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There are cases that companies are not anymore functionable or there is simply a mutual agreement that it should be the end of a certain business. If your organization is in situation like this, it can be expected that it’s going to be a dissolved company in the near future.

There are a couple of other names that liquidation is known for, such as winding-up or dissolution (which is the final step of the process) or deregistration.

Tell-tale early warning signs of insolvency in business can be noticed by anyone, especially the employees themselves. Sometimes it lurks around the building itself or it is obviously seen in the financial statements or records of the organization. Having not enough funds to carry on with the day-to-day transactions of a firm, or failure in paying creditors with overdue debts, or a serious offense that has been done by the side of the company are some of the major causes for a close of business or for shareholders or the owner himself to decide to go with a liquidation.

Liquidation of company is a process, perhaps a long one if not handled by an agent. Within this process, the company’s affairs are finalized, which means there is a liquidation stock or the assets are sold or fairly distributed to the creditors and shareholders and past actions are investigated.

According to the commercial law of the United Arab Emirates (UAE), liquidation of company should be done or the company can or must be liquidated and deregistered (company deregistration in Dubai) in the following cases (one case only is enough):

  • If the majority of the shareholders decide to liquidate the company
  • If the company suffers insolvency, which causes accumulated loss that is greater than half of the authorized capital
  • If there is a court ruling to dissolve and liquidate the company
  • Voluntary liquidation can also happen if a vital member of the organization exits the company and the shareholders decide not to continue operations

A close of business can be caused by various factors, but it is certain that it is not indeed an easy task, that is why it is best be done with specialists in the field.

Liquidators in Dubai

For simplification, a liquidator is the person who is appointed by the shareholders or the court to gather and conduct the requirements and process of company liquidation and deregistration, winding up a dissolved company in the act of selling its assets. Most countries’ requirement for a liquidator is a certified and regulated one, and the UAE requires the same.

The job of the liquidator, once began, is to have the organization’s assets be sold and pay the creditors with the income from the sale. If there is any money left afterwards, the rest would be fairly distributed to the shareholders. In addition, liquidators are also expected to bring and defend lawsuits.

More often than not, the use for liquidators is when there is already a bankruptcy and it needs to be liquidated. The above-mentioned description of a liquidator’s job is what exactly Farhat Co. does and more. We are one of the leading liquidators in Dubai with a wide experience in the field. We have done a lot of business liquidations in the past, guiding business people step-by-step with the company liquidation process.

We have an in-house liquidator regulated by the Courts in Dubai, UAE and the DIFC authorities in Dubai. The liquidation and deregistration of company proceedings, especially the physical part, can be very complicated and lengthy. We at FAR – Farhat Office Co. can deregister your company in a smooth manner within a short period of time.

Our more than 30 years of experience do not only focus on this field but a lot more that you can benefit of when you are in need of them, such as the processing of trademark registration in Dubai and building a Fraud Prevention System for your company as we are a certified fraud examiner. We also have in-house CPAs who take care of consultation and processing of the impending implementation of VAT in UAE. These CPAs also handle our bookkeeping and accounting services in Dubai and as well as our payroll and HR solutions service. These people go hand-in-hand with our auditors for Owners Association in Dubai and project developers audit service because we are also one of the prime auditing firms in Dubai.

The below list is the entire process of the liquidation of company, and as one of the top liquidators in Dubai, we can aid you from the start all the way through. The requirements and task execution of voluntary liquidation of company and deregistration in Dubai, UAE, are as follows:

  • Nominate a liquidator—must be a regulated auditor
  • The board of the company has to issue a resolution that the company is under liquidation, appoint a liquidator, and mention the name and address of the appointed liquidator.
  • The appointed liquidator must announce a brief of the board resolution and the liquidation in two local newspapers.
  • The creditors (if any) must submit their claim or/and their objections (if any) within the time limit mentioned in the announcement. Other interested parties have the right to object the liquidation during the time limit.
  • In case the time limit is not enough, the liquidator can ask the shareholders for a time extension.
  • When the liquidation task is fully completed, a liquidation report must be issued by the appointed liquidator.
  • On closing the liquidation, an application for the company deregistration along with a copy of the liquidation report must be submitted to the company’s registrar. Once the application is approved, the company’s registrar office will issue a certificate of deregistration.

