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How to turn hand drawn icons into vector shapes in Photoshop

Looking for interesting and creative Photoshop brushes of smoke Need to give your photos a mystery and dramatic touch You are lucky now because here is a collection of free Photoshop Smoke Brushes. Now you may forget about drawing each separate element in order to create a natural smoke. DOWNLOAD BRUSHES WHY THIS SET OF BRUSHES HELPFUL This set consists of 10 top quality Photoshop brushes for making mind-blowing smoke effects,...

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Searching for the perfect mustache clip art for your vintage art Then you have come to the right place. Today, we are giving away a set of mustache Photoshop brushes in various styles and thickness. The mustache brushes that you will find in this pack includes both thin and thick as well as short and long mustache. You can also find curly mustache brushes. Below is a preview featuring some of the mustache clip art in this set. WHAT...

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For today’s freebie, here is a set of 16 seamless lace patterns in silver and pink color scheme. These patterns look very luxurious and elegant and are perfect for both web and print projects. You may use these patterns as backgrounds for a wedding invitation or save the date cards. You may also use these lace patterns for business cards, for posters, as well as flyers. And because they are tiling and seamless, you can actually...

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Here is another set of brushes for your Summer-themed designs. These summer cocktails brushes is the second set we have on this topic. The first set, which you may download here, features 24 realistic almost photograph-like images of various cocktail drinks. This second set, differs from the first one as the latter sport a hand drawn effect with watercolor strokes and textures. Thus, they are great for designs that you need to add a...

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Create refreshing designs this Summer with this brand new set of free Photoshop brushes. Using these design elements featuring fruits and drinks, you will be able to create post cards, menu cards, party invitation flyers, among other things. Below is a preview featuring some of the brushes found in this set. You can find images of halved fruits like oranges, lemons, strawberries, and pineapple. Also included are drinks with straw, ice...

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Damask designs are produced using a weaving technique to create ornate patterns. This style originated in Damascus, Syria, in the early Middle Ages, therefore the name.  Today, damasks are used to create vintage designs such as for fabric, wallpapers, and even for printed graphic and web designs. In this post, we are giving away a set of 10 seamless vintage damask patterns in basic black and white color scheme. These patterns look...

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In case you need some nice background patterns for baby announcements or birthday parties for boys, then this post is for you. Today, we are releasing a set of seamless boys kiddie patterns in dark royal blue, white and gray color scheme. These are seamless or tiling, thus, you can use them as background for high-resolution printed graphics or for websites, social media pages, and blogs. Aside from birthday announcements, baby showers...

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Hey there! We have been posting resources on a daily basis. Today, we are releasing yet another set of Photoshop brushes consisting of curls, swirls, and swashes that you can use along with other decorative elements for your designs. These brushes sport a hand written look that’s perfect for your crafting and personal projects. Aside from the curls and swils we also included some pretty ampersands which are useful for wedding...

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Here is another free set of brushes from our Our Spring flower collection. This pack contains outlined flowers brushes featuring various flowers mostly lotus, tulips, and lilies. These would look great with watercolor backgrounds or even on plain white canvas. Use these outlined flowers brushes with handwritten fonts to create Spring greeting cards, birthday cards, Mother’s Day cards, and so much more! WHAT YOU WILL GET FROM...

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In case you are looking for a nice background with a birthday theme, then this free set of birthday girl patterns is for you. There are 10 seamless patterns in this pack featuring birthday-related theme in hot pink and blush color scheme. These patterns are great as background for your invitation cards, thank you cards, gift wrappers, as well as gift tags. You can also use these patterns for other party items such as decorations,...

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  • Canvas Brushes By downloading this set you will get 8 useful brushes: regular canvas, streaky can...
  • Blocking Set These brushes are all you need. There is a blocking brush, and an elliptical one. ...
  • Awesome Splatters Get these six great looking splatter brushes and plush your designs.
  • 8 Bit Brushes Back to the the beginning. Reminder of the first PC's, this retro brush pack is pr...
  • Chinese Painting The 47 brushes that you find in the archive will let you create similar paintings ...
  • Abstract Destruction The beauty of destruction. This is probably the best looking futuristic abstract b...
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  • Disintegrate Reverse construction aka disintegrate or decompose anything and everything. Use th...
  • Diablo One of our darkest brushes. The attack of the inferno, or when all hell breaks loo...
  • Vivid Abstract Brushes This cool set was created in Photoshop CS5. You get to have 8 different effect bru...
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  • Blood Spill Gruesome scene, yet somehow amazingly fascinating the way this blood splatter look...
  • Vintage Vehicles Here you have an awesome selection of vintage vehicles: hot air balloon, cars from...
  • Dream Watercolor Floral B... Dream-like beautifully designed watercolor floral brushes. There are 16 flowers an.. Windows 8 KMS Activator [Working][Multi Tool]

