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FS17 Palettenwerk placeable V 1.0 Palettenwerk placeable. is produced from logs empty pallet, as is waste wood chips cost 150000 Cost per day 10 Credits: Script: kevink98/Marhu Idee / Konzept: mikki

Description: Welcome to New Bartelshagen a small place at Grabower Bodden. Height model and field sizes were created with Google Earth. There is no yard silo since it is common there to tip grain...

Description: Welcome to Mappinghausen! On this map you will find countless tasks. Welcome to Mappinghausen! On this map you will find countless tasks ranging from agriculture to livestock farming to forestry from farming to...

Description: Glorious tractors belonging to the Fiat series Golden Ribbon of the years 60/70. Changelog ver. 1. Fixed the sound levels 2. Fixed the rear spring ratio Changelog ver. 1. Added the...

Description: This tool can take 6 bales side by side and put on. Alternatively, you can also use it to get together. The pack also contains a transport cart for the road. Authors: Desperados93

Description: Legend: new feature added feature changed old feature removed ~ deprecated feature # bug fixed ! known issue note without specific type Version: v1.1 Changelog: ! Manure tanker(s) keeps turned on when...

Description: – All Machines have folders cleared out and organized (removing any unused and wasted space/files) – All Machines have been redesigned from the ground up, less polygons meaning a 25FPS Boost to performance....

Description: Hello once more farmers present a new modification MTZ 82 FORES 1.0 Contains no errors in the registry and is fully functional store data name: MTZ 82 power 120 maxSpeed 26 Price> 12...

Description: Fields 26, one of your village Petrovka is located in the culture of Ukraine and standard animals Production of flour, bread, sawmill, sugar, all production of pallets on pallets at all factories are...

Description: Hello everybody, Version 1.1 – Large map expansion – extended road network – Map limitation – Train system – Courtyards converted somewhat, eg small silo with the sheep – new farm with hay.. adobe photoshop 7.0

Go Truck Simulator: Used to train and assess novice and experienced truck drivers in skills ranging from basic control maneuvers, e.g. shifting and backing, to advanced .,Over the past 35 years, the number of fires in the United States has fallen by more than 40% while the number of career firefighters has increased by more .,India’s Electricity is set to see a huge boom as the 8-9% economic growth rates require massive amounts of energy.India is planning to nearly treble its electricity .

List of Top PowerElectricity CompaniesUtilities in India .


Ural 4320 Samosval Truck V2 mod for FS17. – Removed all errors. – Added color and body color options.


Expom Orlik 3M Cultivator Beta mod for FS17. – earth and dust animations – working width – price: $ 9,200 – max. working speed 15 km / h – daily upkeep: 5 $ –...


Silvercrest Valley Reloaded Map V1.0.0.2 mod for FS17. This mod may only be offered with the original link on other pages! Version Seed stock exchanged Various Tarrain Fixes Pallets prices adjusted Yield of...


Amazone Pantera V1.1 mod for FS17. Changelog Seat suspension Alterations to working width and sprayer arms Sound and wheel changes Various xml changes, albeit, subtle. Amazone Pantera Self-propelled sprayer * I’ve finally got around...


Man Towing V1 mod for FS17. Hi this mod i have skind around and a bite umgemoddet. You have no further rights to the Where to upload! I take no responsibility if the where...


Magirus Deutz Dumpster V1 mod for FS17. GOOD MORNING! here it is, the MÜLLWAGEN for the BERGMANN-map, on which you all waited sooo …;) NOT ^^ but first and foremost I would like...


Autosan D-47 New Trailer V1.1 mod for FS15. v1 – standard trailer functions – dirty wheels – 3 side modes – side boards opened – collecting bundles – bale lock on the x key...


No More Empty Benches And Chairs V1 mod for ATS1.32.x. Mod is adapted for American Truck Simulator (v1.31.x, 1.32.x) With this mod, there will be no more empty chairs and benches in the game...


Krone Megaliner 2017 V1 mod for ETS2 1.32.x. Changelog v1.0 – Purchasable and job market working. – 2 versions: 3 and 2 axle. – Custom parts. – 3 Number plates (SCS plate, from skin...


Skoda Superb Rs (Original Engines) V6 mod for ETS2 1.32.x. Features: – Adapted to 1.31 1.32 – Version Stock RS – Original Interior RS – Front Grill Changeable – Chassis 4×2.. Artisteer 4

Farming Simulator 2017 Maps FS 2017 Maps - Page 7

Over the past 35 years, the number of fires in the United States has fallen by more than 40% while the number of career firefighters has increased by more than 40% (data).

