it on social media. TinyTake advertises itself as simple, free, and feature-rich, though many features are only available with the paid options.


  • can use for free but with limited features
  • can add graphics from your local drive for annotating files
  • built-in viewer is optimized for mobile devices 


  • free version is extremely limited
  • no free version for commercial use

Here’s what you get with the paid version

TinyTake’s prices range from $9.95 USD for a one week pass, $29.95 annually for the Standard plan, up to $199.95 a year for the Business plan. With the paid plans you get

  • increased storage up to 2TB with the Business plan
  • length of video stretches from 5 minutes with free plan up to 120 minutes for the one week pass and Business plan
  • video annotation
  • elimination of ads and promotions

6. SmartPixel 

Though it seems to be designed for use with games, SmartPixel records anything on you can display on your screen. Because it is designed with gaming in mind, recording is smooth and seamless and hardly noticeable as you play. SmartPixel claims to use advanced video compression technology to create high quality videos that improve on disk space utilization. 


  • records HD videos and optimizes disk space
  • picture-in-picture mode simultaneously records what’s on your monitor and on your webcam
  • post-editing functions include clipping, merging, dubbing, and adding subtitles


  • no multilingual version available, but the web site says it’s on the way

Here’s what you get with the paid version 

SmartPixel licenses are available for $15.90 USD for one year, $40.90 for 5 years, and $63.90 for a lifetime license. With the paid version, you can

  • record with no watermark
  • personalize your definition settings
  • record with higher frame rates

5. Screenflow by Telestream – Mac Only

Screenflow allows you to capture everything on your computer, including your entire monitor area, webcam, and microphone and computer audio simultaneously. With Screenflow you can record and edit your video and share it to a number of social media platforms. Screenflow boasts that they have the best quality screen capture available, even when viewed on Retina Displays.


  • allows you to record and edit after recording is done
  • support for closedcaptioning your video
  • the ability to export in a wide variety of file types for publishing
  • no time limit to free version


  • videos created with free version are watermarked
  • you must pay to upgrade from previous versions

Here’s what you get with the paid version:

Screenflow costs $99.00 USD. You can purchase a backup disk for $20.00. Upgrades from previous versions cost $34.00. Though the free version is totally functional and without time limit, with the paid version, you can

  • export videos without a watermark

4. Icecream Screen Recorder

With Icecream Screen Recorder you can capture any area of your screen as either a screenshot graphic or a video recording. Icecream Screen Recorder boasts an intuitive and easy-to-use interface with a suite of tools and options to use when making screen captures. You can use Icecream Screen Recorder to make professional-looking videos of webinars, games, and Skype conversations.


  • draw, outline, or add arrows and text to your video capture
  • record webcam video along with screen recording
  • zoom tool allows you to zoom in while recording
  • can set multiple screen captures on a timer


  • only 10 minutes of recording time with free version
  • WEBM is only available video format with free version

Here’s what you get with the paid version

Screen Recorder Pro has a one-time fee of $29.95 USD for a lifetime license for two computers. This includes a license for commercial use of the software. With the Pro version,

  • there are no limits to the length of videos recorded
  • you can save in a variety of video formats including MP4
  • you can add a personalized watermark to the video
  • you have access to priority support

3. Screencast-O-Matic

Screencast-O-Matic allows you to make recordings from your screen or webcam. Though you can upload your videos to YouTube, you also have the option to upload your videos to Screencast-O-Matic.com’s free server host.


  • make recordings up to 15 minutes in length with the free version
  • limited options for publication with free version
  • recording from both screen and webcam
  • the paid version is inexpensive


  • watermark is visible on videos made with free version
  • recording computer audio requires Windows Vista or later

Here’s what you get with the paid version

Upgrading to Screencast-O-Matic Pro costs $15.00 USD per year, or $29.00 for three years. Paid features include:

  • elimination of watermark
  • recording of computer audio
  • access to editing tools
  • the ability to publish to Google Drive, Vimeo Pro, and Dropbox

2. iSpring Free Cam 

iSpring Free Cam is free screen recording software for Windows to help you record screencasts with ease. A number of video editing tools and functions come with the software to let you delete fragments of video, remove background noise, and apply audio effects. Videos may be saved as WMV or uploaded to YouTube.