There are a lot of laws that are used by the government to govern the country, and one of them is about liquidation proceedings which are stated in Federal Decree-Law No. 2 of 2015 or known as Companies Law. A liquidation is done to a company when it is going to cease from existing. In…

It is one of the sad parts of a venture when there is no way to go but simply close the business because of a number of reasons. It can be because that the company has suffered bankruptcy, it has been involved in a serious offense, mishandled by owners, or the owner himself does not…

Simply hearing the word “liquidation” gives people the idea that it is a long process that requires a lot of work. This is mainly because legal matters are involved, making it overwhelming and quite difficult to deal with. Not most people are effective in facing this kind of situation. Not everybody knows what should be…

There is no definite assurance that a start-up will boom in the industry so it is always better to be aware of the signs that your company might not make it as early as you can to be prepared canal canalsat beinsport

Below is a list of the indications that your business is closed to being insolvent, and…

The Liquidator - What is it - Trouble Free Pool

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on May 12, 2015

This is a really good option for using liquid chlorine instead of tablets in the pool. For the price and considering it is for a pool (why is pool stuff so expensive), you can't beat this kit. It was very easy to install but I didn't use the clamp-taps. I used the pump basket drain plug and a spot after the filter where I could screw in a shutoff valve.This design is perfect once you add some pieces that really should be included for smooth operation. #1 both in and out NEED a needle valve to fine tune the throughput. #2 both in and out need shutoff valves, it comes with one for the outfeed (feeding water into the pump). That way you can set the needle valve for your chlorine needs but still shutoff the line for various reason without having to recalibrate each time. It is much easier to refill the chlorine with the pump running but the infeed shutoff. #3 each line (on my installation) has a shutoff valve, check valve, needle valve, and flow meter. I swapped out several pieces with versions from the hardware store so that I didn't need tubing inbetween each piece. That made it easier to mount and operate because it gave everything more rigidity.

All-in-all I love this ingenious design, but HASA needs to put some of that ingenutiy into designing a single "control valve" for each side that performs the functions of all these individual pieces Advanced SystemCare Customer reviews: Hasa Pool Liquidator C201 .

"We’re so pleased with our new furniture! The installation was flawless and the project management was extremely efficient. We were very surprised that a field representative from Indiana Furniture spent a full day in our office during the installation.

Overall, it’s been a great experience working with Ethosource on this project. We greatly appreciate Mike Riley’s patience with us as we struggled to make our final decisions, as well as his attention to detail and quick responses to all of our questions. We will definitely continue to do business with Ethosource!"  -- Tina Wallaesa
St. Onge Company, York, PA

“We want to thank EthoSource for your professionalism, expertise, and management of our project. Your staff was prompt, helpful and did a great job. We could not be more thrilled with the setup, and we are literally still glowing! Your staff had an efficient plan, set up, and disposal. We were able to unpack before they left.

Our new furniture fits perfectly with our color scheme, including the lunch room furniture. Everything matches exactly how we wanted it to. Much gratitude to Ethosource; we look forward to working with you again in the future!”

-- Pat Caulfield, Executive Director

Schuylkill County Municipal Authority, Pottsville, PA

"Things went really, really well with Ethosource. I just got a thank you card from them. I haven't installed the furniture yet, but it arrived exactly when it was expected. It was packed well and organized with lots of written detail and good instructions. Their service, though, really stood out.  The sales representative followed up, she was thorough. Communicated and provided lots of extra information that was needed, and advised on how to order additional pieces.  I really just enjoyed working with her. Wouldn't hesitate to recommend them." -- Kari M.
Toronto, ON

"I just wanted to send you a quick 'thank you' to you and your teams for completing our liquidation project quickly and very efficiently.  I was very impressed at how clean the work site was after all the furniture was removed.  I look forward to working with you in the future."