(N.B. Volunteer firefighters were mostly pushed out of the big cities in the late 19th century but there are a surprising number who remain in rural areas and small towns; in fact, more in total than career firefighters. The number of volunteers has been roughly constant and almost all of them operate within small towns of less than 25,000. Thus, you can take the above as approximating towns and cities of more than 25,000.)

The decline of demand has created a problem for firefighters. What Fred McChesney wrote some 10 years ago is even more true today:

Taxpayers are unlikely to support budget increases for fire departments if they see firemen lolling about the firehouse. So cities have created new, highly visible jobs for their firemen. The Wall Street Journal reported recently, “In Los Angeles, Chicago and Miami, for example, 90% of the emergency calls to firehouses are to accompany ambulances to the scene of auto accidents and other medical emergencies. Elsewhere, to keep their employees busy, fire departments have expanded into neighborhood beautification, gang intervention, substitute-teaching and other downtime pursuits.” In the Illinois township where I live, the fire department drives its trucks to accompany all medical emergency vehicles, then directs traffic around the ambulance—a task which, however valuable, seemingly does not require a hook-and-ladder.

Here’s some data. Note that medical calls dwarf fire calls. Twenty five years ago false alarms were half the number of fires, today false alarms significantly exceed the number of fires.

According to Nightline it costs $3,500 every time a fire truck pulls out of a fire station in Washington, DC (25 calls in a 24 hour shift is not uncommon so this adds up quickly).  Moreover, most of the time the call is not for a fire but for a minor medical problem. In many cities, both fire trucks and ambulances respond to the same calls. The paramedics do a great job but it is hard to believe that this is an efficient way to deliver medical care and transportation. A few locales have experimented with more rational systems. For example:

For calls that are not a life or death, Eastside Fire and Rescue stations [in WA state] will no longer send out a fire truck but instead an SUV with one certified medic firefighter.

Sounds obvious, but it’s hard to negotiate with heroes especially when they are unionized with strong featherbedding contracts KIS KAV 2013

Go The City of Holland’s Human Relations Commission invites local students to participate in the 3rd Annual Martin Luther King, “I Have A Dream” Essay Competition.,BMW INPA Engineer diagnostic equipment has the powerful function which can do diagnosing of both latest and old BMW serials car, such as E39, E60, E65,,Latest Telepresence and Visual Collaboration News: Best Of The Web Feed

Simulator Games Mods Download – FS17 FS15 City Car .

VISS MAP V1.0.0.0

One of the favorite maps of 2013 is downloaded to 2017 for the map Viss map mini. The 2017 version includes chopped straw mode mud mode season compatibility as well as a new plant that is also a lucerne. And animated clouds. The required modes are in...


Voici la V2  de Vieux MaraisElle comporte toutes les fonctionnalités de base du jeu Farming Simulator 17 plus quelques scripts pour plus de réalisme. Les champs sont de taille petite et moyenne, idéal pour jouer avec du ma...


Welcome to Valley Crest Farm 4-fold Version 1.5 - Fix Season - Fix Hof Lager Silo - Fix Strohhäcksler (Chopped Straw) Attention Please first downloads Valley Crest Farm v2.7 Standard Map with additional modifications • 2 Feurewehr •...


This is the final version of the 16x XLFarms X3 map. The map has a new topography based in the north of the USA. Version Several improvements to a final release. It has new textures and details in general. Features 22 Standard fields of 2...


This map is based on Stone Ridge Dairy, where it is concentrated in milk cows, prevails Silage, Wheat and Barley (crops with straw to manufacture bales). More posses, Soy, Canola to relax. Version 2.0 correction bugs New textur maize and others Bet...


Croeso i Gwenddwr! Welcome to Gwenddwr! Version Map Changes: - YOU WILL REQUIRE A NEW SAVEGAME FOR V2 - New Cow Yard to optimize/fix tip collisions, manure plane, dirt areas, and silage clamp - New BGA to optimize/fix sliage clamp. It will n...


The map is fictitious, and equipped for single players with helper friendliness. Version 1.4 - Many bugs fixed Version 1.3 - Many improvements in the optical area Version 1.2 - Waterplane - Gravel and many small things.. Autodesk3dsMax2013

Go Truck Simulator: Used to train and assess novice and experienced truck drivers in skills ranging from basic control maneuvers, e.g. shifting and backing, to advanced .,FS17, FS15, City Car Driving, ETS 2, ATS, SpinTires, Mudrunner, FernBus Mods,Description: Welcome to New Bartelshagen a small place at Grabower Bodden. Height model and field sizes were created with Google Earth. There is no yard silo since it .

