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Title: Slender The Arrival-GOG
Genre: Action, Adventure, Horror
Developer: Blue Isle Studios
Publisher: Midnight City
Release Date: Oct 29, 2013
File Size: 880.07 MB / Single Link Compressed
Mirrors:, 1Fichier, Google Drive, Uptobox,

Free Download Slender: The Arrival PC Game – Slender: The Arrival is the official re-imagining of the original release that once again will engage players with the same terrifying gameplay, while adding a complete gaming experience that the fans have been asking for. The Arrival features true survival horror gameplay; forcing players to explore human …

Experience the fear all over again. Slender: The Arrival is the official re-imagining of the original release that once again will engage players with the same terrifying gameplay, while adding a complete gaming experience that the fans have been asking for.

The Arrival features true survival horror gameplay; forcing players to explore human emotions in an unsettling, haunting world. This is a game about survival — use your instincts to get out alive. The Arrival pushes gamers further over the edge past what they experienced in the first game with more levels and improved visuals accompanying its engaging storyline. Once players complete the core game, they’ll gain access to new flashback levels that will put them in the shoes of Slender Man’s victims.

Minimum:• OS: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7• Processor: Dual core CPU @2GHz (Pentium D or better)• Memory: 1 GB RAM• Graphics: Intel HD 4000, GeForce 8800, ATI 1950 or better• DirectX: Version 9.0c• Storage: 2 GB available space

• Sound Card: 100% DirectX 9.0c compatible audio device

Recommended:• OS: Windows 7• Processor: Quad Core Intel or AMD• Memory: 3 GB RAM• Graphics: GeForce 260 1GB or AMD HD4850 1GB• DirectX: Version 9.0c• Storage: 2 GB available space

• Sound Card: 100% DirectX 9.0c compatible audio device


Slender The Arrival-GOG


Slender The Arrival-GOG


Slender The Arrival-GOG


Slender The Arrival-GOG


Slender The Arrival-GOG

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1. Extract2. Run “setup_slender_the_arrival_1.5.2_(21830).exe”

3. Play the game

Note: The game is updated to version 1.5 2013 Patch 2.1

2 : Brooks Saddles Leather Wrap Slender Grips .

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Slender setup

While a skew and hand pressure might do, the better approach is to use a steady rest.

At some point, as spindles get longer and thinner, wood’s proclivity to bend over- whelms the turner. The first sign of a problem is what is called harmonic chatter: The tool rubbing against the spindle sets up a harmonic vibration in the piece that imprints a pattern of flat spots in the work, often in a spiral pattern. As you turn thinner, there will be a point where the wood buckles sufficiently that it rides up the bevel and over the tool edge — the result A big catch.

VIDEO: Supporting Long Spindles with a Steady Rest

We can predict these problems by knowing a little bit about strength of wood as a material. A rule of thumb is that a wood column will start to buckle (bend sideways) when the length exceeds 11 column diameters. Additionally, the stiffness of a round bar drops by a power of four as the diameter decreases. Therefore, a 1/2″ diameter turning is 16 times more prone to harmonic chatter and buckling than a 1″ diameter turning.

These rules do not take into account a number of other factors, but they do give us some understanding of the problem. We can predict that chatter will start to be a problem when a 1″ spindle reaches 12″ in length
or when a 2″ spindle reaches 23″, etc.

How much chatter will vary with the species of wood, straightness of the grain, turning speed, sharpness of your tools and your technique. A piece of white oak is much stiffer than a piece of poplar. Grain running the length of the billet is better than the grain running out the sides. Higher turning speeds generally give more chatter than lower ones, and really sharp tools are crucial. And yes, it’s true that good technique can overcome most chatter problems — but at some point, you have to resort to a steady rest.

Spindle Turning Tools

The need for sharp tools may seem self-explanatory. Additionally, having extremely long bevels (inclusive angles of 25° to 30° at the edge) helps to cut the wood cleanly rather than set up chatter. Most spindle turners have edges that are closer to 45°. This creates more resistance to cutting so the wood more readily buckles, riding up onto the edge in a catch. I also believe in honing my 25° edges to a polished edge: honed edges cut with less resistance and leave a much better finish.
Although the skew is the tool most prone to vibration problems, it also leaves the best finish on cylinders and gentle tapers. An oval skew will work with as little as a 22° inclusive angle, while a traditional rectangular skew can be brought to as little as 25°. The skew must have a flat bevel.

Additional skew techniques I have found useful are slower speed, keeping the tool as close to a right angle to the work as possible, and setting the tool-rest a bit high.

A skew chisel must be ground with a perfectly flat bevel. The tool engages the cylindrical stock while riding on its flat bevel (inset, left). A skew cut leads with the heel of the tool, making a smooth planing cut. Only about 50% or less of the cutting edge of the skew should be cutting the wood. More will lead to a catch.