50 Beautiful and Free Photoshop Patterns PSDFan

Love is in the air!…Or is it

As the day devoted to love fast approaches, it brings giggles and butterflies, and for some sniffles and tears. Whether you are single or attached, the universal symbol of a heart signifies warmth and affection and is easily recognizable through any language barrier. This year, why not show how you feel to that special someone by using these awesome free Valentines’ Day Photoshop Brushes, Patterns, and Textures in your next project full of love For me, nothing says “I love you” better than a homemade gift from the heart! What is your favorite thing to receive on this mushy day of sweetness and chocolate covered strawberries Let us know in the comments below!

200 Valentine’s Day Photoshop Brushes

Set of 6 Hearts and Bokeh Brushes. Enjoy!

Brush Hearts

Set of 12 Heart Brushes. Enjoy!

Heart Brush Pack 01

50 heart brushes for Photoshop. Enjoy!

Heart Fractal Brushes

A set of 11 Hearts brushes made with Apophysis. Enjoy!

Hearts Brushes II

25 cute heart brushes for Photoshop!

Valentine 2010 PS Brushes

This set of 21 brushes are useful for creating greeting cards not only for Valentines Day, but for other occasions as well such as birthdays and anniversaries!

Flowers, Swirls and Hearts

Contains 7 high-resolution Photoshop CS3 brushes.

Heart Glitter Brush

This set contains 5 simple brushes.

Hearts and Love Brushes

12 brushes representing hearts that can be used for backgrounds, wallpapers, and cards!

Heart Brushes

Enjoy these 20 Heart Brushes!

Valentine Brush Set

Valentine Brush set consisting of 24 Valentine’s Day postage, love letters, postcards, and envelopes.

75 Valentine’s Day Photoshop Patterns

Enjoy these 8 seamless heart patterns!

Heart Pattern

Heart pattern in .pat format.

Pixel Heart Patterns for PS

This pack contains 24 patterns in total, Photoshop .pat and .png files. Hearts come in 8 different colors and 3 different spacing sizes. Consider them with Postcard Printing

Hearts Pattern

This pattern was made with Photoshop CS4. Enjoy!

Heart Patterns

This set consists of 6 adorable heart patterns. Enjoy!

Transparent Red Hearts Tile

This is a seamless, transparent tile. It will repeat seamlessly when placed beside itself on any side. It’s endless!

Scottish Heart Pattern

Enjoy this cute seamless heart pattern!

Heart Pixel Pattern Pack

Each pattern is 2-color on an opaque background in .png format for wide-usage. You could easily color these and/or put them on a background for a nice effect.

Four Free Valentine Patterns

Download these lovely Valentine Patterns in High Resolution JPG!

Heart Patterns

Set of 4 heart patterns.

Soft Waxen Valentine Hearts Pattern


Hearts Patterns

Over a dozen variations of seamless heart patterns!

Love Lies Bleeding

Rich deep colors.

Love Love Love

Love Love Love this pattern!

Valentine Patterns

This pack includes 4 seamless Valentine’s Day Patterns.

International Love

So soft and surreal!

Falling in love

Bright pinks and sparkling yellows will surely get you falling in love with this pattern!

Lovely Valentine’s Day

10 Lovely Valentine’s Day Heart Patterns!

85 Valentine’s Day Photoshop Textures

Pack one of two contains 21 Large Valentine’s Day Textures.

Valentine’s Paper Textures Pack 2

Pack two of two contains 18 Large Valentine’s Day Textures.

Sweet Valentine Textures

23 Sweet Valentine’s Textures. Enjoy!

Valentine Textures

4 Valentine textures [500×500].

CoffeeShop Valentine Textures

These 5 Valentine textures are a bit grungy and not your typical “pretty” paper, but we think you will like them!

