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Download Circle demo - Future Audio Workshop

Pinecrest High School graduate Bradley Gibson is working on his roar as he takes over the role of Simba in the long-running Broadway production of “The Lion King this week.

Gibson, who was raised in Aberdeen, says that the opportunity to be a part of “The Lion King” came at a time in his life when he was absolutely looking for a new endeavor.

“I was about six months into my second year at ‘A Bronx Tale,” and while I was incredibly happy, the idea of doing something new, and something that would challenge me as an artist was very appealing,” he says. “I wanted to, of course, keep taking steps forward in my career, but also to do work that allowed me to grow as an artist and performer.”

Gibson, after talking with his agents, came to the decision that pursuing “The Lion King” was a smart move.

“After about a week of auditions and callbacks, I was offered the role of Simba in the Broadway company,” he says.

Gibson says playing Simba is very different from playing the role of Tyrone in “A Bronx Tale.”

“‘The Lion King’ is Simba’s story really, so when I’m on stage, it’s my job to steer the ship and make sure that I am taking the audience on Simba’s journey,” he says. “Playing Simba is also incredibly physical. All the characters in ‘The Lion King’ are animals, so part of the job is doing movements and choreography that gives the essence and look of a lion.”

Gibson says that on Broadway, they do eight shows a week.

“So that means some days you are doing it twice,” he says. “The schedule isn’t easy and requires a lot of self-care. Because of this I have to make sure to work out, do yoga or meditation, take voice lessons, eat well, drink tons of water and get plenty of sleep!”

“The Lion King” opened in 1997 in the New Amsterdam Theatre and continues to run in the Minskoff Theatre, where it moved in 2006. The familiar songs from the show were written by Sir Elton John (music) and Sir Tim Rice (lyrics). Additional music has been added.

“Leaving ‘A Bronx Tale’ for ‘Lion King’ was incredibly exciting, but also incredibly sad,” says Gibson. “I was an original cast member of ‘A Bronx Tale,’ and our company really became a big family. Being in a Broadway show, you create such strong bonds with your coworkers. I love and have extreme respect for every cast member, dresser, stagehand and usher in that theater.”

Gibson credits Adam Faw, who has been theater instructor at Pinecrest since the early 2000s for teaching him that important lesson about respect.

“When I think about my time at Pinecrest and with Mr. Faw, one thing that really sticks out to me is how he always made sure that his students respected the theater, and everyone who was working on a show,” he says. “It takes so many people to make a show happen, and every individual is so important. There are actors, stage management, stagehands, wardrobe, ushers, and security! It’s so much more than just you, so everyone is important, and everyone should be treated with kindness and respect.”

Bradley Gibson in the role of The Beast in the Pinecrest Players’ production of "Beauty and the Beast”

Raised in Aberdeen, Gibson made his stage debut in third grade, honing his skills in Arts Council productions for children, then progressing to plays in middle and high school. He took dance lessons and worked on developing his vocal abilities.

“I always think of my dance teacher Gary Taylor, and his wife, Rita,” says Gibson. “The two of them were also so kind, and they care so much about their dance studio. Gary exposed me to different styles of dance, gave me technique, and how to use my body on stage. He also showed me that being a performer means that you are an athlete, so that requires dedication and tons of training.”

Faw says that Gibson came into his class as a freshman in his third year of teaching.

“I could see that he was extremely talented as a triple threat — acting, singing and dancing,” he says. “When he decided he wanted to do this for a living and go to school for musical theater, I knew he had a shot, and I was very hopeful and optimistic.”

Gibson earned his bachelor’s degree in fine arts in musical theater at Boston Conservatory.

Faw says that Gibson’s success has come quickly.

“He had booked his first Broadway show, “Rocky,” soon after he graduated from college, maybe within a month or two,” Faw says.

Gibson played the role of Swing in “Rocky” on Broadway, when he also understudied the role of Apollo Creed, before taking on the role of Tyrone in “A Bronx Tale.”

“I am not surprised that he’s made it to Broadway,” says Faw. “He has always had the talent and work ethic to make it. I don’t know that I every could have imagined how quickly he would have had this level of success. To be honest, though, it can’t have happened to a more deserving person.”

According to Gibson’s mother, Tangela Fate, “The Lion King” was one of the first movies she took Gibson to see when he was a little boy.

“I had to buy every Disney VHS tape on the day it came out,” she says. “For him to be able to play a role from ‘The Lion King’ on Broadway is just a dream come true.”

Fate plans to take Gibson’s grandmother and aunt to New York in August to see the play.

“The rest of the family will probably go in the spring,” she says, “but I can’t wait.”

Gibson says he remembers that even at the age of 4, that Disney film made a lasting impression on him.

“I remember seeing my Mom love it, and being so in awe of the songs and characters,”

When the Pinecrest Choir visited New York City during Gibson’s junior year, they saw the Broadway show.

“I was so moved and excited to see so many people of color on a Broadway stage doing exactly what I dreamed of, and seeing an African-American man play the lead role of Simba made me feel worthy,” he says. “It gave me hope for my future and what could be if I pushed myself and work extremely hard.”

