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Read more Windows on the Water Restaurant and Bar in Morro Bay, California. Consistently rated as one of the best restaurants in Morro Bay, Windows on the Water has become a .,The first French Webradio live from Paris, France,Given that we are building a French style house, we are using casement windows. Casement windows are hinged on the side and swing open (as seen above), either inward .

Read more It’s that great time of the week again where we all come here to see a new “Beautiful Homes of Instagram” and “meet” a new homeowner. I keep .,2.4m Followers, 678 Following, 7,083 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from Cosmopolitan (@cosmopolitan),33.6k Followers, 1,052 Following, 792 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from Le HuffPost (@lehuffpost)

Read more French Doors Brisbane has the largest range of preloved french doors in Brisbane. We also stock entrance doors, hallway, back doors and a range of windows.,2.4m Followers, 678 Following, 7,083 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from Cosmopolitan (@cosmopolitan),This bedroom is so light and bright and airy and is totally French vintage with the curvy furniture, chandelier and antique armoire. A must see!

Instagram crossed 600 million users and it reached the last 100 million in just a matter of six months, as reported by Instagram. This leaves no doubt to why Instagram is the fastest growing social networking website in the world. Also, according to a survey, Instagram is the most popular social network among teenagers. Below you will come across the best Instagram accounts for men to follow in 2018, to make your life interesting.

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The most popular photo and video sharing social network is full of stunning photography, jaw-dropping opulent videos and wondrous visuals to make you drool at the first sight. From fitness freaks posting workout videos to millionaire entrepreneurs sharing photos of their lavish living, Instagram is the hottest destination to get in touch with your favorite brands, celebrities and users on a personal level.  Below are some of the best Instagram accounts to follow for men:

Best Instagram Accounts for Men to Follow:

Best Entrepreneurship Instagram Accounts for Men:

If you are an entrepreneur or a businessman, then these are some of the top Instagram accounts to follow:

1) Fun Artica

This is my personal favorite Instagram account to motivate and inspire entrepreneurs around the world. On this Instagram account, you will see images with motivational quotes and videos to inspire young entrepreneurs during their startup journey. Apart from motivational images, you will come across some useful and much needed business tips and insights to succeed in the world of business.

2)  Entrepreneur

This is the official Instagram account of the Entrepreneur website. On their Instagram account, you will see images of real life entrepreneurs who have excelled in their arena and a short snippet of the QnA session in the caption. If you read the caption, you will come to know how these entrepreneurs made their first sale and the platforms they leveraged to increase their sales.

3) Millionaire Mentor

This is the coolest Instagram account for entrepreneurs. The quotes, the fonts, the imagery and the 80/20 image to text style of creatives are awe-inspiring. On their Instagram account, you will mostly see images of successful men, revving supercars, sexy babes, opulent private jets, hoards of cash and all the materialistically pleasurable bling-bling.

4) Secret Entourage

This is the best Instagram account for entrepreneurs. On their Instagram account, you will see videos of the owner of Secret Entourage giving valuable business tips and advices. Apart from videos, you will see motivational images for entrepreneurs. This is a must follow Instagram account for men who aspire to become entrepreneurs in the future. Their Instagram account is the extension of their website: Secret Entourage – the most resourceful and the best website for aspiring entrepreneurs.

5) Grant Cardone

This is the official Instagram account of Grant Cardone – American author of best selling business books like ‘The 10X  Rule’ ‘Sell or be Sold’. He is also a motivational speaker, real estate mogul and a sales trainer.’ He is one helluva entrepreneur you need to follow on Instagram. He’s got swag, he’s got vibe and the attitude that will make you want to follow him.

6) Patrick Bet David

You might be knowing Patrick by his famous video – ‘The Life of an Entrepreneur in 90 Seconds’ which garnered a lot of buzz in the digital world. Patrick Bet David is an American entrepreneur, motivator and financial adviser. His Instagram account is full of motivational quotes.

7) Foundr

Foundr is a digital magazine for entrepreneurs and startup founders. Their Instagram account is an extension of their website. They have a simplistic and minimalistic approach towards creating motivational creatives to inspire entrepreneurs. Apart from motivational images, you will see videos of the latest issue of their digital magazine.