Vintage Valentine Paper

Set of 10 Vintage Valentine Paper Windows 8 Activator

Let us know in the comments below your favorites!

Next Все для Photoshop . Клипарт на прозрачном фоне - Любимая ёлочная игрушка - шарик, более 1000 .,360 Free Valentine’s Day Photoshop Brushes, Patterns, and Textures! Posted by ali in Featured, Inspiration | 44 comments. Love is in the air!…Or is it,Результаты поиска

Next 50 Extremely Beautiful Photoshop Patterns for Elegant Designs. A Photoshop pattern is a background image, being almost the same with a texture, that is widely used .,This tutorial will help you master turning your very own hand drawn icons into vector shapes in Photoshop. You can follow this tutorial with any line drawings and it .,This graphic design pack is filled with 50 different types of glowing light streaks. Available in two different formats, Photoshop Brushes and JPEG images.

Next Результаты поиска,Official blogfolio of the illustrator, painter and art-director David Revoy ( aka Deevad ),Let's not forget about the colorful season of Autumn! Here are a few Fall inspired Photoshop Brushes, Patterns, and Textures to warm up your blog/website, or

The 60 best free Photoshop brushes: Natural Photoshop .

Creating posters with Photoshop can be a lot of fun and there are unlimited opportunities. In these tutorials, you’ll learn some new ways to enhance your Photoshop skills while creating posters for all kinds of purposes. A lot of different styles of design are represented, and each one takes a different approach to get to the end result. You can follow some of the tutorials step-by-step, or browse them and find parts that you want to use in your own design projects. Either way, you’re sure to be able to learn some new skills and techniques if you’re interested in improving at Photoshop and poster design. Amazing poster designs are created by creating multiple layers, customizing and managing each layer properly to achieve the desired results.

In our daily life, we come across a wide range of posters and advertisements promoting different businesses in a unique way. The poster must be eye-catching and deliver the useful information to the people.

Design a Gorgeous Geisha Art Poster in Photoshop

This poster has an awesome textured watercolor effect that looks great and is pretty easy to accomplish. You will be using the brush tool to paint some colors. You will create new layers and use multiple tools and effects.

Create an 80s Style Poster Design with GoMedia

This is a beautiful space-themed design that could be used for a variety of different purposes. You will practice adding different geometrical figures and different photoshop customizations allow you to create an overwhelmingly beautiful poster design.

How to Create a Colorful Retro Poster in Easy Steps

Another space-themed retro design with some nice light effects.

Design a Quick and Easy Indie Rock Gig Poster

This tutorial shows the process of designing a beautiful poster to promote a band’s gig.

Design a Retro Inspired Sci-Fi Film Poster

This space-themed poster design can be created rather easily by following along with this tutorial.

How to Create an Amazing Mixed Media Poster in Photoshop

Learn how to create this awesome poster with a lot of color and abstract design elements.

Create a Colorful Retro Poster in Photoshop and Illustrator

This tutorial covers the process of using both Photoshop and Illustrator to create this poster design. You will learn to draw different geometrical shapes and then customize them nicely.

Creating an Old Collage Effect Poster

This tutorial leads you through the process of creating an awesome poster with a great sunburst background. This type of approach could be used for creating posters for a wide variety of purposes.

Gig Poster Design (Uses Photoshop and Illustrator)

A nice textured, grungy poster is the result of this tutorial. Again, a sunburst background is used.

Create a 60’s Psychedelic Style Concert Poster

This retro poster would fit right in with actual gig posters from the 60’s.

Create an Inspirational Vector Political Poster (Uses Photoshop and Illustrator)

Inspired by the Obama campaign, this poster tutorial shows you the process to duplicate the popular style.

Quick Grungy Poster

This textured poster has a retro feel thanks to the color scheme and the lines.

Create a Constructivist Inspired Poster

With this tutorial, you’ll use images, textures, text, and colors to create the sample poster design. Nice techniques that you can use to design other posters as well.

B Movie Post Art

B-Movie posters have their own unique look and feel, and this tutorial shows how to duplicate it.