  • no watermark, time limits and ads
  • records voice from a microphone, system and mouse sounds
  • users can edit audio and video to fine-tune recorded screencasts
  • saves videos in HD format (up to 720p or 1080p)
  • uploads video to YouTube for sharing


  • no webcam recording
  • saves recordings as WMV only

There is no paid version of iSpring Free Cam, software is absolutely free.

1. Camtasia

With Camtasia, you can record professional videos of activity on your computer’s monitor with minimal effort. In addition to recording videos, Camtasia also lets you import HD video into your recording from an external source. Camtasia is unique in that it can create interactive videos containing clickable links to generate dynamic video content suitable for use in the classroom or the workplace.


  • records on multiple video and audio tracks
  • has green screen effect to make it seem as if you are a part of the action
  • easy to incorporate animated items, like callouts and scrolling text
  • Google drive integration
  • free app available to record videos on mobile devices and transfer to Camtasia for editing


  • demo of full software is only free for 30 days
  • users are prohibited from creating videos for commercial purposes when using the free version

Here’s what you get with the paid version

Camtasia is $299.00 USD to purchase a software key for a single user license. You can save a bit of money (about $50.00) if you purchase 5-9 licenses. Discounts increase to about $90.00 per license when you buy 15-24 licenses.  When you purchase a license you get:

  • updates to your purchased version
  • permission to install the software on up to 2 machines


Whichever software you choose, video recording software is a must if you are a teacher/educator, game player, or blogger. Writing a review or putting together a list of instructions can only take you so far. Adding professional-looking video to your blog post, tutorial, or review is sure to increase your viewers’ engagement.

Guest blog post by Polina Khizhnyak. Polina Khizhnyak is the Marketing Manager of iSpring Solutions, Inc.

If you are looking for more great templates and complementary assets for your videos and presentations, check these out today!

(Annual Subscription | Per Designer) Camtasia Template Library Misc. Icons, Graphics, ClipartCamtasia Developer Package(Annual Subscription | Per Designer) Camtasia Template Library Misc. Icons, Graphics, Clipart(Annual Subscription | Per Designer) Camtasia Template Library Misc Conquer

Icons, Graphics, Clipart

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Applications and software for Windows - usitility.com

Screen recording can be really useful to make a video about some problem you are facing on your computer, or to make a tutorial if you have a solution for another problem. But finding a good program to record your screen can be difficult, since most don’t really do a good job at it.

This list will help you find some of the best Windows 10 screen recording software out there. You can check out our other list posts as well for e.g. Best Windows 10 Skin Packs for Windows 7, 8, 8.1 to Try Out etc.

Best screen recorder tools for your Windows 10 PC

Icecream Screen Recorder (recommended)

Icecream Screen Recorder is a simple tool with enough features to satisfy you but not confuse you. It lets you add hotkeys to make recording a breeze, and supports your own watermarks so you don’t have to add your watermark in editing. It can also focus on your mouse and you can even select a certain area on the screen to record instead of recording all of it. It even lets you zoom in and out while recording the video.

Here are some of the most important features of this software:

  • Screen area selection:  select the area you want to be recorded
  • Drawing panel: add arrows, lines, and marks to your capture
  • Project history: you can easily find your past projects
  • Personal Watermark: personalize your video by adding your signature/logo on it
  • Zoom in while recording: zoom to an object
  • ‘Around mouse’ screen recording: select what area round your cursor you want to record

  Download now Icecream Screen Recorder Pro free

ActivePresenter (suggested)

ActivePresenter is more of an Office tool rather than a simple screen recording tool. If Microsoft made ActivePresenter, they would pack it in the Office suite – but they don’t. Atomi makes ActivePresenter, and they pack it with some really fleshed out features that make it a breeze to do a presentation or use the software in an educational setting. Once you are done with your screen capturing and editing, you can export your project as not only a video, but also various formats such as Word, Excel, PDF, PowerPoint, Flash, and even an HTML5 simulation. The free version does not include these formats though – but the paid one does, and costs 149$.

