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The Peformance Tuning/Dyno mode extends the performance customisation in Need for Speed: Underground 2 by offering the player the creation of tuning setups and measure vehicle performance statistics. It is accesssible through any Performance Shop, the player's garage and Customize mode.

The Dyno allows the player to measure 0 to 60 mph and 0 to 100 mph acceleration times, maximum power and torque output, as well as their top speed.

Performance Tuning

Players can select between up to seven setting categories and store a tuning setup for one of five event types:

Every setting category requires the player to install performance upgrades to the corresponding category. Changes to the aerodynamics of a vehicle require the installation of respective body modifications.

Suspension - Front/Rear LoweringLower or higher front/rear ride height
Suspension - Front/Rear SpringsSofter or harder ride
Suspension - Front/Rear ShocksSofter or harder ride
Suspension - Front/Rear Sway BarSofter or harder cornering
Suspension - Steering RatioLower or higher steering sensitivity
Transmission - Gear RatiosTop speed and acceleration in relation to the maximum speed in each gear and the final drive ratio
Aerodynamics - Front/Rear DownforceWeaker or stronger front/rear downforce
Tires Brakes - Front/Rear Tire GripWeaker or stronger front/rear grip
Tires Brakes - Brake BiasMore brake power to the front or rear
ECUMaximum and minimum torque output in each rpm interval
TurboMaximum and minimum torque output in each rpm interval
NitrousMore power and a shorter duration or less power and a longer duration

Test Run

Through the Test Run mode, players can test their tuning setups for each event type. For each event type, the HUD is expanded by additional information relevant to the event type:

  • Circuit - Best Lap, Current Gs, Maximum Gs
  • Drag - Burnout Distance, 0 to 60 mph time, Quarter Mile Time
  • Drift - Best Lap, Best Drift, Longest Drift in seconds
  • Street X - Best Lap, Current Gs, Maximum Gs
  • URL Race - Best Lap, Current Gs, Maximum Gs


  • Softer suspension setups allow a vehicle to slide more often. Stiffer setups improve grip by inducing more understeer.
  • Lowering a vehicle as low as possible and maximizing downforce grip on both sides can improve cornering significantly. Raising the vehicle height will increase stability along off road routes.
  • Longer nitrous duration settings are useful in longer race events.
  • Stronger front tyre grip results in more oversteer. Doing the opposite results in more understeer.
  • Acceleration-biased setups are useful in shorter race tracks and drift events, but top speed-biased setups are useful for drag events Windows 8 Activation Final 2012


Read more Need for Speed: Rivals e um jogo eletronico de corrida em mundo aberto que foi desenvolvido pela desenvolvedora sueca Ghost Games e que e publicado pela Electronic .,Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit 2 is a 2002 racing video game, serving as the debut Need for Speed title from EA Black Box, and the first Need for Speed game for the .,^1 A versao PSP tem o nome Need for Speed: Underground Rivals, e foi lancada em 2005. ^2 Este jogo nao foi lancado para PS3, mas a versao PS2 esta .

Read more The Peformance Tuning/Dyno mode extends the performance customisation in Need for Speed: Underground 2 by offering the player the creation of tuning setups and .,Need for Speed: Underground 1 предложит игроку три абсолютно новых режима игры: Драг, Дрифт и Спринт.,Play Need for Speed - Underground 2 Nintendo Game Boy Advance game online for free in your browser. No download required.

Read more Need for Speed: Underground 2, abrege en NFSU2, est un jeu video de course developpe par EA Black Box et edite par Electronic Arts. Ce jeu, sorti en 2004, fait .,Need for Speed: Underground представляет собой аркадную гоночную игру, выполненную в трёхмерной .,'s game information and ROM (ISO) download page for Need for Speed - Underground 2 (Sony Playstation 2).

Underground J-Tune
Arcade Cabinet release
Game Boy Advance release

CD, DVD, GameCube Game Disc

PC (Windows 98, ME, 2000, XP)

Gamecube, PC, PlayStation 2, XboxNovember 17, 2003 (US)November 21, 2003 (EU)November 28, 2003 (EU - PC)

December 25, 2003 (JP)

Need for Speed: Underground is the 7th game in the Need for Speed series. It was developed by EA Black Box and published by Electronic Arts in 2003. It was commercially successful[1] and inspired a sequel.