-- James Connolly

Harvard Pilgrim Health Care, Wellesley, MA

"This is the best office furniture you can buy.  This is beautiful.  I don't think anyone knows it was refurbished." -- Stacey Morgan
Brubaker Connaughton Goss it wasn't that I had to help them understand what we were doing, so I would definitely recommend them to anyone who's looking at office solutions."
Tara Kelly, Manager of Operations- Health Advocate

“Over the past year our firm has been undergoing a 120,000 square foot renovation of our space at 1100 New York Ave in Washington DC. Our vision was to create a modern and vibrant work environment that would reflect the passion, sophistication and personality of our firm. Throughout this process EthoSource Office Furniture has been an invaluable partner in the provision of office furniture throughout the space. Through their creative blending of refurbished and new furnishings EthoSource was able to deliver our vision for the space while also providing tremendous cost savings off the cost of new furniture. We have been thrilled with our experience with EthoSource and would highly recommend them to any law firm interested in creating a beautiful new o ffice environment at a great value."
Robert K. Berger, Chief Operating Officer – Stern, Kessler, Goldstein Fox

I wanted to send out a HUGE thank you to you and everyone that worked with us on the design and install.  I could not be happier!  The furniture is beautiful and the new office layout is great!  The guys that came to do the installation were friends, professional, and worked FAST!  What was scheduled for a 2 day install was finished in one! Our employees love the furniture and I couldn’t be happier!  Thank you so much for making what could have been a very stressful and disastrous process, smooth and easy!
Kevin Kulp, COO – Kulp Car Rentals, Gilbertsville, PA

We would highly recommend using EthoSource! This company is great - excellent design, good quality, and very professional. The team was very helpful throughout the planning process and kept in touch even after installation to make sure everything was running smoothly. We had a few missing parts in the workstations at the time of installation, but the company sent out someone to replace them right away. Our staff loves their new workstations, thanks EthoSource!
Jamie Karinch – The Food Trust, Philadelphia, PA

Just to let you know we have had many tours of our facility.  The last in included the U.S. Secretary of Energy, the Governor of New Mexico and our U.S. Congressman.  Everyone has been impressed with your furniture.  I mentioned that it is refurbished and they say it looks better than the new furniture they have installed.  Our architects toured and liked what they saw, and said he would consider refurbished furniture for the remodel of their offices.
Dr. Steven B. – Los Alamos, NM

We purchased our workstations from EthoSource. EthoSource was a great company to work with and the workstations look good. The 10′ X 10′ workstations are used (slightly refurbished) Herman Miller Ethospace. I would highly recommend EthoSource to anyone looking for high quality used workstations.
Jeff G. – Indianapolis, IN

Ethosource has been excellent to deal with! Very helpful and responsive, great prices and professional planning. Very high quality on the furniture delivered, beautiful shape. Will recommend to anyone!
Jan M. – Westbrook, CT

Awesome, Awesome, Awesome. The place looks great. Ethosource did a great job with our design. The product is excellent and the installers did a terrific job. They were professional and had to work in a crazy environment with electrician, data cabling, and moving personnel. We have a state of the art looking office now.
Jorge Z – Laurel, MD

I want to provide a testimonial to the professionalism of EthoSource. We purchased 140 Steelcase chairs. The representatives of EthoSource were ethical, professional, and followed through on every detail of the transaction. It is sincerely appreciated.
Carol G. – Sarasota, FL

They were helpful and professional from the first day to the last, and worked very well with us to help us find exactly what we needed within our budget. I would recommend them to anyone.
Cynthia J. – Wayne, PA

They were excellent. From the quality, to the installation, to customer service…they are a 5 star used furniture dealer.
Dennis – Wantagh, NY

