TeraCopy Pro v2.27 FINAL Multilenguaje Espanol Copie . TeraCopy Pro 2.27 Final


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– Added: copy security information (ACL, Owner, Audit).– Added: relaunch TeraCopy in elevated mode.– Added: append a part of source path to a target path.– Added: an option to bypass Windows write cache.

– Fixed: a few minor errors.

Download: teracopy3.3b.exe


– Added: option to execute PowerShell scripts on a job completion.– Added: a sample PowerShell script for Pushover.– Added: start a verify process at any time from the context menu.– Added: show filenames of renamed files in the file list.– Added: load hash files in UTF8 format by default.

– Fixed: minor scrolling issues in the file list.

Download: teracopy.exe

Bugfix release: version 3.2 deletes source file after canceling a move operation (only if verification is enabled). Please update to the latest version.


– Favorite folders editing.– Option to run a custom .cmd file on task completion.– md5sum format for most hashes.

– Better icon for “Waiting for other transfers” status.

Download: teracopy3.21.exe


– Added: Multi-language support.– Added: Show all options in File Replace dialog.– Fixed: ‘Keep both’ now applies to one file only.– Added: ‘Close panels’ command.

– Fixed: crash while scrolling log.

TeraCopy currently fully translated into Dutch, Spanish, French, Italian, German and Russian.

Download: teracopy.exe

To get started, please request access on Web Translate It. Translation can be done directly on the site. The next version of TeraCopy will support language files.

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0000065: [UI] Can’t close TeraCopy while copying
0000078: [Engine] Drag and Drop from Filezilla causes “Unable to Access” error
0000080: [Engine] Copied files have their “Date Modified” set to the current date/time.
0000092: [UI] “Details” pane in teracopy.exe installation package should show exact version
0000070: [UI] Adding color glow/change to close and expand square buttons.
0000044: [Engine] Drag and Drop from 7-Zip File Manager causes “Unable to Access” error
0000068: [Engine] TeraCopy 3.0 does not handle command line as expected
0000071: [Engine] Folder names with dots are handled incorrectly by TeraCopy

Download: teracopy.exe

New features since version 2.3:

  • Support for an unlimited number of files, the internal file list stored on disk instead of memory.
  • Copy files using an elevated Windows Service and Volume Shadow Copy if required.
  • Verify against hash in clipboard: youtu.be/geLuL2PE2_I.
  • Create a new folder with selected items using Explorer context menu: youtu.be/qwGwf779D1Q.
  • Queue transfers for the same physical drive.
  • A new file replace dialog.
  • Wait for network or device recovery.
  • Better reports (html and csv format).
  • Show skipped/failed/transferred items only.
  • Remove all transferred files [Pro].


0000049: Unable to copy files – Error in overlapped reading
0000044: Drag and Drop from 7-Zip File Manager causes Unable to Access error
0000043: Checksum file saved in the wrong path
0000041: When started after install, error occurs.
0000047: Crash at the end of each copy
0000034: Make the expanded Views pinnable
0000033: Improved Destination File Dialog
0000042: No checksum verification when moving files

Download: teracopy.exe


0000026: [Engine] Implement faster Hash Algorithm: xxHash
0000028: [Engine] Better handling of reading errors in TeraCopy service
0000025: [UI] Auto-scroll file list during transfer
0000024: [Engine] Create shadow copy only once
0000020: [Engine] Freeze when moving files
0000018: [UI] Show a popup menu with folders structure in Replace dialog
0000014: [Engine] Handle copy/paste from a virtual machine
0000010: [Engine] EListError: Duplicates not allowed
0000001: [UI] Menu button
0000002: [UI] Incorrect icons display on 125% scaling level
0000004: [UI] Replace mode options in the main panel
0000008: [UI] Windows enters into Sleep Mode during transfer

Download: teracopy3rc2.exe

Our issue tracking system is just opened at bugs.codesector.com. Please submit discovered bugs and feature requests with this system. Now it should be easier to follow the development progress. You can also ‘monitor’ resolution of specific issues you’re interested in.

To receive emails about new releases, please follow this link.


  • Large progress bar.
  • Faster small files transfer.
  • Starting waiting tasks in correct order.
  • Regular deletion of old file lists to save disk space.
  • Bugfixes.

Download: teracopy3rc.exe

Update from December 7: digital signatures has been added to .exe files.


  • Faster Logical to physical disk mapping.
  • Mapped network drives detection.
  • Notifications fix.
  • Delete R/O files on replace.
  • Add entire drive to file list.
  • Quote comma in csv reports, export folders.
  • File date discrepancy increased to 2 sec.
  • Better completed state icon.
  • Smoother scrolling with touchpad.
  • Other bugfixes.

Download: teracopy3b2.exe



  • Queue transfers for the same physical drive.
  • Wait for network or device recovery.
  • Insufficient space warning.
  • Save checksums to a file.
  • Panama, Tiger, RipeMD and Whirlpool hash methods.
  • Support for CRC32 in the file name.
  • Better reports (html and csv format).