Need for Speed: Underground completely redesigned the series' formula with a heavy emphasis on tuner culture and a storyline-driven career mode. All races take place in a generic city at night featuring vehicles associated with the import scene rather than exotic cars.



Main article: Player (Underground Series)

The story begins with the player at the centre of the action in a circuit race. They are given a uniquely styled Acura Integra Type R that allows them to easily defeat their opponents, but they are suddenly woken up by Samantha who tells them to stop daydreaming.

Samantha is the player's friend in the city. She shows the player how the console with the races works, who's who and makes fun of the player's first car. Eddie is the leader of The Eastsiders and currently the best racer on the streets of Olympic City; he also has a girlfriend - Melissa.

The player meets other racers and eventually gathers a small list of nemesis that continually challenge them. The player is introduced to TJ whom promises unique vehicle upgrades in exchange for beating time trial challenges. Samantha does the same from time to time and offers unique visual modifications instead.

The player's successive victories don't impress Eddie. He mocks the player's skill, saying he has a long way to go to 'roll his streets'. The player eventually builds enough hype to be too hard to ignore and forces Eddie to challenge them to beat Samantha in a sprint race before they can go after Eddie.

The player's willingness in going for it infuriates her. Samantha totals her Civic's engine attempting to beat the player. TJ takes the junked car for himself after the event.

Eddie tries to once again get rid of the player as they come close to becoming the best racer in Olympic City. The player also sees TJ in Samantha's recovered car after he fixed it, but it has been vandalised.

The player wins a pink slip circuit race for Samantha and reclaims her car to make amends. Samantha gives the player a choice of a wide body kit for their car.

Eddie then challenges the player to a race. After the race, a mysterious silver Nissan 350Z challenges the player for a last run through the Market Street circuit.

After the players' win, the challenger is revealed to be Melissa. That event solidifies the player's status as the new best Underground racer in Olympic City.



  • Player (Underground Series)
  • Samantha
  • TJ




  • Circuit - A standard race that involves racing of up to four opponents' cars around a looped track for one or more laps.
  • Knockout - Similar to Circuit except the last racer to pass the starting line of each lap is "knocked out" until a final racer is left and declared the winner.
  • Sprint - A point-to-point course instead of a loop. These races are typically shorter than Circuit events.
  • Drift - A point based event involving multiple racers but with only a single racer participating on the course at a time. The winner is the racer with the highest total score upon completing the course. Racers earn points based on how well they can control their vehicles as they slide along the course.
  • Drag - Up to four racers part take along a straight line course from A to B. The racer that completes the course with the quickest time is the winner. A racer will fail the event if they collide with traffic or over heat the engine. Only manual transmission can be used.

Car List

Main article: Need for Speed: Underground/Cars

Main article: Need for Speed: Underground/Cars

Cars can be altered with Performance Modifications as well as Visual Modifications such as paint colours, neon lights and body kits.

Players have the ability to increase their car’s performance by applying performance upgrades to the car. The player can upgrade their car's engine, drivetrain, suspension, tyres and engine control unit (ECU).

They can also add nitrous oxide and turbo chargers, as well as reduce the car’s weight with a "weight reduction package."


Critics generally liked the game[2] despite primary complaints of repetitive tracks[3], unbalanced rubberband AI, excessive use of random traffic and the lack of any online features for the GameCube and Xbox releases[4].

IGN gave the game a rating of 8.9 out of 10 for the PlayStation 2 release.


Main article: Need for Speed: Underground/Soundtrack

  • Need for Speed: Underground, and its successor, are mostly inspired by "The Fast and the Furious" film series Roads Of Rome 2

Need for Speed Underground - Announcement Trailer

Need for Speed Underground Own the Night (TV Spot)

Need For Speed Underground Trailer

Need For speed Underground 2 (1)

Need For Speed Underground 2 Free Download Full Version PC Game Cracked in Direct Link and Torrent. Need For Speed Underground 2 is a Racing video game.
  • Title: NFS Need For Speed Underground 2
  • Genre: Racing
  • Developer: EA Black Box
  • Publisher: EA Games
  • Release Date: November 19, 2004
  • File Size: 423.4 MB
  • Ram: 256 MB
  • Video Memory: 32 MB
  • Hard: 800 MB
  • Windows XP,Vista,7