Working with EthoSource made my life incredibly easy. They gladly worked with me with design, redesign and more redesign. They were extremely professional and I have to say they have a smooth operation. I was very impressed with their warehouse and their process of getting an excellent product to the client. I should also note, from day one before the deal was sealed they were accessible early in the morning and late at night. Ethosource worked with me like we were colleagues forever.
Andie D. – Moonachie, NJ

Everything went great. I will definitely be using them again.
Tammie G.–Lowell, MA

We got everything delivered and what they provided was very good. Overall was satisfied. Would recommend them.
Stephen C. – College Park, MD

Ethosource was excellent to work with. We had many changes throughout the course of the layout process and they were very accommodating. We didn’t have a very large order so other companies didn’t even seem to want to work with us but Ethosource was willing to work with us regardless of the size of our order. Delivery and installation went very well and the cubicles look beautiful! Couldn’t be happier with our experience!
Cherly L. – Haymarket, VA

Things went well, we’re happy with the product and how they handled some minor parts that were missing. I would recommend them. Thank you.
Neil F. – Johnstown, PA

We are currently in contact with EthoSource, LLC. We have purchased 5 cubicles from this dealer and are quite satisfied. We are also intending to purchase 16 more from this same suppler. So far all contact with Bryon has been very pleasurable and he has been a great help answering any questions we might have. Thanking you in advance Barry
Barry D. – Lanham, MD

Accurate furniture description, good service.
Diane R. – Knoxville, TN

Ethosource has been excellent to deal with! Very helpful and responsive, great prices and professional planning. Very high quality on the furniture delivered, beautiful shape. Will recommend to anyone!
Jan M. – Westbrook, CT

Things went really well. Product was as described. I was pleased.
Ken K. – Carpentersville, IL

“The install went well and I was quite impressed with the packaging of the product, as well as the quality. Two of the main decision makers came by on Saturday afternoon when we were finishing and had nothing but praise for the furniture. I spoke with the owner today and he also was very pleased. Thanks for all your help. Your whole team was great. Sherri was fantastic, she kept on top of things and kept the lines of communication open with me throughout the process. Again, many thanks, and I look forward to us doing many more projects together. ”
Hamilton, Bermuda

“Our new customer service counter is installed, and it is outstanding! Your staff was a pleasure to work with. I worked with Sarah McDaniel – she was extremely professional, a pleasure to coordinate with and she did not seem to mind my constant badgering with more and more questions and what ifs. The counter is contemporary and classy. This was a small job for Ethosource, but your staff treated me like this was the most important project they were working on. Superior service is a rare thing today, but your company gets it.”   View a video testimonial here
Donald Moll Jr., President BG Glass, Reading, PA

“The cubicles are great.  Ethosource did a great job and thank you for all of your help.”
Eastern Wholesale Fence Co., Medford, NY

“Ethosource was easy to work with on our office move project. They were able to help me choose the best furniture that would fit our spaces, as well as working with us to get the best price we could for the project. It was a pleasure doing business with Ethosource.”
SRSANDCO LLC, Powder Springs, PA

“We needed to revamp our front office work area to improve the appearance and the usable workspace.  The professional designer at Ethosource completely understood the look we wanted to create and incorporated the needed work area for our staff.  Thanks Ethosource, you updated our office and the process was painless.”
Ann G Moll, President Gallen Insurance, Shillington, PA

“We hired Ethosource via the internet to help us with the furnishings for our new 53,000 sq. ft. dealership. After we picked out the items we planned to purchase, I flew to their plant. They picked me up at the airport and drove me to their plant. I met with the design team and the owner. In just a short few hours we were able to finalize the purchase, even though I had no experience in buying furniture, cubicles, etc. They stayed on top of our project from my first email to post installation, making sure our experience and satisfaction was superior. It was! I highly recommend Ethosource.”
Freedom Truck Centers, Spokane, WA