Snagit (suggested)

Snagit is a premium software – not just a tool. You can give it a try with the trial, but the full thing costs a whopping 50$. The price is justified though, as Snagit is not only a screen capturing tool, but it also packs a decent video editor, comes with free tech support, and has integration with several online services. If you are looking for something professional with an insane amount of features and a team of support staff that can help you go through those features – and are willing to pay for it, Snagit is your option.

  • Get now Snagit from the official website

Camtasia Studio

From the same people who made Snagit, comes Camtasia. If you thought Snagit has too many features, Camtasia is one step ahead of Snagit. Camtasia packs a full blown video editor, and video rendering module. If you are making tutorials, then this is quite possibly the best software you could use. If you could think of a feature, Camtasia probably has it – so it will take too long to talk about all the things it can do, however all of this comes at a cost of a mind boggling 200$. There is a trial you can use to figure out if its worth it for you, but that’s the price you have to pay for a complete set of tools.

  • Get now Camtasia Studio from the official store


EZVID is a tool that does not have many features. It comes with a basic video editor – but the most notable feature is its ability to upload the videos you make straight to YouTube; this feature makes it a breeze to create and upload videos of what you are seeing on your screen. The basic video editor includes speed control and things you would expect from something like this. Best of all It’s free.


If you prefer open source software then Webinaria is for you. Webinaria includes all the features you would expect from a screen capture tool but what makes it unique is it’s ability to export your videos as Flash. It also comes with a basic video editor with not a lot of bells and whistles – enough to get the job done.

Rylstim Screen Recorder

Rylstim Screen Recorder is quite possibly the most simple screen recording tool on this list – once you install it, all you have to do is select the code and the folder where you want to save your recorded videos. Once done, simply start recording and once you have finished recording, you will have your recorded videos in the folder you set earlier. There is no editor – this tool only serves one purpose, and that is screen recording. There is also a portable version so you don’t even need to install it if you don’t want to. All of it for free.


From the same people who made Snagit and Camtasia Studio, comes Jing.  Unlike Camtasia and Snagit, Jing is a free tool – and much like Rylstim it also is quite simple to use. It doesn’t have an in-built editor, but it does have some advanced tools like mouse tracking etc that are not present in other free tools. It also very simple to use and it even lets you upload your videos straight to Screencast.com.


CamStudio is a free and open source tool, much like Webinaria, and it is quite simple to use as it doesn’t pack a lot of complicated features – just like Jing and Rylstim. It could be exactly what you are looking for, as it has built itself quite a reputation for simply working as advertised and not adding complicated features that make the experience of using it confusing.

Xbox DVR

Last but not the least is the in-built Xbox DVR. This tool’s intended purpose is to record gaming videos, but you can easily use this to record your screen – and since this is built into Windows itself, you don’t have to download or install anything and it simply works out of the box. How do you use it Simply press Windows Key G, and it will launch. Much like the other simpler tools, this feature does not have a complicated editor. This is the tool you use when you use the Screen Recording Feature in Windows 10.

These were some of the best screen recording tools for Windows 10. You can obviously decide for yourself which one out of these is the best tool for you, depending on what exactly you want to do. While most are free, some cost above 200$. Which one suits and satisfies your needs entirely depends on your preference.

Editor’s Note: This post was originally published in April 2016 and has been revamped and updated for freshness, accuracy, and comprehensiveness. We have changed the products on the list each year so you could have access to the freshest top with the best and the user-friendliest screen recorder software for your Windows PC Windows 8 Activator { Final Activator }

10 Best Windows 10 Screen Recorder Software to use

Screen Recorders are handy tools used to record the computer’s screen, i.e., record the ongoing activities on the screen. Using these, you can record the screen as easily as you would take screenshots on your computer or record life’s best moments with a camera. These tools do provide live-capture enhancements, post-capture video editing options and more.

Such tools prove helpful when you wish to record your screen to create a how-to video to demonstrate working of a program, compile a product’s demo video for some client, record gameplay to post on social networks or record any other activity on the screen to share with friends or stakeholders, or to upload on video streaming services like YouTube.