How To Install Need For Speed Underground 2

  1. Download Game
  2. Extract With Winrar OR Winzip
  3. Run Setup And Install The Game
  4. Play Enjoy

How To Download Need For Speed Underground 2 Game
It’s easy, you can see tutorial HERE, it same for all games

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Need for Speed: Underground 2 Jogos Download TechTudo

O Need For Speed: Underground 2 é um jogo que faz parte da idolatrada série Need For Speed para PC, PS2, Xbox, GameCube, GBA e Nintendo DS. Até hoje, o jogo se mantém como um dos mais vendidos da história do PS2. O PSP não recebeu o game, e a versão mais próxima para o console é o Need for Speed: Underground Rivals. Uma versão em Java chegou a ser lançada para celulares mais antigos, mas o jogo não existe para celulares recentes com Android ou iOS. O game transporta o jogador para um ambiente altamente realista, no qual o grande objetivo é fazer manobras incríveis e ultrapassar todos os limites de velocidade. Você pode fazer o download grátis de NFSU2 para PC.

Need For Speed: Underground 2 é um jogo bastante completo que inova ao permitir, pela primeira vez, que o piloto explore uma cidade inteira livremente. Um mapa facilita a localização de eventos importantes, para que o usuário não se perca no mundo virtual amplo e rico de detalhes.

O jogador começa ao escolher um dos 29 carros disponíveis no início. Com o passar o tempo, outros carros podem ser comprados. O game disponibiliza veículos famosos como Toyota Corolla, Mustang T3 e até mesmo o super cobiçado Audi A3.

Todos os automóveis podem ser personalizados ao gosto do freguês, com opções de pinturas, pneus, aros, espelhos, vinis, decalques, neon, entre outras possibilidades. Cada veículo pode ser único. Tudo depende apenas de como o player quer customizá-lo.

No decorrer da partida, o piloto ganha dinheiro por cada desafio conquistado. Com isso, pode adquirir melhorias para os carros, que incluem transmissão, suspensão, adição de nitro e novos freios. Tudo para que o jogador possa tirar o melhor proveito possível do carro que tem.

Como jogar NFSU2 e tipos de corrida

O título inaugura novos tipos de corrida que não existiam nas versões anteriores. São sete ao todo, para que o piloto não se canse dos desafios que os oponentes impõem. A primeira é o Circuito, uma corrida tradicional com número de voltas predeterminado pelo jogo. A Drag é a corrida de arrancada. Quem se sair melhor durante a arrancada ganha a disputa.

Já no Drift, o sistema de inteligência artificial do game adiciona derrapadas (drifts) à base das montanhas. Cabe ao piloto enfrentar os obstáculos e obter um mínimo de pontos previamente definido. Em Outrun, há rachas alucinantes no meio da cidade, depois de convidar um dos oponentes. 

A Sprint é uma corrida na qual os pilotos devem percorrer um trecho de circuito. Em Street X, o jogador enfrenta três oponentes em uma corrida de circuito curto com adição de derrapadas, semelhante às do modo Drift. Já o Underground Racing League (URL) consiste de corridas em circuitos fora da cidade, seguindo a trama proposta pelos criadores do jogo.

Solta o som, DJ

A trilha sonora merece atenção especial. A playlist é composta por faixas escolhidas a dedo para que o usuário tenha uma imersão no mundo da alta velocidade que a EA Games propõe. Algumas músicas são eletrizantes, para momentos de muita adrenalina, enquanto outras têm o ritmo certo para um passeio pela cidade, observando o cair da noite.

Aproveite para baixar Need for Speed Underground 2 e divirta-se com carros, músicas e tudo que envolve esse clássico de corrida de rua no seu PC.

Nossa opinião

A série Need for Speed começou a tomar novos rumos quando o primeiro “Underground” foi lançado. Com o NFS Underground 2 a produtora Electronic Arts quis manter o alto padrão de diversão e novidades, mas não conseguiu o mesmo patamar. Ainda assim, o game diverte.

