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Atire nos aviões inimigos e derrube todos eles para acabar com o exército adversário. Tenha cuidado ao manobrar o seu avião perto do solo, pois basta um deslize para você perder uma vida. Divida o seu teclado para para enfrentar outro jogador Runtime GetDataBack for FATNTFS 4.30 RU

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In Dogfight 1942, players take to the sky assuming the role of pilots battling the Axis alliance for air supremacy across multiple theaters of war Internet Download Manager (IDM) v6 12 10 3 Full

Featuring more than 20 types of aircraft from both sides of the conflict -- from the fabled P-38 Lightning and Britain’s Spitfire to the feared Messerschmitt 109 and Japanese Kate -- players are challenged with the same missions as real WWII pilots, ranging from bombing runs and dog fights to manning defensive positions such as a gunner on a bomber or anti-aircraft site

Dogfight 1942 System Requirements Can I Run Dogfight .

Italian Regia Aeronautica pilots fought in World War" campaigns throughout the Mediterranean area, in Africa, and, of course, in defense of Italy itself. Some even supported the Luftwaffe in the Battle of Britain.

After the Armistice in September 1943, the new Italian government formed the Co-Belligerent Air Force to aid the Allies; thus, some of the ex-Regia Aeronautica pilots had the remarkable experience of fighting both against and for the Western Allies. Others made their way to northern Italy, where the Republica Sociale Italiana, a new Fascist state, was rapidly building an air force to carryon the resistance.


One of Italy's top-scoring aces of World War II, Franco Lucchini became an ace in Spain while fighting with the Asso di Bastoni (Ace of Clubs) Cruppo. When the war broke out in Africa, he was flying a biplane Fiat C.R.42 with the 4° Stormo and took part in the first aerial engagement with the British in June1940. Fighting throughout the next three years in the desert and over Malta and Sicily, he downed 20 aircraft and was credited with damaging or destroying 52 additional aircraft, most in strafing raids. He was killed while flying a Macchi 202 against an American B-17 raid. He was credited with downing one of the escort fighters before falling prey to the heavy fire of the B-17s.


Adriano Visconti, who flew Macchi 202s in Libya and Tunisia and 205s in Sicily, earned 19 victories while flying with the Regia Aeronautica before the 1943 Armistice. Afterwards, he joined the newly formed RSI air force's 1° Cruppo and, in 1945, became the commander. He claimed another seven victories, tying Lucchini's score of 26. Visconti was murdered in 1945 by Italian anti-Fascist partisans in Milan.


Franco Bordoni-Bisleri's first operations were flown, without success, over the English Channel in a C.R.42 biplane. He began to score after he was sent to support the hard-pressed Italian units in Libya. By early 1941, he had downed four British Blenheim bombers and a fighter. Posted back to Italy, he saw no action until late 1942, when he was returned to Africa. Then during the Axis retreat from EI Alamein, he shot down six fighters and a light bomber.

Shortly afterward he was badly injured in an auto accident and saw no further combat until 1943. Then, he was assigned to Cerveteri, where he flew the new Macchi 205 fighter in defense of Rome against U.S. heavy-bomber attacks. He shot down seven U.S. aircraft, six of which were B-17 Flying Fortresses. His last claim, made less than a week before the armistice, brought his score to 19. Bordoni-Bisleri was the highest scoring Italian ace to survive the war.


The most successful Italian ace in the East African campaign, Mario Visentini, is best known for rescuing his commander, who was forced down after strafing a British airfield. Landing his C.R.42 in British territory beside his commander's aircraft, he quickly threw off his parachute to make room for the commander in the Fiat's cockpit. With the commander safely aboard, Visentini sat in his lap and flew the aircraft back to their base.

Capitano Franco Lucchini (5 in Spain) ……………..

Maggiore Adriano Visconti (7 with RSI) ……………

Sottotenente Leonardo Ferrulli (1 in Spain) ……….

Sergente Maggiore Teresio Martinoli ………………

Capitano Franco Bordoni-Bisleri ……………………

Sergente Luigi Gorrini (4 with RSI) …………………

Capitano Mario Visentini …………………………….

Colonello Mario Bonzano (all in Spain) ……………

Colonello Duilio Fanali ………………………………

Tenente Luigi ………………………………………...

Tenente Adriano Mantelli (all in Spain) ……………

Capitano Mario Bellagambi (all with RSI) ….……..

Capitano Ugo Drago (all with RSI) ………………...

Capitano Vasco Magrini …………………………… Instagram for Windows

Capitano Angelo Mastrogostino ……………………
















Dogfight 1942 -

Two planes and a third object were captured on photos silhouetted against the sky above a patch of desert in Lincoln County, Nevada. Many believe that the dramatic photos show US fighter jets battling a UFO over Area 51, an alleged top-secret alien site.

UFO researchers Tim Doyle and Tracey Su captured the photos while they were camping out 12 miles from the military base.

They claimed that they spotted the two fighters soaring above and they decided to take pictures. Then a third shape appeared when they looked back at the images later.

The pair believed the trio were involved in a plane dogfight.

Tim described the UFO as similar to a triangular unmanned drone because it was probably too small to have a person inside it.

Tim added that it definitely looked as though the three crafts are interacting with each other.

The US Air Force base, located approximately 80 miles from Las Vegas, is thought to be the home of experimental aircraft development and testing.

The CIA only acknowledge its existence after a Freedom of Information request in 2013.