Read also:

1. Icecream Screen Recorder

Icecream Screen Recorder can record your entire computer screen or specific parts of the screen. With the software, you can shoot webinars, record video calls or conferences, gameplays, etc. via its intuitive and user-friendly interface.


  • Records videos in MP4, MKV or WebM format
  • Allows audio recording along with the video
  • Offers webcam recording along with screen recording
  • Allows on-screen drawing (or annotating) while capturing the screen
  • Offers hotkey configuration to pause, record and stop the recording
  • Allows saving screenshots to the clipboard or in JPG or PNG extension
  • Offers Project History for quick access to previously captured pictures and videos


  • Free users get a 10-minute cap of screen recording time
  • Offers limited functionalities and editing options in its free edition
  • Its recordings can’t be used for commercial purposes by free users

2. Ezvid Video Maker

Ezvid Video Maker is a useful desktop or screen recording software. With some clicks, you can record the computer screen to create high-resolution movies. Ezvid allows on-screen drawing and recording specific region [same as Icecream Screen Recorder]. You can also add title, description, keywords and other meta-info to your recordings.


  • Auto-saves the videos during recording
  • Allows creating slideshows with the capturings
  • Offers audio recording and voice synthesis features
  • Allows on-screen annotating while recording the screen
  • Enables uploading the recorded videos to YouTube directly
  • Offers webcam recording


  • Allows recording videos up to 45 minutes
  • Supports uploading videos directly on YouTube only
  • Offers no customizable settings for recording the screen

3. Atomi ActivePresenter

Atomi ActivePresenter is a powerful software that can capture all or part of your computer screen with superb video quality. Although it lacks various features (in its free edition) that are provided by its competitors, it’s a perfect minimalistic screen recorder for anyone looking forward to create high-resolution long-time screencasts.


  • No watermark and recording time limits — even for free users
  • Offers decorating the screencasts with styles, shadows and color effects
  • Allows adding transition effects like photo slides and annotations to your videos
  • Offers a range of post-recording editing options like video overlays, cutting and cropping videos, adjusting volume levels, adding blur and few more
  • Allows exporting recordings to MP4, FLV, AVI, WMV, WebM and MKV formats


  • Can’t upload the recorded videos directly online
  • Its free version lacks various useful features available in its premium versions

4. Screenpresso

Screenpresso captures your desktop (as screenshots) and records the same to create HD videos. With all its advanced features, it’s one of the best premium screen recorders though it doesn’t offer much to free users. Nevertheless, you can capture the entire screen or specific areas and even manage your captures easily using its management features.


  • Allows recording audio and webcam along with the screen
  • Allows using captures and recordings for commercial use — even in its free edition
  • Records the screen in lightweight MP4 format and allows changing the format to WMV, WebM and OGG
  • Offers ‘Quick Access‘ to your previous screenshots and recordings
  • Allows labeling, sorting and editing captures into custom folders and manages workspaces and libraries of your captures (photos videos)
  • Offers sharing features for numerous services including Email, FTP, Evernote, Google Drive, OneDrive, Facebook, Twitter, Dropbox and more


  • No support for Android with its free edition
  • Recordings’ max. duration is just 3 minutes
  • Limits image editing features and mandates updates for the free users
  • Can’t remove watermarks from images, videos or documents in its free version

5. Bandicam Screen Recorder

Bandicam Screen Recorder is an easy-to-use recorder capable of capturing a specific area or the full screen. It lets you easily record flash games, streaming videos and more. The software offers several modes like gaming mode, screen recording mode and device recording mode for perfect recording WinRar


  • Saves the recorded videos in AVI or MP4 format
  • Offers real-time voice recording for creating screencasts
  • Offers live drawing while recording
  • Allows adding watermarks and overlaying webcam while recording
  • Allows adding mouse clicks’ effects or animations while recording screen
  • Bloats to optimize the recording process using hardware acceleration (if supported)


  • Can’t get rid of its watermark in the free version
  • 10-minute recording cap for the free version

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