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Red Sox lead Astros in back-and-forth ALCS Game 4

  • Among my favorite highlights: Watching hustle pay off, the Steelers' brute force and seeing the Bears' rookie head coach borrow from Andy Reid's playbook.

  • Martellus Bennett and crew think ahead to a possible AFC title game matchup, discuss the Thursday night game and much more on this week's episode of "Mostly Football".

  • With TV ratings rebounding and fan excitement on the rise again, you could say owners decided to take their own knee rather than fight against positive momentum. And that even included the Dallas Cowboys’ Jerry Jones Adguard 5.5

Read more 2017 release. L. A. 's premiere industrial metal band return from their biggest year ever supporting Tool on their 2016 tour with Shutdown. Exe.,Gov. Phil Murphy and the Democrat-led legislature are divided on how to raise revenue to increase spending in the next budget.,Businesses took a beating during last July's government shutdown that closed Island Beach State Park. They hope a budget impasse won't mean a shutdown this .

Read more The House gave final approval to a measure that would fund the federal government for another three weeks, ending a three-day old government shutdown.,Apple has determined that a very small number of iPhone 6s devices may unexpectedly shut down. This is not a safety issue and only affects devices within a limited .,I haven't found a clear answer to the differences between the two options to the command shutdown. Is halt the same as shutdown -H and poweroff the same as shutdown -P

Read more I need to detect when Windows is shutdown (or restarted) or when the user is logging off. I need to properly close the application before the application is closed. I .,Norway's national holiday month in July. Most Norwegians take anything from two to four weeks vacation during the month, and many businesses close or take shorter .,The House gave final approval to a measure that would fund the federal government for another three weeks, ending a three-day old government shutdown.

Live Updates – Schumer Amnesty Shutdown: Washington on .

Our DJs are all club raised and garnished with professionalism to keep your event high energy and fun, while keeping it clean and professional. We are truly the best of both worlds. No planner No problem! We work with our clients to map out the entire timeline of events so you can actually enjoy your day, instead of worrying about it.

Our talented staff can provide you with an incredible ambiance to compliment any occasion. Some options we provide include uplighting, gobo monogram projections, and an illuminated slideshow DJ booth.

Make it last forever! Memories are great but sharing pics and videos with friends family is even better! Hire us to tastefully capture all of your special moments with a touch of class and exceptional quality.

Everyone loves drums! What better way to get your guests pumped than live instruments Teamed up with our DJ, our drummer bangs out the beats bringing a new element that is infectious to dance to. We are proud to offer this amazing and unique service and our guests LOVE it!

"They came and shut it down!"

Our DJs service the entire state of Florida and are capable of playing for any crowd and any genre. We work with our clients and learn about your guests to determine the most appropriate playlists for your event. We have years of experience and a diverse team allowing us to adapt to many different crowds and cultures. We use state of the art DJ Gear, utilizing quality brands such as Pioneer, Rane, Electro-Voice, and others. We also pack backup gear so you don't have to worry about any technical "shut downs." Not only does our gear sound good, it looks good too! We offer a beautiful DJ facade with a built in 50" TV to surround our DJ area while highlighting you on the big screen! We don't leave messy wires everywhere for your guests to trip over and even our speaker stands are covered in matching satin fabric. Count on getting a quality and presentable production every time with Shut Down Productions!