“I worked with Ethosource on a business project which was under very tight time constraints. They were able to assist us in meeting our aggressive schedule and were always great communicators on the status on items and did not over commit if they knew they couldn’t deliver.  The coordination of purchasing all the furniture, delivery and set up was no small task, and they succeeded. I would work again with Ethosource if we have office furniture needs.”
Geodis, Mechanicsburg, PA

“Ethosource did an excellent job helping us to design our new office space and provided us with excellent high quality workstations and furniture at a very reasonable price.”
Anderson Insurance Brokers, Wyomissing, PA

“Ethosource provided stand-alone workstations and seating for my office. The price was unbeatable and their service was outstanding. I would recommend Ethosource to anyone seeking office cubicles, desks, seating or related items. Ethosource,can be trusted to do a super, professional job.”
George Merling,, Cumberland, MD

“I’d like to express to you and the rest of the team at Ethosource our sincere thanks for a job well done. Our office environment is certainly a source of pride for us now. Virtually everyone who enters our offices raves about the way it looks and are shocked to learn that the furniture is refurbished. Quite frankly, it turned out better than we envisioned. We have had several companies visit us to see for themselves just how good refurbished furniture systems can look. From the initial design layout to the final steps of installation, your team demonstrated an understanding and professionalism that also exceeded our expectations. Again, thank you from all of us at Bills Khakis.”
John J. Dever, Jr., President, Bills Khakis, Reading, PA

“We had our cubicles delivered and set up yesterday and all went according to plan. Please thank your team for their help and hard work. Once again they provided excellent service and our furniture was set-up quickly and neatly. I look forward to doing more business with Ethosource in the future.”
Steve Babat, SandyAlexander, Clifton, NJ

“I have always found the team at Ethosource to be very professional and responsive in my past dealings with the company.  We have utilized Ethosource on a variety of projects and I appreciate their creative solutions to fit our needs.  Overall, their time and attention to details makes our office design and furniture purchasing needs a much smoother process.”
Jason Holland, Herbein Company, Inc. Reading, PA

“I would like to thank you for your assistance to Engineering Environment, Inc. in selecting and coordinating the office furniture for our new Bel Air, MD office. I appreciated being able to come to the warehouse to make our selections. I was pleased with the quality, condition and value of the various products. One would never know that the materials were not brand new and right off the showroom floor. The layout drawings were most helpful in determining the furniture required to compliment our spacing needs. In addition, the install crew was professional, organized and time efficient which reflected well on EthoSource. We look forward to working with EthoSource on our future office furniture buildout needs. Thank you.”
Janet Martin, Engineering Environment, Inc. Bel Air, MD

“The Ethosource units were delivered and installed last Friday.  I compliment you on the overall condition of the units – they are (once again) excellent and we are very pleased! As well, know that your installation team could not have more cooperative and efficient on the installation. I appreciate your business and service. ”
Michelle McCann, High Steel Structures, Inc. Lancaster, PA

“We feel we have received a much better quality product by purchasing refurbished workstations from you than we ever could have received for the same money with a new product. We absolutely cannot tell that the product is not new as all work surfaces are in fact new materials. We would certainly do it again, especially after hearing from our brethren in the Palm Beach office complaining about their new workstations falling apart already.”
Steven M. Gomez, CB Richard Ellis, Miami, FL

“When we moved into our new facility we gave EthoSource the opportunity to outfit our 1000 square foot office with what we desperately wanted (an needed) – a unique, flexible, state-of-the-art, eye-popping, and efficient office system that would immediately showcase ‘what we are all about’ in terms of passion, vibrant colors, and reflecting our image of ‘all the fun in the world’.

Bryon and Gang asked us all sorts of great questions, and came back to us with numerous options to select from. They seemed to 100% understand what our objectives were and what message we were intending to deliver to our customers. They nailed it!

If I had a dollar from every person that has complimented us on how great our office looked, I would be a wealthy man! But most importantly, the office layout simply works very well from an efficiency viewpoint. As we grew EthoSource accommodated us fantastically; their customer service, level of expertise, and great ideas played an important role in helping us get to the next level.