File list:

  • Show skipped/failed/transferred items only [Pro].
  • Remove all transferred files [Pro].
  • Keyboard navigation and menu.
  • Error messages below file names.


  • Progress in the taskbar.
  • Windows 8/10 notifications.
  • ‘Rename all older target files’ mode.
  • Replace mode and hash options.
  • Timer in the replace dialog.

Download: newer version available.

Starting now, and running through Monday November 30th, we are offering 50% off all our software.

The fine print:– After you purchase TeraCopy Pro it may be used indefinitely.– Upgrades to future versions of the software will be free for the lifetime of the product.– TeraCopy Pro is licensed per user, so if more people are going to use TeraCopy Pro you will need to purchase additional copies.– Each license allows installation on all owned computers, and TeraCopy Pro may be used at exactly the same time on each of them.– Transfer of a license to another owned computer is allowed.– License activation isn’t required.

Initial implementation of the file list, which currently allows scrolling and filtering. Items are loaded dynamically to support lists with virtually any size.

What’s new:

– File replace dialog.– Clone files (copy/paste in same folder).– Support for Windows 10 and Ultra HD monitors.– Shutdown/Sleep/Hibernate on finish.– Play sound at finish.– Verify only copied files.

– Lot of bugs fixed.

It’s more usable now, but file list is not implemented yet.

Download: teracopy3a4.exe see v3 alpha 5.

The file replace dialog is ready, if you need more replace rules/options please post it in the comments along with a scenario, i.e. why you need it.

Small thumbnails will be displayed instead of icon for image files. Clicking on these thumbnails will show bigger previews on the left.

The UI was also updated for Windows 10 and Ultra HD monitors.

If you’re searching for a TeraCopy 3 Pro crack, you’ve come to the right place. Because the Pro version of TeraCopy 3 doesn’t exist yet. We feel really sorry for people who waste their time downloading TeraCopy 3 from pirate sites. In the best case you’ll get some name (not yours) in the about dialog – that’s all the difference. In the worst case, you’ll get a virus or a malware. So, save your time and just download TeraCopy from the official site: codesector.com/downloads.

What’s new:

  • Moving files.
  • Delete/wipe files: youtu.be/MD7uVEofY0U.
  • Create a new folder with selected items using Explorer context menu: youtu.be/qwGwf779D1Q.
  • Select hash method for testing files.
  • Verify against hash in clipboard: youtu.be/geLuL2PE2_I.
  • Accept ‘license’ file from application folder (useful for portable version).
  • Fixed panels auto close bug.

Not present in this alpha version: file list, overwriting files.

Download: newer version available.

TeraCopy Pro is 50% off on BitsDuJour until February 25, 2015:

The fine print:– After you purchase TeraCopy Pro it may be used indefinitely.– Upgrades to future versions of the software will be free for the lifetime of the product.– TeraCopy Pro is licensed per user, so if more people are going to use TeraCopy Pro you will need to purchase additional copies.– Each license allows installation on all owned computers, and TeraCopy Pro may be used at exactly the same time on each of them.– Transfer of a license to another owned computer is allowed.– License activation isn’t required.

What’s new:– Panel UI.– Test files after copy.– Verify checksum files (.md5, .sfv, .sha, .sha256, .sha512).– Test files and create checksum files (currently .md5 only).

– Fixed Explorer context menu extension.

Not present in this version: moving and deleting files, file list, overwriting files.

Download: newer version available.

Creating checksum files:

  • Right click on selected files in Explorer and select ‘TeraCopy…’ or drag files to TeraCopy window.
  • Click ‘Test’ button.
  • Use left click to expand panel.
  • Select ‘Options’ tab.
  • Check ‘Save checksum file on finish’ option.

Verifying checksum files:

  • Simply double click on .md5/.sfv/.sha file.

Feel free to post your variants of UI design, a few themes will be added in the final version.

Target folder selection:

Read More

Feel free to test this new alpha version:

  • Faster copy, especially to/from network locations and with small files.
  • Single tabbed interface for multiple file transfer operations.
  • Copy files using elevated Windows Service and Volume Shadow Copy.
  • Unlimited number of files, the internal file list stored on disk instead of memory.
  • Create MD5 checksum filelist after copy.

Not present in this version: moving and deleting files, displaying/editing file list, overwriting files.

Download: newer version available.

Note: Temporarily removed auto-install of TeraCopy Windows service due to false alarms of antivirus software. If you want to try it, please run TeraCopyService.exe /install in Admin mode.

A new version of TeraCopy is currently being rewritten from scratch. The goal is to make it faster and more extensible. Planned features include:

  • Unlimited number of files, keep file list on disk instead of memory.
  • Immediate start of copying instead of waiting for calculation of total files size.
  • Verify copied files with MD5/SHA-1 instead of CRC32, option to create .md5/.sha file list.
  • Show file list as browsable folders, show only failed files.
  • One window for multiple file transfer operations.
  • “Save bandwidth” mode

TeraCopy 3 beta is expected to be released early next year.