  • Planning, Music, Lighting,

  • Conferences, Theme Parties, Storefronts

  • Open Format, Hip Hop, EDM, 70s-90s

  • Bdays, Graduations, Sweet 16s

BJ is a true chemist when it comes to mixing tracks together for you and your guests. Usually 2 or 3 songs into dancing, you will notice that BJ is in a league of his own. Whether it’s the cleanliness of his mixing style, to his song selection… BJ is sure to please any music lover’s ear. He has been packing dance-floors for over 8 years now, mainly focusing in the club industry of Miami and Central Florida. He is also heard weekly by millions of south florida listeners as an on air personality and DJ at WEDR 99 Jamz.
Manny is the life of the party! All about fun and interaction! Whether he’s behind the decks, teaching you moves on the dance floor, or banging out the beats on his drums, he is always willing to go that extra mile to get the party started! His amazing ability to rock parties for any crowd has landed him gigs as an official DJ for Marriott Hotels and Royal Caribbean Cruises.
In addition of rocking the stage at prestigious nightclubs, DJ Romi Lux regularly performs at well known fashion, music, art and corporate events for a list of clients including Guess, Macy’s, Bloomingdales, Michael Kors, DVF, HM, Victoria Secret, NFL, Miami hotels such as The Ritz, Loews, and Seminole Hard Rock Casino where she holds her residency. Gig after gig of pleasing crowds from Florida to Europe, Romi Lux has become one of the most in demand female DJs.
Alex has an exceptional gift. When on stage or in front of a crowd, he portrays an energy that is unmatched irresistible. With the amount of enthusiasm charisma he has, the sky is the limit. He is a true motivating force when he’s behind the decks. Its not uncommon for him to be in front of the decks either, jumping in his own mosh pit, and jumping back in place to perfectly mix the next song. Its no wonder why he is the number one prom DJ and college DJ in South Florida.
Legato has been seen “shutting it down” on Oxygen’s Bad Girls Club, Calle Ocho’s Coca Cola stage, and heard on air by millions at Miami’s Hits 97.3. He DJs at some of the most prestigious clubs in south beach and west palm such as Mokai, Edition, Set and more.
As a true open format DJ, Miami based Chizzle takes risks and plays every genre. He has been a supporting DJ for artists including Craze, A-Trak, Nas, Travis Scott, Future, Rae Sremmurd, Mike Will Made It, Slick Rick, 50 Cent, 2 Chainz, Lil Uzi Vert, and more. His corporate client list ranges from Disney, Victoria Secret, EA Sports, Redbull. From creating remixes played by top DJs including Diplo, his knowledge of combining genres, Chizzle will always play a high energy set.
Jay-R’s diverse knowledge of various music including hip hop, 80s, reggae, rock, elm, latin etc has garnered him a reputation like no other and he is best known for keeping the dance floor rocking. He has worked as an official DJ for the Orlando Magic, toured the world with Fat Joe and Demi Lovato, and has DJ’d on multiple radio stations including Orlando’s 104.5 The Beat.
Born and raised in south Florida, and growing up in a Jamaican household, OG was exposed to many different cultures and musical varieties. DJ OG currently holds residencies in West Palm Beach with Rocco’s tacos, Dirty Martini, and the Grown Sexy cruises. So far he has worked with DJ Spinderella(Salt Pepper dj), Keith sweat, Trina, Dwele, and also DJ Cut Creator (ll cool j dj) who refers to DJ OG as his little brother. With over 7 years of party rocking OG truly has what it takes to shut down your event!
Dave’s outgoing personality has driven every project to its highest potential. He has hosted hundreds of events at galas, ballrooms, concerts, and nightclubs, while still running the number-one rated weekend radio show on Power 96.5 FM. Supa Dave has also been the host of TV shows such like “La Pachanga” “La Banda”. His contagious confidence and impeccable taste have developed into a sought-after signature style, transcending the camera, stage, and microphone with natural ease. Dave is also bilingual iphone browsers

Stopgap Bill to End Government Shutdown Passes Congress .

Chameleon Startup Manager can control programs that run at Windows startup, which makes Windows start faster, operate with increased stability and to lower the HDD usage.
Chameleon Startup Manager also offers program launch options with fixed or automatic delayed startup (Each program is launched in sequence after the previous one finishes starting), allowing the computer to be started as quickly and smoothly as possible.
Programs can be run according to various functions including startup order change, priority, consecutive program launch, day selection and much more.
Configurations can be created and selected at Windows startup or applied 'on-the-fly' without restarting Windows.
Chameleon Startup Manager provides real-time monitoring of programs added to the startup list.
Current version:
Platform: Windows XP/2003/Vista/2008/7/8/8.1/10/x64 Edition
Language: English, Spanish, German, Italian, Russian, Czech, Portuguese, Dutch, French, Slovak, Ukrainian, Hindi, Polish, Serbian, Chinese

Chameleon Window Manager is window manager software that allows you to customize the behavior of all windows (close unnecessary windows, specify the window size and position, move windows to a specific monitor, set transparency, minimize them to the taskbar and much more) and add buttons with additional functions to the title bars (Minimize to Caption, Position window at left/right of screen, etc.).
Current version:
Platform: Windows XP/2003/Vista/7/8/8.1/10/x64 Edition
Language: English, Spanish, Russian, Dutch, Serbian, Polish, Portuguese

Chameleon Task Manager is a replacement for Windows task manager that automatically optimizes software performance.It gives you complete control over programs and delivers detailed information about them.
Chameleon Task Manager monitors seven global system parameters and more than six parameters individually for each program.
It has a smart memory optimizer both for the entire system and for separate programs.
In addition, the Chameleon Task Manager collects resource usage statistics.Thus you can determine which programs use the most resources, slowing down the computer.
Current version:
Platform: Windows XP/2003/Vista/7/8/8.1/10/x64 Edition
Language: English, Spanish, French, Russian, Slovak, Dutch, Portuguese, Ukrainian, Hindi, Polish, Serbian, Chinese

Chameleon Explorer is a compact file manager for people who need to work with multiple folders as quickly as possible:
Do you need to open a folder You can open folders everywhere from a menu of your favorite folders, including dialog boxes for opening and saving all programs.
Are you working with several folders at the same time Divide your window into two, three, or four constantly-visible panels containing these folders.
Do you frequently work with the same set of folders Save the set and open it whenever you need to with a single click.
Are you done working with one set of folders Just close it and create any number of sets.
Are service files or folders getting in your way Use filters to see only what you need.