Faw says that he fully expects to see Gibson nominated for a Tony Award before much longer.

“I look forward to seeing him on that stage giving his acceptance speech,” he says.

Gibson says that in many ways, he considers playing Simba and joining “The Lion King” to be a “full circle of life moment.”

“I fee like God is showing me that I am exactly where I am supposed to be, that I am capable, that I am on the right path, and that I am truly standing in my purpose.”

Contact Faye Dasen at [email protected] or [email protected] Setup v1.2

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We pride ourselves on delivering professional first aid training whilst putting you at ease so that you will feel confident refreshed at the end of your course.

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Local historian Alan Bridwell interviewed Stella Lent who fondly recalled the years she lived in Johnson City and her love for working at the John Sevier Hotel.

The 99-year-old resident was born in 1911, the same year as the Titanic tragedy. She and her family arrived in Johnson City in 1928 by train from Beckley, West Virginia and rented a furnished house on Whitney Street from Dr. Carroll Long. Ms. Lent later worked at People’s Drug on Main Street for several years.

Between 1943 and 1963, she was employed at the John Sevier Hotel. She spoke highly of Harry Lee Faw (on whose land the hotel was built) and his wife, Katherine. The old Faw home place later became a boarding house before being demolished to make room for the hotel.  

Initial plans were to construct the hotel in three phases beginning on the north (Southern Depot) side and finishing at the south (Market Street) end. The first phase containing 130 rooms was constructed in 1924. The second phase that added 100 additional rooms was under construction when the Lent family arrived in the city. The third addition was never built. Entrances to the long lobby were on Market Street (south), Roan Street (east) and Fonde Circle (north).

Initially, the hotel rooms were very basic with no frills such as radios, televisions or air conditioning. Stella recalled that room rates were varied: $2.50, $3.00, $5.00 and $8.50 per day. Each had a private bathroom with small tiles on the floor.

Guests had access to a separately owned 110-car parking garage along the west side of the hotel owned by a Mr. Fields. Although there were no covered walkways interconnecting the hotel, train station or garage, passengers could exit the train and be within a short walking distance of the hotel. Bellhops known as “red hats” patrolled the area between the hotel, garage and train station to assist travelers with their luggage.

Ms. Lent recalled that Eleanor Roosevelt lodged at the hotel on three separate occasions, always arriving by train. She conversed with the First Lady on each visit. During one trip, she and her sister went to Soldiers Home and chatted with the special guest about the subject of infantile paralysis, which had infected the president and Stella’s sister. 

When Stella was asked if she heard any stories about Al Capone staying at the hotel, she responded with a strong, “Oh yes!” She based her information on comments related to her from a reliable bellboy who was working there when the gangster and his entourage arrived in 1927. He told her that they rented the entire third floor. They were always very polite, caused no trouble during their stay and left the rooms in the same clean and orderly condition as when they arrived. Stella remembered when the city was called Little Chicago. Downtown merchants often utilized a “door shaker,” a police officer who walked the streets after hours checking each business establishment’s door to ensure it was properly secured.

The old Faw Spring, which had previously been a favorite resting stop for travelers and their horses in the early days of the city, became an aggravation for the hotel after it was built because water had to be continually pumped out of the basement sump. Occasionally, a pump malfunctioned, causing water to flood the basement. Stella said the water would sometimes be ankle-deep in her first floor office.

It was standard procedure for people to make reservations before arriving at the hotel. Sometimes, patrons would stop in for a room only to find that there were none available. The hotel stayed full throughout the war years. Rooms were held until 11 p.m. after which time they were removed from reservation, unless the arrival time was confirmed with the reservation desk clerk.

A humorous incident once occurred concerning room 1820, which had three single beds in it. A man showed up at the desk and requested a room. Since the people reserving it had not arrived yet and it was approaching 11 p.m., the man repeatedly demanded that he be given the room. When Stella refused, he threatened to call his good friend, Judge Samuel Cole Williams to influence her to give him a room. Stella responded, “When you call him, let me speak to him because he is deceased.” That abruptly ended the argument.

Ms. Lent said that the hotel strived to maintain a good reputation by strictly forbidding gambling, prostitution and drunkenness. If hotel management suspected questionable behavior in a room, they checked it out. Sometimes a fight broke out prompting a call for the police to restore order. The hotel maintained a “black list” of people who were not permitted to stay at the hotel because of previous problems She said some well-known residents were on the list. 

Stella loved to work on the hotel’s switchboard, which she deemed was a “great experience.” It consisted of a two position Kellogg board with two rows of jacks directly opposite each other. “When a signal came on,” she said, “the operator could answer on either set, but the rule of thumb was to use the back jack for all guests requesting an outside call. We stayed busy when we worked the switchboard. We had three telephone booths; one was the house phone and the other two were pay phones. Somebody would come up and ask me to ring someone’s room, but we were not permitted to pass along calls from people walking in off the street.”

Despite her age, Stella Lent’s sharp memory and quick wit provided added interesting facts about a once prominent “skyscraper” in downtown Johnson City Windows Me.iso


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