Ao contrário do primeiro Underground, a sequência modifica um pouco o estilo de jogo. Agora, as coisas estão mais para o lado de mundo aberto, em que o jogador busca suas missões pela cidade. A mudança não agradou tanto, mas o título ainda apresentou outras novidades.

A “tunagem” dos carros, por exemplo, melhorou bastante, com novos elementos de modificação para os jogadores e apaixonados por carros. Opções de direção, rodas, pintura e muito mais fizeram sucesso entre a galera que curte essas possibilidades, ainda mais em um game de uma série tão famosa quanto NFS.

Infelizmente, os gráficos não são tão bons quanto os vistos no primeiro Underground. Mas, por outro lado, estão mais vivos, coloridos e chamativos. Ainda que tenha gente que não curtiu este tipo de gráfico, ele ajudou a mudar o tom mais “sério” do primeiro jogo nessa sequência Auslogics Disk Defrag Pro 4 2 1 0

No geral, vale a pena baixar NFS Underground 2!


  • Sistema de mundo aberto tenta inovar
  • Muitas opções de “tunagem”


  • Gráficos mais fracos
  • Muitas novidades não agradam
  • Faltaram missões mais complexas

Need for Speed: Underground 2 — Википедия

This page contains a list of cheats, codes, Easter eggs, tips, and other secrets for Need for Speed Underground 2 for PC. If you've discovered a cheat you'd like to add to the page, or have a correction, please click EDIT and add it.

In the "Press Enter" screen type in the following cheats.(only works in single player mode).

  • regmebaby: 20000 start money in career mode
  • opendoors: Unlock districts
  • ordermybaby: Unlock all cars
  • gimmevisual1: Unlock all visual upgrades Level 1
  • gimmevisual2: Unlock all visual upgrades Level 2
  • needperformance1: Unlock all performance parts Level 1
  • needperformance2: Unlock all performance parts Level 2
  • goforoldspice: Unlock Old Spice vinyl
  • needmybestbuy: Unlock Best Buy vinyl
  • gotmycingular: Unlock Cingular Sponsor vinyl
  • gottahavebk: Unlock Burger King vinyl
  • gottaedge: Unlock Edge Sponsor vinyl
  • davidchoeart: vinyl
  • wannacapone: vinyl
  • gimmechingy: vinyl
  • yodogg: Snoop Dogg Special
  • tunejapantuning: vinyl
  • lets ride : finish the game

Apply vinyls to your car but leave at least one empty vinyl slot. Exit the shop and return. Select the empty vinyl slot (if it asks you to choose vinyl color just press esc and select the empty slot again). When you select a unique vinyl the other vinyls will disappear but they will come back after you pay for your setup. You can layer the vinyls the same as usual.

  • Hoods: Get 4 wins on outrun level 2.
  • Engine, transmission or tires: Get 3 wins on outrun level 3.
  • Rims: Get 6 wins on outrun level 3.
  • Spoilers: Get 4 wins on outrun level 4.
  • Vinyls: Get 6 wins on outrun level 4.
  • ECU, turbo or brakes: Get 9 wins on outrun level 4.
  • NOS, weight or suspension: Get 6 wins on outrun level 5.
  • Wide body kits: Get 11 wins on outrun level 5.
  • Magazine Cover Unlocks
  • Auto Motor: Get 20 wins on level 5.
  • AutoMaxx: Get 16 wins on level 4.
  • Car Audio and Electronics: Get 6 wins on level 3.
  • Chrome und Flamen: Get 27 wins on level 4.
  • Elaborare: Get 3 wins on level 4.
  • GTI: Get 11 wins on level 3.
  • GTI : Get 16 wins on level 5.
  • Hot 4's: Get 18 wins on level 3.
  • Import Tuner: Get 4 wins on level 5.
  • Maxi Tuning: Get 7 wins on level 4.
  • Power: Get 32 wins on level 5.
  • Spoiler: Get 11 wins on level 4.
  • Sports Compact Car: Get 8 wins on level 2.
  • Street Car: Get 2 wins on level 3.
  • Street Car: Get 9 wins on level 5.
  • Street Tuner: Get 34 wins on level 5.
  • Stuff: Get 20 wins on level 4.
  • Super Street: Get 28 wins on level 5.
  • Swiss Tuner: Get 25 wins on level 5.
  • Turbo: Get 4 wins on level 2 RaW

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