Best Super Car Instagram Accounts for Men:

If you drool at the sight of super cars, these are some of the best super car Instagram accounts you need to follow:

1) Lamborghini

This is the official Instagram account of Automobili Lamborghini S.p.A. – an Italian luxury sports car and SUV’s brand from Sant’Agata Bolognese, Italy. This is a must follow Instagram account for men who drool at the sight of a Lamborghini. On their Instagram account, you will see images of various Lamborghini models like Aventador, Huracan, Miura, etc and videos of Super Trofeo, Winter Accademia and Squadra Corse. Sometimes, they also post images of engines, interior and exterior view of a Lamborghini.

2) Bugatti

This is the official Instagram account of Bugatti – a French car manufacturer brand of high performance and luxurious sports cars. Bugatti super cars are known for their speed, opulence and ultimate status symbol. On their Instagram account, you will see behind-the-scene images of their factory in Molsheim, latest Bugatti Chiron and it’s plush interiors.

3) Rolls Royce Cars

Rolls Royce is a British manufacturer and distributer of royally luxurious cars. On their Instagram account, you will see videos of their latest model Rolls Royce Wraith and 1×2 grid images of the various RR models like Phantom, Ghost, Wraith and Dawn. Their Instagram feed appears very royal and classy.

4) Maserati

Maserati is an Italian luxury car manufacturer founded in Bologna and now headquartered in Modena. Maserati cars are easily recognizable by their famous trident symbol. On their Instagram page, you will see images of the different models of Maserati like Levante, Quattroporte, Ghibli, 3500GT and MC12. You will rarely see videos on their Instagram account.

5) Porsche

This is the official Instagram account of Porsche AG – a German manufacturer of high end sports cars, sedans and SUVs. On their Instagram account, you will see images of all the Porsche models ever built like 918 Spyder, 911 Turbo, 550 Sypder, 911 Carrera GTS, Panamera, Cayenne, 911 RSR, 356 SL Coupe, 718 RSK.

Best Private Jet Instagram Accounts for Men:

1) Gulf Stream Aero

This is the official Instagram account of Gulf Stream. You must have seen Gulf Stream private jets in music videos such as ‘Like a G6 – Far East Movement’ and ‘Tyga – Make it Work’. Gulf Stream private jets are very popular among celebrities, multi-millionaires and billionaires. On their Instagram account, you will see various Gulf Stream aircrafts like G650ER, G650, G600, G500, G550 and G280 maneuvering mid-air, landing or taking-off.

2) Club Jet Set

This is a dope Instagram account for private jet lovers. You will see world’s most technologically-advanced business jets from different aero manufacturers like Gulf Stream, Dassault, Bombardier and Lear Jet. Their Instagram feed is full of private jets beside sports cars, private jets flying over exotic islands, luxurious interiors of private jets and private jets taking off or landing. This is one of the best Instagram account to follow for men who crave about private jets.

3) Jet Smarter

Jet Smarter is a private community of shared jet travelers. They have an app which allows you to book your charter jet or share your private jet trip with other members of the community. On their Instagram account, you will see members of Jet Smarter community giving candid poses inside private jets, posing while on-boarding the private jet and videos of celebrities like Serena Williams, Paris Hilton, Cindy Crawford, etc. sharing their private jet flying experience using the Jet Smarter app.

4) Bombardier Jets

This is the official Instagram profile of Bombardier jets – A Canadian multinational aerospace company. Bombardier’s family of business jets comprises of light business jets (Learjet), medium business jets (Challenger) and large business jets (Global). On their Instagram page, you will mostly see images of the brand ambassador of Bombardier jets – Mr. Lewis Hamilton. They rarely upload videos on their Instagram channel. Apart from that, they upload images of Bombardier jets parked in hangar, flying mid-air, landing and taking-off.

Best Lifestyle Instagram Account for Men:

1) The Billionaire’s Club

If you crave about the extravagant lifestyle of a billionaire, then this is the best Instagram account to follow. From dope mansions with infinity pools to exotic supercars, from royal Ace of Spades champagne to classy Hex-Ties, from resplendent watches to finest Cohiba cigars, this Instagram account covers everything you need to possess to experience the royal and lavish lifestyle of a billionaire.