I highly recommend using EthoSource for any office needs, from simple workstations to complete office systems. In all honesty, we would go nowhere else!”
Tom Strauss, President, Emotion Kayaks, Wyomissing, PA

“Purchasing furniture from Ethosource to furnish Berks Economic Partnership’s new office space was an excellent way for BEP to cut some unnecessary costs while being able to invest in very high quality furniture. We were able to work with the Ethosource team on our overall furniture design layout; color scheme; and even to personally be able to select our individual office chairs to create user-friendly and comfortable spaces fitting wonderfully with our new space and environment. The combination of high quality furniture for a fraction of the cost, design assistance and customer service was unsurpassable. Many thanks, Ethosource.”
Jon Scott, President and CEO, Berks Economic Partnership, Reading, PA

“It was very easy to work with EthoSource. Not having a background in space planning (I am a manager of operations), I don’t normally get involved in construction jobs. I didn’t have any preconceived ideas of how this was going to go and I think that EthoSource helped me get the project done. It wasn’t that I had to help them understand what we were doing. I would definitely recommend EthoSource to anyone looking for office furniture solutions.” View a video case study of this project here.
Tara Kelly, Manager of Operations, Health Advocate, Greater Philadelphia, PA

“I have been meaning to express how grateful I am to you and your company. For the last twenty years, I have managed eight office design projects, so I know how expensive and complicated this task could have been; but I am amazed to find how much easier it could be and how much money we could save by using EthoSource’s approach to furniture buying. I have worked with you for the last two years. It is impressive to experience your knowledge about furniture quality, how familiar you are with your inventory and future prospects, as well as being the recipient of your magic. You were able to match our style, budget, and needs completely. With a brief telephone conversation or email, you knew exactly what we were looking for and set up the mission to quickly find it for us. All the furniture we acquired from you is remarkable. We got all these, at a fraction of the cost: Front desk – was perfect match to our decor and space, 20 modular furniture cubicles – comfortable and re-sized to fit our area, 20 office suites – upscale, mint condition, absolutely beautiful pieces, and 40 side chairs. Our savings were also reflected during design, delivery and installation costs. The entire team, including accounting, designers, installers, delivery staff, and of course you, is wonderful, friendly, prompt and reliable. I am looking forward to our next project. My only regret is that I would have loved to have found you 2-3 projects earlier.”
Malena Ruiz, Senior Manager Operations, Aeras Global TB Vaccine Foundation, Rockville, MD

“The patience and professionalism shown by everyone at EthoSource was just awesome. We had to change our schedule a couple times and the installation schedule was pushed back several times. Each time that I called and requested a change I was treated very professionally, and that meant a lot to us. If I ever know of anyone looking for any workstations, whether it be a replacement or something brand new I would definitely recommend EthoSource.” View a video case study of this project here.
Linda Mathias, Berks Counseling, Reading, PA

“I would highly recommend EthoSource to others. Number 1 the quality is phenomenal and number 2 the follow through, if there are issues, they fixed them to our expectations. Absolutely no stress whatsoever on this job.”View a video case study of the project here.
Barbara Lyngarkos – Director of Operations, Illuminations Inc., West Chester, PA

“It is not very often that I find a business that is as organized, helpful and professional as EthoSource. My experience with your company from the original concept through design delivery and installation was exceptional. You did what you said you would do, on time, every time, at a fair price. In addition, the product is fantastic. I am very pleased with the quality and must say that as far as the look goes, there is nothing used about it. Everything looks new and compliments our office very well. From all of us at Westland, thank you!”
Shawn W. Reeder, WestLand Resources, Inc Tuscon, AZ

“This past summer we expanded our NY office for the third time in five years. The first thought that came to mind when the expansion process began was to once again get in touch with EthoSource. As in the past, they were quick to respond to my questions/concerns and their professional guidance on the layout was an invaluable resource. We are very happy with the job they did, from the design aspect, to the reconfiguration of our existing space, and finally to the installation of the new workstations and work areas. From start to finish, A job. Hopefully in another year or so we are in the position to expand again, and when that day comes there is no question as to who I will call.”
Charles Wirth, MediaMax Network ,Valhalla, NY