When you use a skew in a normal planing cut with a high tool-rest, as shown in the illustration above, wood removal happens in about half the cutting edge, biased to the heel. To work up to a shoulder, you must slide the tool forward slightly on the rest, all the while keeping the bevel running flat on the work, such that the tool cuts at the very heel. This
is the heel cut, and it is also the only way to start on the end of a cylinder. It is the most vibration-free cut of any tool, and what you have to resort to when you encounter bad chatter.

The heel cut is the most vibration-free cut and the only way to start on the end of a cylinder. This advanced technique is well within anyone’s ability.


Overall, in terms of technique, the sequence in which you turn a spindle is very important. It is almost always best to turn from the center to each end and remove the thinner areas last. When you remember the power of four rule, you realize it only takes a bit more diameter to make a huge difference in a spin- dle’s buckling tendencies. (Luckily, most furniture legs are tapered, so turning all of the elements near the major diameter before thinning the daintier portions keeps chatter at bay.)

Another technique, mentioned in most turning books, is to wrap your hand around the spindle (once it is round, of course), all the while holding the tool down on the rest with your thumb. Most authors caution that this is done with a light touch and that if you are getting friction burns you are squeezing too tight.

While the hand definitely has some dampening effect, I think the major reason this technique works so well is that it allows the turner to put much greater pressure on the tool bevel. Rather than dampen vibration, the hand around the spindle allows the turner to sense where the spindle is and control the bevel pressure precisely. In effect, the tool’s bevel becomes a steady rest with the rubbing bevel deflecting the piece slightly, dampening vibration.

The author believes that the reason the technique of turning with the hand wrapped around a spindle is effective is that it turns the tool’s bevel into a steady rest, with the thumb applying higher pressure on the bevel and the hand sensing the amount of deflection of the spindle.

Steady Rests

At some point when turning a long slender cylinder, you will go past your ability to control its vibrations while using your skew. That’s when a steady rest comes to the rescue. They are the solution to turning long, thin spindles. A number of good commercial examples are available, and plans abound to build your own.

It is much easier to use a steady rest if you have two banjos, allowing the tool-rest to be moved from one side of the steady rest to the other without breaking down the setup. For this article, I used a Oneway Steady Rest which employs roller-skate wheels and is adjustable for a wide range of center heights.

The first order of business in turning anything long and skinny is to mark perfect centers on both ends and chuck it between centers with the steady located at about the halfway mark. There is some wisdom on the street that exactly halfway causes sympathetic vibration patterns, but I have never found this to be true. I place the steady based on a convenient place in the turning. Make sure all the rollers (or the V-notch, in a shop-made steady rest) are not touching the billet before starting the lathe.

The first thing to do when turning something long and skinny is to mark perfect centers on both ends and chuck it between centers.

The problem with a long billet is that it is almost never straight. I overcome this problem by starting the lathe at 600 to 800 rpm and use a very sharp spindle gouge to just touch the work at the area where the steady will contact. I then turn the lathe off, examine which corners were cut, and move the tailstock center contact to bring the billet to where all four corners will be cut away equally. The work is now centered at the steady, and I turn it perfectly round at that place with a spindle gouge. If the work buckles too much, I resort to a big round-nose scraper to bring it round without catching — then engage the steady, and move the tailstock live center back onto the original exact center of the billet. The part can now be turned in the normal way.

Once the work is centered, a very light cut on the area where the steady’s wheels will contact tells the author to move the tailstock’s contact point to bring the steady contact area on center. He now turns this area round.
It is usually possible to bring the contact area round with a spindle gouge, but if buckling is a problem, a round-nose scraper solves it.
Engaging the wheels of the steady rest, then moving the tailstock live center back to the original exact center of the billet, allows you to turn normally.

It is often necessary to have the steady contact area a bit oversize. This is especially true if you are using a shop-made steady and burning is problematic. Once the rest of the spindle is turned, simply move the steady a bit (6″ is usually enough) and turn the oversize/burned spot to size.


You can often limp through turning one long spindle using a skew and the “hand wrapped around the work” trick. It usually takes a lot of sanding to correct the result, however. A steady rest makes turning long spindles appreciably faster with far better results. When you turn your next flagpole, instead of running up the white flag, use a steady rest!

Engaging the wheels of the steady rest, then moving the tailstock live center back to the original exact center of the billet, allows you to turn normally.