2) Ridiculous Lifestyle

Their Instagram bio says – “Where Business Meets Pleasure” and so is reflected in their Instagram account. If you want to experience the ridiculous lifestyle of millionaires, then you need to follow their Instagram account. Their Instagram feed is full of semi-naked babes, ultra-expensive supercars, sumptuous mansions, hordes of cash, gold macrame bracelets, diamond studded watches and tropical getaway destinations.

Following are some more lifestyle related Instagram accounts worth following: Millionaire Lifestyle, Lifestyle Miami, Rich Lifestyle Global, Luxury Life Style Magazine.

Best Fitness Instagram Accounts for Men:

1) Mens Health Mag

Mens Health Mag is the no. 1 resource for actionable tips and expert advice on fitness, health, relationships, nutrition, recipes, career and weight loss. Their Instagram account is the extension of their website. You will see more of videos and less of images. On their Instagram account, you will watch videos of different exercises, preparation of nutritional meals, workout motivation, running drills and gym challenges.

2) Men with Health

This Instagram account posts extreme exercise videos like 260kg deadlift, 23.9 mph treadmill run, planking with 460 lbs of weight, rigorous calisthenic workouts, advanced parkour training, burpees, high box jumps, under-water fast feet training, taekwondo 720˚ triple kicks, running parachute resistance training, acro yoga, battle ropes, kickboxing, aggressive tire flipping workout routine, hurdle jumpover drills. This is a must follow Instagram account for fitness freaks and workout junkies.

3) Body Building Com

This is the coolest looking Instagram account for fitness enthusiasts. On their Instagram account, you will see workout videos like Barbell Deadlift, V-Bar Pulldown, T-Bar Row, Dumbbell Lying Rear Lateral Raise, Straight-Arm Pulldown from popular fitness instructors like Kris Gethin, Jessie Hilgenberg, Hannah Eden, Ashley Horner, Brooke Erickson, Alex Silver etc.

Best Luxury Watch Instagram Accounts for Men:

1) Watch Anish

If you splurge on collecting big dial watches from different luxury watch brands, then you need to follow this Instagram account. Their Instagram account is full of opulent and resplendent watches from brands like MBandF, Arnold Son, Christophe Claret, Bovet Fleurier, Hublot, Tag Huer, Urwerk Geneve, Rado, Montblanc etc. The close-up solo shot of watches, watches worn while driving supercars and in various amazing situations  adds to the visual appeal of this Instagram account.

2) Audemars Piguet

This is the official Instagram account of Audemars Piguet – A swiss luxury watch manufacturer. Most of their watches have a complex mechanical look and are composed of materials like gold, diamond, platinum and sport various complications like split-second chronographs, perpetual calendar with leap years and moon phase. You will also see videos of the assembly, cleaning and testing process of this luxury watch on their Instagram account.

3) Hublot

This is the official Instagram account of Hublot – A luxury swiss watch manufacturer which has speciality in the fusion of traditional and cutting edge watch design. On their Instagram page, you will see closeups of this beautifully hand-crafted watch and videos showcasing the timeless masterpiece it is.

4) Watch Fashionista

This is an alternate account of Watch Anish. On this Instagram profile, you will not only see luxury watches for men, but you will also see classy luxurious watches for women as well. This profile is full of bling-bling, trendy and luxurious watches from brands like Rolex, Franck Muller, Cartier, Patek Philippe, Bulgari Serpenti, Van Cleef Arpels, etc. and is a visual treat to the eyes.

5) Christophe Claret

This is the most beautiful Instagram account for luxury watch lovers. The designs of Christophe Claret watches are class-apart. On their Instagram page, you will come across following 4 of their timepiece collections – Traditional, Extreme, Gaming and Ladies.  Except for the Extreme collection,  all Christophe Claret watches have a big round dial. This is a must follow Instagram account for men who love luxurious designer watches.