Many conspiracy theorists claim the highly secretive facility has been used for reverse engineering of a crashed alien spacecraft at Roswell in 1947 game booster 3 setup exe

Luftkampf – Wikipedia

The Junkers 86 in flight. It was obsolete by 1942 but a longer winged ‘P’ variant with uprated engines and pressured cabin was capable of 39,000 feet and more.

The prototype Mosquito NF Mark XV, MP469, the former pressurised Mosquito prototype, at Hatfield, Hertfordshire, after modification by the De Havilland Aircraft Company as a high-altitude night fighter by increasing the wingspan, and by fitting Rolls Royce Merlin 61 engines with four-bladed propellers. AI Mark VIII centimetric radar in a ‘thimble’ nose radome and a ventral gun pack housing four .303in machine guns were also added before the aircraft joined the High Altitude flight at Northolt, Middlesex for operational trials.

The arms race continued in all areas of the war. When the high altitude Junkers 86P was seen as a ‘speck of silver’ high above Britain in 1942, countermeasures were needed. It was ‘only’ a reconnaissance aircraft but it could not be allowed to operate unchallenged – the military build up in Britain was now moving up a gear or two.

One of the aircraft adapted to counter it was the Mosquito. The high altitude version was also stripped down of armament, given longer wings and an improved engine. The ace night fighter John Cunningham was one of the first operational pilots to give it a trial flight, in April 1943. His regular Navigator, C.F. Rawnsley, was with him, and wrote a memorable account of their first flight:

I watched the waving wing-tips flexing upward as we started to gather speed for the take-off and after an incredibly short run we were soaring into the air. The altimeter needle was almost spinning around the dial as the earth shrank swiftly away below us.

In two minutes we had passed the ten-thousand foot mark, and in ten minutes we were nearing thirty thousand feet. It would have taken us the best part of forty minutes to climb to that height in our orthodox, heavily-armed Mosquitos, even by flogging the engines hard.

The earth below us began to look remote, a world apart, a faraway pattern of tiny fields and toy lakes and little smudgy scars that puny man called towns. A layer of broken cloud formed the base of our new world, and even that was far below us. We were free in the empty sky, and we could look up into the vast, indigo depths of frozen space.

The small, fierce sun threw harsh shadows on the wing, and as we climbed the sky became darker and darker, and the windows began to frost over until only part of the windscreen and a few patches at the side remained clear. This was all quite different from what I had known of even our fairly regular flights to the higher altitudes of about twenty-five thousand feet. The cabin pressure was at an artificial thirty-two thousand feet, but the altimeter needle, slowing down now, had just passed the mark for forty-three thousand feet.

I became vaguely aware of a slight pounding in my ears, and there was a strange, blinkered feeling around my eyes. Pins and needles ingled in my left knee, and my lungs were pulling heavily, sucking in oxygen. But these things were only incidental, and I was there to do a job. There was another of the Mosquitos about somewhere, and we were to do a radar interception on it.

Up at that height the spinning scanner of the A.I. set never even glanced at that far off earth, and the responses on the cathode ray tube were as clean and as clear as a May morning. Only the firm, sharp arc of the blip from our target showed up, circling the tube and shrinking towards the centre as we drew nearer. If only all our interceptions could be as clean as that one!

John was satisfied, and at his word I looked up from the A.I. set, up and out into the hard, bright glare around us. A dense stream of white vapour was pouring back over our heads, and for a few seconds it seemed to me to be coming from nowhere.

Then, right in front of us, I saw the other aircraft. So perfectly blended were paint and sky that the wings and the fuselage of the Mosquito were only barely visible. The blue paint that on the ground had looked so blatant was now blending perfectly with the deep indigo of the background, and only the dark oil streak beneath each engine Cowling showed up clearly. But behind, of course, the dazzling white vapour trails streamed out for miles.

John turned back on the homeward run and we changed places with the other Mosquito so that they could check their A.I. I looked around, and through the half-frosted windows I could see the sweeping curve of the horizon. It was the first time that I had seen for myself that it really did curve, and that the earth was round.

See C. F. Rawnsley: Night Fighter.

The ‘wooden wonder’ the Mosquito aircraft which served a number of roles. Even in this publicity shot, with a message to ‘Adolf’ chalked on the 4,000lb ‘cookie’ bomb, the nose radar and bombsight has been obliterated by the censor Nero 7 10 1 0 eng full

Read more The arms race continued in all areas of the war. When the high altitude Junkers 86P was seen as a ‘speck of silver’ high above Britain in 1942 .,Looking for details on a RAF officer not listed here yet Just e-mail me, and I might be able to help out. Of course, any additions, corrections etc. can also be e-mailed,Jogar Dogfight The Great War, um jogo online gratis de aviao, dois jogadores, tiro, guerra e dogfight. Dogfight The Great War: Atire nos.

Read more Результаты поиска,Wer nicht wei, wohin er will, der darf sich nicht wundern, wenn er ganz woanders ankommt (Mark Twain),Geschichte Entwicklung im Ersten Weltkrieg. Bereits im Ersten Weltkrieg erwies sich im Luftkampf die Position am Heck des Gegners als beste Ausgangsposition fur .

Read more Wer nicht wei, wohin er will, der darf sich nicht wundern, wenn er ganz woanders ankommt (Mark Twain),Jogar Dogfight SIM, um jogo online gratis de guerra, aviao, tiro, simulador e voar. Dogfight SIM: Entre na pele de um experiente piloto de.,Welcome to the Military Gallery, publishers of Robert Taylor, Nicolas Trudgian, Simon Atack, and other leading aviation, marine, and military artists

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