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Go VLC Media Player 1.0.5 1,VLC Media Player , ,VLC Media Player(:VideoLAN Client)/DVD/VCD .,Downloading and installation steps of VLC Media Player from the official VideoLAN website to your computer. Detailed steps for installation are provided.

Go There are VLC binaries available for the many OSes, but not for all supported ones. If there are no binaries for your OS or if you want to change the default settings .,VLC Media Player(:VideoLAN Client)/DVD/VCD .,Voici une procedure, pour pouvoir regarder les chaines de television d'une Freebox, sur son ordinateur grace a VLC.

Go Результаты поиска,Краткое описание: VLC player ver 0.8.6d для MS Windows, инсталлятор exe Загружено: admin Добавлено:,To upgrade VLC media player, run the following command from the command line or from PowerShell:

VLC is a renowned media player that works with most multimedia files and DVDs, audio CDs, VCDs, and various streaming protocols. VLC is so well respected that it’s the go to media player for downloads that won’t play in its commercial counterparts. It is also a compelling server that streams live and on-demand video, through both IPv4 and IPv6 protocols, on a high-bandwidth network. VLC’s versatility, advanced controls, and broad support for numerous file types make it a popular choice for media playback and conversion worldwide.

VLC at a Glance

It is easy to download and launch VLC. A simple two-part interface has several tree options on the left (Library, My Computer, Local Network, and Internet) and an expandable media display on the right. The default interface has a humble beginners appeal but more scrapy users will relish a mountain of menu controls and options. VLC can be set to one of over 60 languages, making it easily accessible worldwide. And VLC’s interface remains relatively consistent for users on diverse operating systems, requiring little adjustment.

Product Details

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  • Hotkey options—VLC’s default view displays just a few of its many controls but within lies a full suite of custom hotkeys that make navigation a breeze. For example, you can set keys for the video aspect ratio, moving subtitle onscreen position, and changing subtitle delay. You can also use F1-F10 keys to bookmark your video and audio tracks. VLC also supports playback control using your mouse.
  • AV options—VLC comes armed with graphic equalizer, compressor, and spatializer to tweak audio playback. Basic video effects include filters for hue, contrast, and sharpen, while advanced options include video border crop, selective zoom, motion blur, and deinterlacing. There is also a view for metadata, AV codecs, and detailed statistics.
  • Video Transcoding—VLC provides video transcoding for file conversion and device streaming to ensure compatibility. While format output options aren’t as extensive as formats input options, the most popular output options are supported (e.g. MP4, WMV, MP3, FLAC, and OOG).
  • Additional options—You can set custom skins, toggle Dolby surround sound for headphones, engage in GPU-accelerated video decoding, and more. With over 150 options and a search function to navigate them, neophytes can aspire to manage VLC’s technical settings, while AV pros can simply relax.
VLC has a simple design, with menus and options for almost any function. It opens nearly every file type. VLC’s media playback runs smoothly and its interface is fairly consistent across operating systems. VLC hides its fancy features behind an ordinary veneer so that only advanced users recognize them. However, its extensive Wiki help is good remedy for eager beginners.

Quick Specs

  • Version: 2.1 Avast 5 Serial

  • File size: 33 MB
  • Date added: April 29, 2014
  • Operating systems: Windows and Mac
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How to deploy VLC Media Player 2.0.4

VLC Media Player is one of the best media players out there and it is available as a free download. For Windows PCs, you can download this software from the official download page at: http://www.videolan.org/vlc/download-windows.html

At the download page mentioned above, there are three file types which can be used to install VLC Media Player in your Windows Machine:

An Exe Installer Package: A direct installing .exe file. Download this file, open it and the installation process begins.

A 7zip Package: A .7z file which requires the file compressor 7 Zip to extract the contents of this file.

A Zip Package: A Zip compressed package file which can be extracted with several file archiving software including WinRar and 7 Zip.

Your downloaded file name will be something like vlc-2.1.0-win32.exe, vlc-2.1.0-win32.7z and vlc-2.1.0-win32.zip for the Exe, 7Zip and Zip packages respectively. The version number (2.1.0) might be different.