6) Tag Heuer

Tag Heuer is a Swiss manufacturer of high end watches. Apart from watches, they manufacture and market eyewear, mobile phones and fashion accessories. Their watches have a very decent, round and simple design. On their Instagram account, you will mostly see close-ups of their round shaped watches and videos of their campaign #DontCrackUnderPressure.

7) Bovet Fleurier

Bovet Fleurier is a Swiss manufacturer of luxury watches ranging between $18K – $2.5M. On their Instagram account, you will see following 7 different collections namely – 19Thirty, Fleurier, Fleurier Complications, Fleurier Grandes Complications, Pininfarnia, Sportster, Dimier and Special Ladies Timepieces. One of the notable feature of this horological device is that they been designed to defy gravity with the help of tourbillons. Their Instagram feed looks classy and outstanding. This is also one of the must follow Instagram account for men who love luxurious watches.

8) Maximilian Busser and Friends

Maximilian Busser and Friends is a Swiss manufacturer of luxury watches.  On their Instagram account, you will see following 3 watch collections – Horological Machines, Legacy Machines and Performance Art (Limited Addition Watches). MBF watch designs are never-seen-before and simply outstanding. You definitely need to check out their stunning watch designs on their Instagram account.

Following are some more cool Instagram accounts for luxury watch lovers: Arnold and Son, Urwerk Geneve, Jacob and Co, Bomberg These are some of the best Instagram accounts for men to follow in 2018. The above Instagram accounts were hand-picked based on their popularity and interest level. If you know about some interesting Instagram accounts to add to this list, please let us know in the comment section Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate 6 0 2 2 Crack

Cosmopolitan (cosmopolitan) • Instagram photos and videos

I am so happy to be featuring Bethany, from @bma_21, on “Beautiful Homes of Instagram” today.  I am happy to have her here, not only because she is very talented and someone you really should be following on Instagram, but also because I feel that we can learn from the way she decorates her spaces.

As you will see here, this home features the latest trends without being tacky and, forgive me, but I am finding this to be a rare thing these days, especially on Instagram. You will often find a beautiful home that has too much of a good thing! You might love a new trend, an interior style, but I personally feel that it is so important to know when to stop before it becomes too much. Bethany’s home feels collected and balanced, nothing is missing and nothing needs to come out. Are you ready to get inspired

Hi there! My husband, Brian, and I have been married for nine years and we have two fur babies Dexter (seven-year-old Boxer) and Spencer (one-year-old German Shorthair Pointer). We are both native Texans and are happy to call Rockwall our home.

Our build was completed in July of 2017 and took much longer than anticipated. However, I will say that even though doing a fully custom build had its challenges, it was worth it in the end to get exactly what we wanted. We loved being able to design all aspects of our home including the floor plan and elevation. We had every imaginable option available to us (budget pending of course) when it came down to selecting finishes for our home which I will admit was a bit intimidating. Luckily, I got a lot of inspiration from others on Instagram and Pinterest. Our goal when making design selections was to not only create a style that fits us, but that was also warm and inviting to our guests.

We are situated on 2.1 acres in a mature subdivision with large, spaced out lots which was one of our must-haves when looking for a place to build. And of course, our pups love having plenty of room to run and play! We love the feel of the country, but are only about a ten-minute drive from town.

At this time, I won’t be sharing any full exterior views of our home since our landscaping is not yet installed. Spring cannot get here fast enough so we can get to work on it. In the meantime, I’ll start out with a view of our front entry.

Beautiful Homes of Instagram

Exterior Brick: Rockwall CBC

Stone: Oklahoma Chopped

Front Door: Knotty Alder, 6 lite – Flemish Glass

Doormat: here – similar here


The front door opens to a welcoming foyer with beautiful decor. The paint color is Sherwin Williams Repose Gray.

Console Table: Uttermost Stratford

Lamps: Kirklands

Arch Wall Décor: Pier 1

Magnolia Wreath: Décor Steals – similar here.

Dining Room

Bethany’s dining room is beyond gorgeous! I love the French chandelier and the grey walls, also painted in Sherwin Williams Repose Gray.

Table: Restoration Hardware – Willems Aged Elm 72” – no longer available – similar here here.