Photoshop Indiana Jones Poster Tutorial

Ever wanted to create your own Indiana Jones-style poster If so, you’re in luck. Use a photo of yourself and you’ll feel like a movie star.

Lord of the Rings Poster Photoshop Tutorial

A great tutorial that shows how you can create an authentic looking movie poster.

Design a Retro Summer Poster Illustration

The sunburst backgrounds are back, and this time incorporated into the woman’s hair. You’ll learn how to easily design a poster with a nice retro style.

Abstract Poster Effects (Uses Photoshop and Illustrator)

Wow, this tutorial leads you through the process of creating a colorful post in Illustrator and Photoshop! It’s an abstract style that could be used for plenty of purposes.

Political Poster Art in Photoshop

Here you’ll learn how to create a unique political poster.

Blending Images Like a Hollywood Movie Poster

A sepia poster with a large photo blended into another photo. An interesting technique that you could use with your own photos.

Spiderman Poster

The simple spider web creates a nice poster,

Wanted Poster

A fun poster that could be used for fun.

Love Poster

This tutorial combines a lot of different graphics and images (including a sunburst background).

Dirty Grunge Poster

A sunburst background with some drippy spray paint effects.

NoPattern “Jumper” Effect

This tutorial shows how to create an awesome poster with lighting effects to replicate the movie poster for Jumper.

Big Typography Snowboarding Poster

Grunge typography is the primary design element of this poster. Learn how to use it in your own designs by following along.

Design a Sin City Style Poster

By following this tutorial you can create a dark poster inspired by Sin City.

Create an Edgy, Colorful Fashion Photo Manipulated Artwork

In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to design a poster with some awesome abstract design elements.

Making of “The World is Bleeding”

This case study walks you through the steps of creating this chilling poster design.

Create a Horrific Flesh Eating Movie Poster in Photoshop

This poster would be ideal for a horror movie or for a Halloween event.

Create a Poster Inspired by the Movie “The Bourne Legacy”

This movie poster can be designed by following along with this step-by-step tutorial.

Create an Electrifying Music Poster with Geometrical Elements in Photoshop

This abstract design uses a lot of colors and could be useful for a lot of different types of posters.

Design a Retro Typography Poster in Photoshop

Typography is the focus, but this poster design also features plenty of colors and some abstract design elements. Retro refers to the bit classic and old design.

How to Create a Medieval Movie Poster in Photoshop

Here you’ll learn how to create a great movie poster. You have to copy and paste different images accompanied by the slight customizations that you will be done in a professional manner.

How to Create an Intense Movie Poster in Photoshop

This is another useful tutorial for those who are looking to design their own movie posters.

How to Create an Anti-Smoking Ad Concept with Photoshop

This tutorial shows how you can design a poster for advertising purposes.

Create This Gorgeous Moonlight Poster of a Girl Walking on a Railway

This tutorial includes lighting effects and texture to create a nice poster design.


Designing a poster is similar to creating a manipulation or any other image. The poster design must be appealing and deliver the message right away to the audience. The art included in the poster designs is inspired from some movie character or any other character of such sort. The text is added in each poster design and you can use the variety of calligraphic fonts in your poster designs. All of these poster designs have been designed and customized using simple photoshop tools media player codecs for mkv

For more  design resources, please see:

Photoshop » ALLDAY - народный сайт о дизайне

[ Update: This resources joined the default patterns in Krita 2.9 and above. You probably don't need to install it, just go to the pattern, they should be already installed ]

Since few days, there is a lot of activity around the 'textured' brush feature started by

bug-tracker topic about it


  • 2 canvas  ( thin , and rough )
  • 4 papers ( default, C , torchon )
  • hand drawn pattern ( dot , hatching )
  • textures ( rocks, bark, wood, crackles )
  • 3 dynamic screentones

I followed this specifications :

  • 512x512 max with a lot of details
  • Pixels infos from black to white, normalised with most of 50% mid-grey value
  • Seamless , tilable to infinity of course ( thanks Gimp Resynthesizer plugin )
  • Removed duplicate : my original set contained more than 50. Similar effect or neighbours were removed.
  • *.png compressed, easy to manage on file explorer , with thumbnails and cross compatible. 
  • prefix of filename 'deevad_' for organisation, and easy removal if needed Microsoft Office 2012 incl. Keygen

various sample of stroke effects

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