“Thanks Ethosource for the wonderful job you did assisting the Chamber with the outfitting of our new office space.  Your staff was very responsive and gave us great advice throughout the process. Going with refurbished office furniture saved us thousands of dollars but didn’t sacrifice that professional atmoshpere we sought. Staff is happy and motivated and the Chamber has the professional look and feel any business would want.  Keep up the good work and thanks for being a member of the Greater Reading Chamber of Commerce and Industry.”
Ellen T. Horan, President and CEO, Greater Reading Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Reading, PA

“Working with EthoSource has been a wonderful experience.  From the sales staff to the project managers, the team at EthoSource has treated us well and have been very helpful with our furniture orders.   We have purchased office furniture from EthoSource over the past few years and based on the great experiences we’ve had with them, we hope to be repeat customers as long as our company continues to grow!  We worked closely with EthoSource on our latest move, which was the biggest move yet for our company.  Brian and Sherri made it so easy in regards to our furniture order.  They both handled our needs and concerns with care and were in constant communication with us, even though there is a 3 hour time difference between us!  Our furniture looks virtually brand new although it’s recycled (which we support!).  I really appreciate EthoSource – their people, their product, really – the whole package.  I will certainly recommend EthoSource to others.  Thank you!”
Charlene Huwe, Executive Assistant, Ruby Receptionists, Portland, Oregon

“Working with Ethosource was smooth since day one. Robert came to pre-construction as well as the kickoff meeting to make sure he was on the same page with all of the other trades. All information that was requested was received within 24 hours. Robert handled the sales side of the job for install and coordination which went great. The installers also deserve a pat on the back due to the fact they answered all of questions they were asked. I have found most installers reply “I don’t know, call ….”. They knew what needed to be done and did it in a very professional manner. Ethosource did everything they said they were going to do, on the date they said they were going to do it. You guys were great with communication. I will not hesitate to recommend Ethosource in the future.”
Commercial Real Estate Broker, Greater Philadelphia, PA

“Ethosource did an amazing job with Bike New York’s cubicles. It was a very difficult project but with persistence, creativity and hard work, Ethosource managed to get us a beautiful, high-quality and environmentally-friendly system at a very good price.   They were very detail oriented and a pleasure to work with.  I highly recommend them.”
Ken Podizba, President and CEO, Bike New York, New York

“We received the 5 Equa Stools yesterday and they exceeded every expectation! Thanks so much for making that happen. You guys did an awesome job in every aspect of the transaction. If we have additional needs I’m sure we’ll want to work with you again.”
Michael Seaton, CEO, The C2 Group, Grandville, MI

“The thought of furnishing our entire lawfirm was such a daunting task to think about, but when we first met with Bob at EthoSource all our pressure was just taken away. It was very easy, manageable, stress free and really just fun.” View a video of the project.
Emily C Camtasia Studio 8

Forrey, Brubaker Connaughton Goss Lucarelli LLC, Lancaster, PA

Estate Sale Services Liquidations by Riverzedge -McAllen .

Riverzedge RGV Estate Sales provides estate sale services and liquidations. In addition, we conduct moving sales and down-sizing sales. Our estate sale services area includes the entire Rio Grande Valley (RGV), from Rio Grande City to McAllen, Harlingen, Brownsville and South Padre Island.

In fact, we are one of the foremost estate sale services in the RGV.

Estate sales are our forte, for many reasons!

First, we have an outstanding team. Riverzedge RGV Estate Sales is a husband and wife partnership. Our employees are hand-picked professionals. All team members are life-long RGV residents. As a result, we have a unique perspective on the  market in the Rio Grande Valley.