Chairs: Nebraska Furniture Mart – similar here (set of 2).


Chandelier: Quorum 6006-6-70 Salento 6 Light 32” Persian White Chandelier

Buffet: Uttermost Sophie Cabinet

Mirror and lamps: Kirklands


Besides being timeless, this white kitchen with grey walls, feature a very inspiring layout.

Barstools: Target

Kitchen Lighting

I completely fell in love with these island pendant lights and had them stashed away in storage long before we ever even designed this space. I guess you could say we ended up designing our kitchen around them and we couldn’t be happier with how it turned out.

Island Pendants: Olsen 3 light in Chrome finish

Backsplash Tile

Backsplash: Daltile M313 Contempo White Marble 3×6 tile laid in a subway pattern with herringbone feature for the pot-filler.

Grout color: Platinum

Range: Kitchen Aid Professinoal 36” six burner gas cooktop

Pot-filler: Fatsani Retractable wall mount pot filler in Chrome –

Cabinet Paint Color

Cabinet Paint Color: Sherwin Williams Pure White

Countertops: Superwhite Quartzite

Hardwood Floor

Kitchen hardwood floor is Kentwood engineered hardwoods. Style: Oak Iron Springs Color: Wild Thing

A butler’s pantry is located between the kitchen and dining room.

I am obsessed about kitchen runners!!! Here are some beautiful ones: Here (same as above), Here, Here, Here, Here, Here, Here, Here Here.

Butler’s Pantry

The butler’s pantry has the same elements found in the kitchen: SW Pure White cabinets, Marble backsplash, and Superwhite quartzite countertops.

Kitchen Hardware: Jeffrey Alexander Durham collection in chrome

Follow Me!

“Hello, everyone… please, let me lead you this way…”

I am in love with Bethany’s “fur babies”.

Island Dimension

Island Dimensions: 4’ x 8’

Farmhouse Sink: 36” Risinger 60/40 offset bowl fireclay farmhouse sink – smooth apron – white – similar Here Here.

Faucet: Bellevue Bridge Faucet in Chrome – similar Here, Here, Here, Here Here.

Breakfast Nook

Repose Gray by Sherwin Williams is one of the most popular paint colors by Sherwin Williams.

Trim: Sherwin Williams Pure White

Table: Restoration Hardware 48” Dumont Round in Aged Elm – similar here 48″ here 60″.

Chairs: Nebraska Furniture Mart – similar here.


Chandelier: Allen Roth Mediterranean Candle Chandelier in Light Brushed Nickel

Buffet: Local find

Mirror: Lamps Plus

Living Room

Paint Color: Sherwin Williams Repose Gray

Trim: Sherwin Williams Pure White

Rug: 8×10 Nuloom Trellis


I really love how Bethany styles her sectional and her coffee table.

Sectional: Local Custom Order

Coffee Table

Coffee Table: Dovetail- similar here

Corner Fireplace

The living room features a corner fireplace and built-in media cabinets.

Fireplace Surround: Floor Décor – Rock Ridge Glacier Split Face Quartzite


I love the two-story windows in here since they let in so much natural light. With that being said, we decided to forgo plantation shutters in this space and instead opted for Hunter Douglas remote controlled Linen Roman Shades which I highly recommend.

Tufted Arm Chairs: Joss Main

Side Table: Joss Main


We knew we wanted vaulted ceilings with wood beams to make this space feel as open and airy as possible.

Chandelier: Park Hill Collection Bailey Chandelier

Drop Zone

This area is the entry point from our garage and from it you can easily access the laundry room, powder bath, our master bedroom, and kitchen.

Desk Countertops: Superwhite Quartzite

Mudroom Bench

The mud bench is the perfect landing spot for coats, bags, etc. Mud Bench: Custom – Sherwin Williams Pure White


We have always wanted a bigger pantry, so I of course jumped at the opportunity to design this space with a little help from Pinterest. This space is directly across from our wine area in our butler pantry and features small double doors that open out. I knew I wanted cabinets that I could store appliances and entertaining pieces in. And I love how the cabinets keep everything looking nice and tidy!