Update from December 7:

The new copy engine is ready and shows a good speed with both large and small files. Testing was done with a single 8 Gb file and 9 000 small files (300kb in size). In both cases speed was on a par or slightly faster than in Windows copy. MD5 hash calculation was on during the large file copy. Small files copying speed improved a lot after disabling Windows Defender.

Update from December 12:

TeraCopy now can avoid UAC prompts while reading files usually requiring elevation. This will eliminate possible ‘access denied’ errors in a middle of the copy process. For security reasons this feature will be available only to non-elevated administrators, users with a ‘standard account’ will still be required to start TeraCopy with admin privileges.

Update from December 17:

Copying using Volume Shadow Service is ready. Used usually in backup applications, it allows you to copy files locked by other applications.

  • Copy contents of this file to Clipboard: XYplorer.txt
  • Select Tools – Customize Toolbar… in XYplorer.
  • Add User Button #.. to Toolbar and click OK.
  • Right click on the new button and select Edit…
  • Click Edit… button and paste the script.
  • Correct path to TeraCopy.exe if needed.

TeraCopy.exe can be used as icon source. You can also create two separate buttons, just split the script in half.

Another script is available here: www.xyplorer.com/xyfc/viewtopic.phpf=7t=2596start=195

The final version is just released with minor bugfixes and UI improvements. Please test big files fragmentation, it should be lower now.

Download: codesector.com/files/teracopy.exe

New Google Community for TeraCopy:

50% discount is available at Bits du Jour this weekend (December 7-8):

We’ll be running another sale at the end of this month, stay tuned!

  • Added: Support for Total Commander 8.01 x64.
  • Added: Auto-splitting files on FAT32 file systems.
  • Added: Additional check for trimming file, useful on D-Link NAS devices.
  • Added: ‘Confirm drag and drop’ option.
  • Fixed: Removing files from filelist when not enough disk space.
  • Fixed: Skip button now works on error files.
  • Changed: Flashing window instead of tray notification.

Download: codesector.com/files/teracopy23beta2.exe

What’s new:

  • Added: Choose between TeraCopy and Explorer on every drag’n’drop operation.
  • Added: Moving files within the same drive without launching TeraCopy.exe.
  • Added: ‘/Report’ command line key.
  • Fixed: Problem copying some locked files.
  • Fixed: Unnecessary verification of skipped files.
  • Fixed: Conflict with Google Chrome on Windows XP.
  • Fixed: Dropping files into TC window now possible in Waiting mode.
  • Fixed: Use %UL instead of %L in Total Commander buttons for Unicode support.
  • Added: Resolving linked network folders to real path on Windows XP.
  • Added: Option CopyCreationTime to ini file.

Probably fixed VMware problem as well. Please use carefully, it’s not fully tested.

Download: codesector.com/files/teracopy23beta.exe

Update: to reactivate the new drag’n’drop confirmation dialog in this beta version, set parameter ConfirmDrag to 1 in HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Code Sector\TeraCopy with Registry Editor.

A rather useful tip from Andy Malcolm, you might want to test it, even if you have another AV:

Just a quick note to recommend that you suggest to your customers that they list teracopy.exe as an exclusion in Avira Antivirus on-access scanner. The reason being that I noticed full CPU usage when using your product with Avira and it was the Avira process wasting cycles, when I excluded your program from avira on access, your program, which had been somewhat unstable, started copying files 8 to 10 times faster than it had been before, my CPU usage dropped off to a more reasonable level and it seems to have resolved stability issues.

Version 2.27 was updated the server with a new installer – now you can easily install a portable version as well. Just point the installer to your flash drive and select ‘Portable version’. Start menu shortcuts will not be installed and no changes to registry will be made. This also means no drag-and-drop integration.

Black Friday discounts are coming, stay tuned Planet Universe Windows Theme

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Datos Técnicos

TeraCopy Pro v2.27 FINAL Multilenguaje
Spanish Incl. | Medicina Incl. | 2.79 MB | WinXP/Vista/7


Utilidad para copiar, mover y testear la integridad de tus archivos

TeraCopy es una alternativa a gestor de archivos de Windows que te permitirá mejorar la eficiencia a la hora de copiar o mover una gran cantidad de archivos.Concretamente, con TeraCopy puedes testear la integridad de los archivos antes copiarlos o moverlos, aumentar el tamaño del buffer y acelerar, en consecuencia, la tasa de transferencia y visualizar una serie de informes después de cada acción.Su uso es muy sencillo. Sólo tienes que seleccionar los archivos que quieres copiar, desplegar el menú contextual de Windows (botón derecho) y ejecutar la opción correspondiente.

Cambios Recientes

Version 2.27

  • Added: ‘Remove other’ to remove non-selected files from the list [Pro].
  • Added: Better handling multiple copy processes.
  • Added: Multiple retries to delete source files and folders after moving.
  • Added: Tray notification when adding files to the existing process.
  • Fixed: Problem with some non-latin filenames.
  • Fixed: Copied files now have a correct creation time.
  • Added: WaitBeforeMinimize option to ini file Microsoft.Office 2010 Activation


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