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As shown by the clock face that opens and closes the film, The Set-Up takes place within a compact 72 minutes, with the action played out in "real time." Robert Ryan plays Bill "Stoker" Thompson, a washed-up boxer who refuses to give up his career despite the pleas of his wife Julie (Audrey Totter). There's little chance that he's going to win this evening's bout; still, Stoker's manager Tiny (George Tobias) has secretly made a deal with a crooked gambler (Alan Baxter). Stoker is to take a dive, a fact withheld from him until the fight is well under way. His last vestige of pride is aroused in the ring, but the story doesn't end there. The fight sequence is one of the most brutal ever filmed, with close ups of Ryan's pummeled face intercut with shots of screaming spectators in the throes of bloodlust. Adapted by Art Cohn from a narrative poem by Joseph Moncure March, The Set-Up is arguably Robert Ryan's finest starring film Airborne Troops

African Cichlid Tank - Setup Guide - AquariumStoreDepot

An African Cichlid Tank in my opinion have always been an underrated aquarium.  Usually many hobby or pet owners will look to freshwater community or saltwater tanks, but an African Cichlid tank offer the great balance of the ease of freshwater tank along with the vivid colors of a saltwater aquarium.  One of the biggest differentiating factors, especially with Mbuna Cichlids is how incredibly active they are.  An African Cichlid tank is a great choice for a beginner and for those who like the color of saltwater fish, but may not feel ready for the cost and additional upkeep of a saltwater aquarium. In today's blog post, I will provide an overview on:

  • What are African Cichlids
  • Care Requirements 
  • Plants in an African Cichlid tank

What are African Cichlids

Cichlids are a diverse group of freshwater fish from the biological family Cichlidae.  There are over a thousand official species and some scientist in the field believe there may be thousands more!  They are also known as secondary freshwater fish because their distant relatives originated from the ocean.  Cichlids are split into two groups: Central and South American Cichlids or New World Cichlids and African Cichlids     African Cichlids come from three lakes in Africa - Lake Malawi, Lake Tanganyika, and Lake Victoria.  The most popular of these cichlids placed in african cichlid tanks come from Lake Malawi.  

Lake Malawi Cichlids

Lake Malawi Cichlids are rock-dwellers and should live in a rock environment.  They are split into several species - Mbuna, Haps, and Peacocks.  Mbuna are the most active and aggressive of the three.  They are very colorful with the dominant male being the most colorful.  Aggression is typically curbed by overstocking, frequent feeding, and by not putting in fish groups with similar coloring.

Haps are moderately aggressive fish with some Haps being very large. For some Haps, at least a 75 gallon tank would be needed to house them long-term.  They are piscivores, which means they prey on small fish - particularly smaller Cichlids.  Because of this, it is not a good idea to house these fish with anything small enough for it to swallow.

Peacocks are the most peaceful of the three species.  They are most suited for a  community type of aquarium.  They are not compatible with Mbunas due to Mbunas more aggressive nature.  There are examples of success in mixed african cichlid tanks, but even if successful, the Peacock typically will not grow as fast, will end up being less colorful, and may not live as long.

Lake Tanganyika Cichlids

Lake Tangayika Cichlids are broken down into three groups - shell dwelling lamprologus like Lemon Cichlids, rock dwelling cichlids like Calvus, and large cichlids like Frontosa.

Shell dwelling Cichlids have a good number of positive features going for them.  They are small in size, peaceful behavior, hardy, breed easily, and are easy to keep.  Rock Dwelling Cichlids like Calvus are solitary hunters with slender large jaws used to suck smaller prey out from rock crevices.  Frontosas are the feature fish when it comes to Lake Tanganyika cichlids. They are usually known for being kept alone in an African cichlid tank, but have been known to be kept with large Tanganyika fish like Calvus and Compressiceps.

Lake Victoria Cichlids

Lake Victoria Cichlids are the least known and popular of the three lake Cichlids.  There is a lack of hobbyist literature available which makes Victorian cichlids sometimes difficult to identify.  They are in general naturally aggressive fish.  Some can mix with Mbuna and Peacock cichlids.  Some of the most popular fish are Pundamilia Nyererei, the Zebra Obliquidens, and the Kyoga Flameback.  A lot of secondary research should be done with this species of fish given the lack of information in the hobby.      

Care Requirements of an African Cichlid Tank

African Cichlid Tank Size

When it comes to any fish species and aquarium setup, bigger is always better. You will have more water volume to make your tank stable and more room to curb aggression.  However, not everyone wants a massive tank.  Cichlids do get large and are territorial.  The minimum for most African cichlid species is going to be 55 gallons.  Longer tanks are better than tall as many cichlids are mid-level or bottom-level swimmers.  Always go for a wide vs taller aquarium.  

Water Requirements

All African Cichlids should be kept in water with a pH of 7.5-9.0, a water hardness from 10-20 dH, and a temperature between 77-82°F.

The actual ranges of the African Rift Lakes are:

Lake Tanganyika — 7.8-9.0

Lake Malawi —  7.4-8.4

Lake Victoria — 7.2-8.6 

Since all African Cichlids appreciate this higher pH, these are one of the few freshwater species whose aquariums may be decorated with marine coral, sand, and rock which will push the pH and buffer the water.  In some instances it may be necessary to buffer water to reach these higher pH levels.  There are various Cichlid Buffer additives available in stores that can be used or Cichlid Salts.