Cabinet Paint Color: Sherwin Williams Pure White

Countertops: Carrera Marble

Baskets: Target

Can Organizer: The Container Store

Oxo Pop Top Storage Containers: The Container Store

Laundry Room

We put a ton of thought into designing this space since we wanted it to function as both a laundry room and space for our beloved pups. Having larger dogs, it has always been a struggle to get them in/out of the bathtub to bathe them which prompted the idea for a dog shower which also doubles as a great place to wash your muddy shoes, etc. Our sweet boys go right into the shower without any hesitation and seem to like it much better than the tub.

Paint Color: Sherwin Williams Repose Gray

Dog Shower Floor tile: Daltile Matte White 6501 w/44 gray glass dot

Dog Shower Subway Tile: Daltile Rittenhouse Square Desert Gray 3×6

Dog Shower Faucet: Nottingham Hand Shower with Slide Bar

Sweet Dreams

In the past, we’ve always had two large dog kennels in our master bedroom which was a bit of an eye sore so we are loving these built-in kennels that are space savers.

Dog Crates: Fully Custom

Cabinet Paint Color: Sherwin Williams Pure White

Countertops: Carrera Marble

Floor Tile: Mono Serra Silk Steel 12×24

Home Office

Paint Color: Sherwin Williams Dovetail Gray


Bookshelves: Custom – Sherwin Williams Pure White

Desk: Pottery Barn

Rug: Genuine Cow hide

Chair: World Market

Guest Bathroom

Sherwin Williams Dorian Gray – Cabinet Paint Color.

Wall Paint Color: Sherwin Williams Repose Gray

Wall Sconces: Savoy House Monroe in Polished Nickel

Countertops: Carrera Marble

Mirror: Uttermost

Master Bedroom

The master bedroom features a grey paint color, Sherwin Williams Repose Gray.

Rug: 8×10 Satara Edison Nickel

Chandelier: Savoy House Etesian 8 Light Air Ionizing Fandelier


This is Spencer, everyone…. isn’t he adorable

Bed: Curations Limited Meridian Queen Bed

Nightstands: Restoration Hardware – Empire Rosette 38” Closed Nightstand

Lamps: Home Goods

Bedding: Bassett Furniture

Master Closet

This space was my absolute favorite to design since I have always dreamed of having a closet with an island and chandelier! 

Island countertop: Carrera Marble

Cabinet Paint Color

I drew my plan to scale on grid paper and did sidebar drawings of how I wanted the shelves, etc. to be spaced and our builder had his trim guys make it come to life.

Paint Color: Sherwin Williams Pure White


Who wouldn’t love to have this much space for shoes!

Closet Chandelier

We couldn’t be happier with how this space turned out and love all of the added storage that our island provides (the hubs and I each got one side of it).

Chandelier: West Elm

Master Bathroom

I instantly fell in love with these wood mirrors. I love that they bring in the color of the wood floors in our bedroom and warm the space up a bit.

Mirrors: Uttermost Agustin

Wall Sconces: Savoy House

Paint Color: Sherwin Williams Repose Gray

Cabinet Paint Color: Sherwin Williams Pure White

Countertops: Carrera Marble

Floor tile: Daltile Intensity Pebble VL72 12×24

Rug: 4×6 Rugs USA


Shower Wall Tile: Bianco Carrara Marble 6×12

Shower Floor Tile: Bianco Carrara Marble Hexagon Mosaic

Shower System: Ryle Dual Wall-Mount Rainfall Shower System with Hand-Shower Body Sprays in Chrome

Cabinet Hardware: Jeffrey Alexander Durham collection in chrome

Bath Nook

And I must say that this tub is a dream! I have always been a fan of soaking tubs and have long dreamed of having either a clawfoot or pedestal tub with a vintage telephone faucet and chandelier.

Bathtub: 66” Aiden Cast Iron Double-Ended Pedestal Tub

Tub Faucet: Vintage Tub – English Telephone Faucet in Chrome

Chandelier: Crystorama Solaris 4 Light Chandelier in Olde Silver

Make sure to follow @bma_21 on Instagram to see more pictures of her home and you can shop her decor here.

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