Simulatoren SIMULATORS FOR SALE Full Motion Simulator .

ATCsimulator is the premier Air Traffic Control simulation on the market for the PC. ATCsimulator has been at the forefront of ATC simulation since Feb/2001, and is still going strong. ATCsimulator allows you to immerse yourself in the mysterious world of air traffic control. This is as close to the real thing as you can get.

ATCsimulator allows you to take on the role as Approach or Departure controller at your choice of 120 Terminal Radar Approach Control facilities, or TRACONs as they are more commonly called. Your goal is to allow for the "safe and expeditious" flow of air traffic. It is your job to assist the pilots arriving at airports inside your airspace boundaries by lining them up for an approach (preparing for a landing). It is also your job to assist pilots departing your airspace by handing them over to the Air Route Traffic Control Center (ARTCC) controller at the appropriate time or fix location.

ATCsimulator was modeled after the ARTS-IIIa radar equipment used at the Mike Monroney Aeronautical Center(MMAC) in Oklahoma City, Radar Training Facility.

All of the dials and switches are simulated with photorealistic quality, and perform all of the functions of their real-life counterpart. Whenever possible, the keyboard functions of the ARTS-IIIa terminal are accessed in the same manner as in real life. There are no fancy shortcuts or Windows GUI interfaces (that do not exist on real ARTS-IIIa equipment) as is found on other so-called use the keyboard using the same keystrokes as Real controllers. We strive to keep the simulation as true-to-life as possible, allowing for you to experience what Real controllers experience on a daily basis.


ATCsimulator provides many methods to allow the "safe and expeditious" flow of air traffic. There are rules governing separation laterally and vertically. You can issue climb and descents, turns, speed changes, holding instructions, visual and instrument approach clearances. You have every command you need to accomplish your task, but HOW you use those commands is entirely up to you. It's not what you know, it's how well you USE what you know.


One of your primary goals is to achieve a higher pay based on your job performance. In the real world, controllers are expected to do a good job. Failing to do that can sometimes result in deadly consequences. That's why air traffic control is one of the most stressful occupations in the world, and highly respected. So, the scoring mechanism is such that you begin with 100 points. Your goal is to maintain that and not lose points. Points are deducted from 100% for separation errors, procedural and others. If you can maintain an overall career average of 70% or better, you will attain pay raises. If you fall below that, you will be demoted. A complete report is given at the end of each scenario telling you how well you performed, any mistakes you made, and what reference material to review to help improve your controlling abilities. This material also includes references from the FAA Air Traffic Bible, the 7110.65x.


Another feature of ATCsimulator is the ability to print flight strips prior to running a scenario with a utility we call StripMate. These are printed on your Windows compatible printer and print 10 to a page. The airport filter will allow you to regulate the traffic presented in a scenario by limiting the airports involved. This will allow you to simulate exact controller positions as compared to the real world. Plus, this reduces the traffic load at each TRACON, making for much more manageable levels when going at it alone at Level 5 facilities.


The airspace and associated navigational data used in ATCsimulator was obtained from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) and Jeppesen. Geographic data was derived from the National Imagery and Mapping Agency (NIMA). Flight data was captured from the FAA computer network utilizing an application called Flight Explorer. Only commercial and civilian traffic local to the area will appear at each TRACON. None of the traffic you will see is's REAL. As an extra bonus, we added a few video map displays that are the ACTUAL map used at the facility.


During gameplay, you can choose either a synthetic pilot voice, or Real prerecorded concatenated Text-To-Speech voices. Using Microsoft's TTS technology, you can use the voices that come with the program, and you can also add your own voice using the tools of the Speech SDK mentioned in the next section. There is room for up to 100 voices that can be used with the program. Invite friends and family to join in on the fun and add their voice to the game!


ATCsimulator was designed to allow the user to experience the ultimate in air traffic control simulation...using your voice to control traffic. We have written grammar files that are compatible with Microsoft's Speech API 4.0a and have provided them with the simulation as a courtesy. But, speech recognition is a technology that is still in its infancy, and some effort by the user is required to achieve maximum performance with this technology. Microsoft provides a Speech SDK that can be downloaded free of charge. This SDK provides a variety of tools for customizing the speech recognition engine for speech-enabled applications Microsoft Office 2003

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