Together, we have many years of experience in estate sales services. For example, we have liquidated the estates of our own parents. Also, we owned an antiques store in McAllen. We have invaluable knowledge of collectibles and high-end furnishings. Simply put, we understand the market and culture in the RGV.

Next, we recognize that liquidating the estate of a family member can be overwhelming. We know that people often have sentimental attachments to certain items. Moreover, we understand the complexities of making decisions when several family members are involved in the estate liquidation. Let our knowledge and experience guide you through this.

Without doubt, we have conducted many estate sales successfully; our testimonial page is just a sampling of that.  We have conducted estate sales in McAllen, Harlingen, Brownsville and most of the towns in between. We’ve done fine, high-quality estate sales and rustic farm estate sales and all types in-between. No sale is too big or too small, no two estate sales are ever alike–and we’ve handled them all! From the ranch lands of Rio Grande City, to the historic streets of Harlingen, to the balmy resacas of Brownsville, we have the knowledge and experience for your estate sale and your market.

Finally, you can rely on us for realistic prices on all items. This helps maximize profits. And of course, during the estate liquidation setup, we will point out any exceptional items that you may want to  keep.

Our commitment is to provide the best estate sale services.

Ultimately, our commitment to all clients is to serve with the utmost respect, expediency and honesty, making your transition easy and stress-free.  Simply put, we are the premier estate sale company in the Rio Grande Valley!

Need a personal property appraisal for tax purposes or to settle an estate We can help with that, too! As certified personal property appraisers, Andrew and Jane can provide a fair market value of your estate for tax or re-sell purposes. This is a service that is separate from the estate sale services. No other liquidation company in the RGV can offer this two-fold expertise Massive Dubstep Collection

We serve the Rio Grande Valley and can handle your estate sale/liquidation, moving sale, or down-sizing sale; contact us by email or give us a call at 956-279-9445!

Copper State Auctions - Certified Estate Sale Service .

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RE: Further distribution

5 Jan '17

Many thanks for that PPJ

RE: Further distribution

5 Jan '17

Many thanks for that PPJ

RE: Further distribution

5 Jan '17

I have had e.mail from EY. Subject to clearance by HMRC, final distribution will be "in the region of 8p per ordinary share".

Further distribution

30 Dec '16

Received into my account today a further 5p distribution. By my reckonning I was expecting a further 8p per share so still hoping for that but have not read anything from the liquidators yet.

Fourth Distribution

30 Dec '16

EY sent out cheques for 5p per ordinary share yesterday. Still approx 8p more to come!

RE: distribution

18 Oct '16

I have a copy:As you are aware, on 7 January 2016 the Shareholders of Pure Wafer plc passed resolutions to place the Company into members’ voluntary liquidation and to appoint Samantha Jane Keen and I as Joint Liquidators. I refer to my letter dated 30 June 2016 and I write to provide a further update to the shareholders of the Company on the progress of the liquidation. Third Distribution I can confirm recent receipt of Company funds which were being held in ESCROW relating to the sale of the Company’s subsidiary Pure Wafer Inc. As such I intend to make a third interim distribution to shareholders within the next five business days and I expect the distribution to be 4p per share. This will bring total distributions in the liquidation to date to 175p per share. You might recall that in the Circular dated 11 December 2015, the board of directors anticipated that the Joint Liquidators will make a total distributions of up to 188 pence per share and I am pleased to confirm that it is still anticipated that total distributions by the conclusion of the liquidation should be on or around 188 pence and more details in relation to factors which affect this appear below. Outstanding matters We are in protracted correspondence with HM Revenue so that acts as the cutoff date


11 Jan '16

Morning all.
Was there a 'cut off' date that you were require to be a shareholder to be entitled to the payout

Forget the market jitters

9 Jan '16

PUR will deliver cash in January, February and, hopefully, September. Wonderful!

RE: liquidation

7 Jan '16

All votes passed. We can now expect payments in a few days, then February and a final after all loose ends completed; probably September Microsoft word keygen 2007 to 2010!!!!!!!


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