The download link above will download the 32 bit version of this software. It works fine in 64 bit Windows machines but if you want to download and install/use a native 64 bit VLC Media Player for your 64 bit Windows system then visit the following link:


From there, you will get access to VLC Media Player self installing file (.exe) or compressed files (.7z or .zip). Read the file names and download the files correctly. For example at the current version number 2.1.0 the file names for exe, 7z and zip files are vlc-2.1.0-win64.exe, vlc-2.1.0-win64.7z and vlc-2.1.0-win64.zip respectively.

Installing VLC Media Player

Installing using the .exe installer package in Windows 7.
Note:In other Windows OS versions the installation steps might not look exactly the same but is basically

Locate and open your downloaded .exe installation file (vlc-2.1.0-win32.exe or vlc-2.1.0-win64.exe)

  1. If a security warning appears saying that the publisher could not be verified, click on “Run”.
  2. If it asks for other permissions on Windows click on “Yes” as well.
  3. Select a preferred language for your installation and click on “Ok”.
  4. The installation process will begin. Hit next to move on to the next step.
  5. Review the license agreement and click on next to continue.
  6. Choose the components that you want to install. The default option works great but you might want to review them. Here are some information about the componentsMedia Player (Required): Installs VLC Media Player. This option is by default selected and cannot be deselected/modified.
    Start Menu Shortcut: Place a VLC menu on Windows start menu for your convenience.
    Desktop Shortcut: Place a shortcut icon to your desktop for easy launch.
    Web Plugins: Mozilla and Active X Plugins for playing/streaming web videos directly from your browser(s).
    Discs Playback: To play DVD and CD inserted into your PC.
    File Type Associations: To set VLC as the default player for certain file types. Individual file types can also be selected.
    Audio: Association with all popular audio files.
    Video: Association with all popular video file formats.
    Others: Association with other file fomats such as .asx, .b4s, .bin.Context Menus: Add “Play with VLC” and “Add to VLC’s Playlist” in your right click menu.

    Delete Preferences and caches: To delete saved preferences and caches from the previous installation.

  7. Choose a location in your disk where you want to install VLC media player. The default settings is good enough but you can change it according to your preference.
  8. The installation will progress and the progress bar will increase as the process moves forward.
  9. Once the installation completes, the following confirmation/completion screen is shown.
  10. You have successfully completed the installation of VLC Media Player. If you had checked “Run VLC media player” in the previous step, then the player will run for the first time. It looks something like this:

Congratulations, you have just installed yourself a great new and awesome player for your computer. Remember the traffic cone which is the icon of this amazing player. Click on the cone every time you have to listen or play some media files.

Installing using the downloaded archive file (7z or zip)

  1. Locate and open your downloaded archive file for VLC Media Player. The file name is something like vlc-2.1.0-win32.zip or vlc-2.1.0-win32.7z. As mentioned before, you will need a archive opening program such as WinRar or 7 Zip. Here the file is being opened using WinRar.
  2. Extract the contents of the archive to where you want to place your VLC Media Player. You can extract it to a certain place and then move it somewhere else later. This method installs a portable version of this amazing software.
  3. Locate the extracted files and folders.
  4. Open vlc.exe and VLC Media Player will run for the first time Windows.XP Pro SP3 Activated.

Syberia 1

VLC media player download SourceForge.net

VLC is a free and open source cross-platform multimedia player and framework that plays most multimedia files, and various streaming protocols.

Version 3.0.4 • Windows • 38 MB

VLC runs on all versions of Windows, from Windows XP SP3 to the last version of Windows 10 avast free antivirus setup

VLC for Windows 95/98/Me

Please install KernelEx or take an old version of VLC

Older versions

Older versions can be found by browsing our FTP archive

Chocolatey Gallery VLC media player 3.0.4

It could be that DASH is disabled in VLC due to the fact that it is currently in an experimental state. So if you want to make sure that is enabled, you should check the “Modules.am” file in the streamfilter subdir and eventually change the line “DIST_SUBDIRS=dash” to “SUBDIRS=dash”. Sorry for that inconvenience but it is still in a beta state.

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VLC: Official site - Free multimedia solutions . - VideoLAN

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OpenSSL mit Win32 OpenSSL unter Windows installieren

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Lizenzmodell und Systemvoraussetzungen

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