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ManyCam 4.0.110 for Windows is now available for download. This new version comes with two cool new features in the Time tab:

New Countdown Timer –  Add a countdown to your live broadcast, so your viewers know when it’s about to start! Choose from a wide selection of timers, in different colors and sizes. Learn how to use the Countdown Timer by watching our How-To video.

New Stopwatch feature – Add a stopwatch to your broadcasts and recorded videos. The stopwatch also comes in different colors and sizes! Learn how to use this feature by watching our How-To video.

In this version, users will also be happy to learn that the Watermark can once again be removed for free. We’ve also made some audio playlist improvements and fixed a few bugs that were reported by our users.

Download ManyCam 4.0.110 today!

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Read more // import*; // Capture myCapture; void setup(),(2008) ProcessingArduino .,ManyCam Crack is a freeware software which provides the users to use their webcam with multiplied chat apps concurrently like as Chatroulette.

We are very excited to announce that ManyCam 4.0 for Windows is now available for download. This major release is a huge improvement from our 3.X software and includes several awesome new features and functionalities as well as a fresh new look! Some of the major updates include a new user-interface, a new Gallery tab to easily store pictures and videos, drag and drop functionality, the ability to share your photos and videos to social media sites directly from the software, as well as a new search feature to easily find effects. We’ve also improved our audio and video core functionality, and made taking snapshots and recording videos easier for our users. Our website even has a fresh new look as well!

Download ManyCam 4.0 Today

ManyCam 4 Pro is also available, and can be purchased on our website. Please note that version 4.0 is not compatible with previous versions of ManyCam Pro, so you will need a new license code for ManyCam 4 Pro. If you are already a ManyCam Pro user, you are eligible to purchase the update at 50% off, click here for more details. Users who recently purchased ManyCam Pro after November 1st are eligible to get a free license, in this case you can contact us for details.

Here’s what’s new with ManyCam 4.0:

New User-Interface:  ManyCam has a completely redesigned look and feel! Our UI is more intuitive and everything is now organized under three main tabs: Video, Effects and Gallery, along with convenient placements of different tools in the lower tabs.  The ManyCam window is now also resizable.

New Gallery Feature – Now you can easily store and access your snapshots and recordings in the new Gallery tab!

Effects Tab Organization – Effects are now better organized into folders under the Effects tab. Users can still access the effects page on our website from the software in order to download more.

New Emoticon Effect Category – We’ve included a new category of effects that we call Emoticons! Emoticons are cool smilies that appear over your video window to show your current mood.  Now you can add cool emoticons to your videos and pictures with ManyCam.

New Favorites Area – You can now drag and drop your frequently used effects for easy access in the new Favorites section of the ManyCam window.

Search Feature – We’ve added a Search Box to ManyCam so you can easily find effects, pictures or videos that you created.

New “Settings” Window – We’ve updated our Settings window so that you can customize various ManyCam settings. With the new settings you can change the default naming and storage of your media files, change the resolution of your videos and images, change your audio playback device, and set up internet proxy settings.

New “On-Air” Feature – This allows you to track what applications or websites are currently using ManyCam.

System Sound Default Microphone – This feature allows you to capture sound directly from your PC. This feature is only for Windows Vista users.

Recording in MP4 – ManyCam 4 can now record in MP4 format! (Only available for Windows 7 and 8.0 OS users.)

We’ve worked really hard on this update to make sure ManyCam continues to be the most useful audio and video tool. As always, we appreciate any feedback you may have.  If you have any problems, don’t hesitate to contact us with your questions or comments.

Try ManyCam 4 today and let us know what you think! We hope you enjoy it.


The ManyCam Team

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What is ManyCam

ManyCam is the most famous tool for your webcam. You can add a lot of effects. It contain several tools like add some pictures, objects, change the background color etc… You can even write text, use animations, drawing on the screen. ManyCam is compatible with all communications softwares like Skype Windows Live Messenger or Yahoo Messenger for example. This software is very easy to use, it will detect your webcam without problem. All features are awesome because it will attract your conversation with your friends, family etc…

The Enterprise is the most complete version of ManyCam, it contain absolutely all what you want. This is a paid version and that’s why I sharing with you the full cracked version of Manycam Enterprise v4.1.0.12.

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You have now the full version of Manycam Enterprise v4.1.0.12

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ManyCam v4 NexusRadio

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ManyCam v4.1 PRO Enterprise crack free download

ManyCam Crack is a freeware software which provides the users to use their webcam with multiplied chat apps concurrently like as Chatroulette and YouTube.

ManyCam Crack Free Download is the latest webcam software which can help you to transfer by using your webcam camera. It is used more than 10 million users worldwide. It can turn your system into a professional video creation studio. It can select the fitting version according to your needs, It gives you to manage the multiple Webcams concurrently. It supports virtual Webcams or customizes them with a kind of results or filters like flames or cartoon eyes. It can keep the multiple video chat sessions open, the monitor home security cameras and display the still images when you need to talk but don’t need to show yourself.

ManyCam Crack is a unique webcam program which helps to use the video webcam or a video switcher which provides you to use your webcam concurrently during the live stream and video chat. It can capture your screen, add the effects and much more. It has different instant messenger programs to chat with friends by using a webcam during chatting over the Internet on multiple applications at the same time.

ManyCam Crack 6.2.0 Features

  1. It has a video switcher.
  2. It has different video sources.
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  4. It easily records audios and videos.
  5. It supports HD videos.
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How To Install

  • Firstly, download the ManyCam Crack.
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  • It’s fully working.
  • Enjoy.

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