Filtration Requirements

A Cichlid aquarium needs to be well filtered.  Overfiltration is actually encouraged in an african cichlid tank as it is typical to purposely overstock them to curb aggression among tank mates.  In addition, Cichlids are messy eaters and even messier excreters.  Aeration is also very important since Cichlids require well oxygenated water.

Because of the added demands of African Cichlids, dual filtration is recommend.  Dual canister filtration is commonplace for African Cichlid keepers.  In larger tanks, an overflow sump wet/dry setup is used to handle the bioload and flow requirements of the tank.  Your goal is to have 8-10 times gallon per hour flow filtered per hour.  So for a 55 gallon tank, you are looking at a goal of 550 filtered gallons per hour from your filtration system. You can be fine with less filtered per hour if you have a high capacity canister like Eheim Professionals, but you may need to supplement flow with powerheads to keep the flow strong in the tank in order to prevent dead spots within the tank.

Rock Work

Rock work is an important consideration and will vary depending on what species of African Cichlids you decide on.  For Mbunas and other rock dwelling Africans, you will want to have rocks with lots of holes and cevices.  Rocks will cover most of the bottom of the tank for these types of fish.  Texas Holey Rock and lava rock are two good examples of such rock. For Haps and Peacocks and other open swimmers, there should be more open water to mimic their environment.  Other rocks that you can consider would be slate, limestone, and even ocean rock. Making sure your rock is more smooth should be considered as rough rock can hurt your African cichlids.  

All Cichlid tanks should have a sand substrate in an african cichlid tank.  This most closely mimics their natural environment.  Many Cichlids naturally feed by grazing through the sand, others cleanse their gills, while others dive into it or build nests.  Some hobbyists have been known to acquire substrates from golf courses, pool shops, or home improvement stores. These can save you money when building an african cichlid tank, but do some research before placing in your tank to ensure you have an aquarium safe substrate.

Within the aquarium industry, there are substrates available that will work with Cichlids, particularly aragonite sand used in marine tanks and Tahitian Moon Sand.


Diet for your African Cichlids will depend on the type of Cichlids you have. Africans can cross all the food groups (herbivore, carnivorous, omnivores, and micro predators) so it is critical that you know what group your fish belongs to.  Spirulina is a general good food to fish all fish since it has outstanding nutritional quality and is made up of 65-70% protein.

Supplemental foods for herbivore fish would be peas, romaine lettuce, and spinach.  For fish carnivorous fish, brine shrimp, shrimp pellets, and krill would be good meat supplements.  Fish with yellow, organge, or red will need to be feed foods with lots of pigment so keep their colors optimal.  A stocked Cichlids tank need to be feed frequently, but not overfeed.  Maintaining this balance will curb aggression.  The recommended would be 3-4 times a day but only what they can eat within 20 seconds or less.  Overstocking and overfeeding are the primary reason why we recommended extra filtration for the tank back in the filtration section.  Overfeeding can lead to excessive nitrates or bloat for your herbivores.  Feed frequent, but do not overfeed.  A well feed Cichlid is a less aggressive Cichlid. 

Plants in an African Cichlid Tank

Live plants can be kept successfully with African Cichlids.  You may have heard from others, from forums, or your local fish store that you cannot but it is very possible to keep plants.  There are a few things to keep in mind if you want to attempt to keep plants with African Cichlids.  First, not all plants will be able to tolerate the high pH of an African cichlid tank.  Second, not every plant will be capable with the different types of African Cichlids available.  That being said, thick leafed anubias species and Java fern will work for virtually any African setup.

Specialized freshwater lighting systems will need to be considered if you chose to have plants in your african cichlid tank. While lighting requirements will vary for different plants, the proper spectrum of light needs to be provided to them.  You will need lights that emit in the blue and red end of the light spectrum.  These are wavelengths of 450 and 680 nm.  Because of this requirement, it is recommended to have a dual light setup even for low light plants.

Plants have tighter requirements to prevent algae outbreaks as well.  Regular water changes to keep nitrates below 5 ppm and the use of bristlenose plecos will help with algae.  Keep in mind; however, that plecos will eat soft plants.

You have to purchase the right african cichlids for your tank to ensure success with plants.You will have the greatest success with non plant eating african cichlids like peacocks and the hardest time with Mbunas.  

The final factor is dealing with the digging of cichlids.  Plants can be uproots with the digging activities so plants need to be fastened to prevent uprooting.  Java fern should be tied to rock with fishing line and other plants should be potted or wedged in between rocks.  

African cichlids are a higly rewarding fish to keep. We hope this article was useful in planning your African Cichlid tank AVG PC Tuneup 2012


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