Chameleon Explorer completely replaces Windows Explorer and is also compatible with its extensions.

Interested Let's take a look at how these and many other features really work.

Current version:
Platform: Windows XP/Vista/2008/7/8/8.1/10/x64 Edition
Language: English

Imagine if your music were to magically stop when receiving an incoming Skype call instead of scrambling round to find and stop the player yourself. This is now possible with advanced software Chameleon Volume that acts to pause your music and resume playback after the call is over. It's like having your very own intuitive DJ at home!

Chameleon Volume synchronizes the work between media players and Skype and also controls the volume. If you have music playing and want to watch a video, just start the video and Chameleon Volume will stop the music for you.

Current version:
Platform: Windows XP/2003/Vista/7/8/8.1/x64 Edition
Language: English, Spanish, Russian, Dutch, Portuguese, Hindi, Polish, Serbian, Chinese, Ukrainian

Chameleon Shutdown allows you to switch off, restart, hibernate the computer and perform other operations both immediately and when certain conditions are met (specific time, delay, idle time, CPU usage, closure of a certain program).
You can add multiple conditions without limitation.
The interface supports skins and is very easy to use.

  Current version:
  Platform: Windows XP/2003/Vista/7/8/8.1/x64 Edition
  Language: English, Spanish, French, Russian, Dutch, Slovak, Portuguese, Ukrainian, Hindi, Polish, Serbian, Chinese

Do you want permanent access to your favorite folders
With Chameleon Folder you can open frequently used and favorite folders in Windows Explorer, Open/Save dialog boxes, archive extract windows, and on the desktop, etc. You can create your own Favorites menu containing submenus. Just click the middle mouse button (the button usually combined with the mouse wheel), and select the necessary folder in the menu to open it.
In addition, you can open recent folders and files.

  Current version:
  Platform: Windows XP/2003/Vista/7/8/8 Wintoflash

1/x64 Edition
  Language: English

Apple 'On Schedule' to Terminate Music Downloads by 2019

They're not the same thing, just very closely related. In practice, unless you want to specify a particular time to shutdown or to force an immediate unclean reboot/halt/poweroff, it really doesn't matter whether you run shutdown -h or halt... or shutdown -r vs reboot. Things weren't so nicely convenient in the past, but this is the way it works now (a lot of the opportunities for ambiguity or user error have been removed/smoothed out).

/sbin/shutdown does a lot of "cleanup" stuff like notifying users, blocking new logins while the system is shutting down. It can also be told to shutdown the system at a certain time or in XX minutes - warning logged-in users every so often of the impending shutdown.

It also changes runlevel to 0 (halt/poweroff) or 6 (reboot) which triggers the system to stop the running services, unmount disks, etc in preparation for the actual halt, poweroff, or reboot.

When all that is done, it then calls /sbin/halt, /sbin/reboot, or /sbin/poweroff (reboot and poweroff are usually symlinks to halt, which interprets them as halt -r and halt -P respectively).

Note, however, that if halt/reboot/poweroff is called when the system is NOT in runlevel 0 or 6 then they will call shutdown to do its job unless the -f or force option is used.

(The details of how run-levels are interpreted may vary from distro to distro, but 0 and 6 are used as described here in Debian and Debian-derivatives like Ubuntu).

See the man pages for shutdown and halt for more info.

Finally, the distinction between halt and poweroff state is that halt does everything up to actually powering the machine off (on some kinds of hardware this means it drops into a ROM bootloader or similar. On most PC hardware it just halts), while poweroff completes that final step and switches off. reboot, of course, gets to the halt state and then reboots the computer.

BTW, the default is typically to either poweroff or reboot, but you can use -H as an argument to shutdown to make it halt instead. This isn't very useful on PC-based linux boxes (but is useful on machines, like sparc boxes, that have a firmware boot monitor. It's possible it may become useful on newer machines with an EFI command line) BitDefender 2013 LifeTime Activator

Is halt the same as "shutdown -H" and poweroff the same as .

I need to detect when Windows is shutdown (or restarted) or when the user is logging off. I need to properly close the application before the application is closed.I noticed that no exit application event is raised when Windows is closing day.

I read the post Is there a way in c# to detect a Windows shutdown/logoff and cancel that action (after asking the user)

but I'm not sure of where I should perform the operations before closing.Thanks Windows 8 Pro Enterprise Activator

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