Corel Painter X3 2013 Английский скачать . Corel Painter 12 Windows


前几天,一个朋友玩漫画,说系统升级了,以前装的Corel Painter 也要升级,要我帮她找下软件下载地址,最好是Corel Painter 12 汉化版的。于是就在茫茫网海中寻找,果然功夫不负有心人。找到了一款Corel Painter 12 中文版。测试之后一切OK。顺便也在win7 64位测试 也支持。

PS:Corel Painter 12 破解版下载,顶级的仿自然绘画软件,专用于数码素描与绘画工具,拥有全面和逼真的仿自然画笔。


首先下载Corel Painter 12 完整版,

原链接被百度删除了, 所以创建了一个加密的链接:

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Corel Painter 12 完整版以及Corel Painter 12注册机下载地址:

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点”立即安装” 之后:

parinter 12



parinter 12 注册机

各位是不是有点眼熟呢?Croel Painter 12 注册机,corel系列的软件几乎破解全部可以用这个搞定!

打开注册机后,第一行的program那里选择Croel Painter 12,用注册机生成Corel Painter序列号。
接着安装Corel Painter 12试用版,序列号用上面的注册机生成的序列号。

下面就是安装Corel Painter 12试用版的样子!


第四步,安装试用版,只有30天就到期了,激活时选择致电corel,依然用Croel Painter 12生成的安装代码和激活码来激活Corel Painter 12

点击下面图的 “continnue”.来完成激活!


是不是很简单呢?其实动动手就能完成 Painter|Corel Painter 12的安装步骤了。祝您顺利。

这个Corel Painter最新版本的界面比上一个版本更稳定,缺憾是鼠标滑过工具箱和面板还是有叠影出现,和Photoshop界面的稳定性相比还是有很大的差距。

关于corel painter 12 如何汉化教程 ,请查看:


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Corel Painter X3 (2013) Английский скачать .


Corel® Painter® Essentials™ 6 is custom designed to inspire you to freely create blank canvas and photo art creations using award-winning Natural-Media® brushes. As an intuitive paint program, Essentials offers a welcoming environment that will encourage you to have fun while using powerful and realistic art tools to reach your goals. Turn a photo into an amazing oil, pastel or impressionist work of art, or use pencils, pens or particles to paint, draw and sketch on a blank canvas. The best part Connect with a solid social community of fellow painters who are passionate about painting and providing feedback. There’s an artist in all of us.

See what’s new in Painter Essentials 6 Quick Start Guide (PDF)

Craft your masterpiece with stunning reality using authentic dry media like chalks, pencils and pastels, or realistic wet media including oils, airbrushes, pens, digital watercolors and more. There is no experience required so that you can plunge right into an art studio that’s easy to learn and produces impressive results.

Produce incredible art with the powerful, user-friendly SmartStroke™ brush technology. Choose from two simple methods: let Painter® Essentials™ quickly Auto-Paint any photo, or you can paint from the photo to get a hand-hewn work of art.

Craft characters and environments using tools built for the job. The Mirror tool saves you half the painting time, the Particle brushes bring fur, hair, fabric and smoke to life, and F-X effects brushes add that extra special edge to your work.

Create using media that you can trust as the best out there. Although Essentials is built for beginners, the brush technology has stood the test of time. Every brush in Essentials was custom selected for new digital artists from our professional Painter art studio so that you can make the most of your digital art experience.

Acrylics Oils



Photo Painting


Chalks, Pastels

Digital Watercolor



Pattern Pens

Pencils, Pens


When painting with a drawing tablet, you will have full pressure sensitive control of every brush allowing you to recreate the look and sensation of painting with traditional media, even if you have never used it before. Splay brush bristles or accentuate a paper texture using the stylus to control every amazing stroke.

Launch the Essentials application, and the intuitive Welcome Screen will greet you with helpful tutorials and workflow tips. In addition, you can explore an exciting gallery of Essentials artwork that will inspire you to create your own new masterpieces.

Manage memory-intensive operations, such as working on large canvases, plus zooming, rotating and working with layers, all at top speed. Equally important, your brushes will blaze across the canvas allowing you to lose yourself in painting.

Comfortably experiment with a variety of custom selected media types and uncover your favorites. Join our free webinars to learn valuable tips and hone your skills in Essentials. When you are ready to go pro, just upgrade to Painter for unlimited artistic possibilities.

We’ve got you covered. Whether you are drawing and painting or creating photo art, Essentials has the tools you need to execute your vision and let your art speak volumes.


Launch the newly designed Welcome Screen to kick start your painting experience. Create new documents and templates, choose from workflow UI layouts, see what is new and exciting in the world of Essentials, access helpful tutorials, view an inspirational art gallery and check out our brush packs for specific workflows.

Sketch your vision using the perfect pencil for the job, choose from grainy, thick and thin and scratchboard tool variations. Then, render your masterpiece using an exciting variety of Chalks, Pastels, Crayons Charcoal including blunt, soft, square, tapered and jitter variants that will suit any task at hand.

Create an oil or acrylic painting using clumpy, glazing, flat or filbert brushes, spray fine, coarse or soft airbrush paint all over your canvas, dip in to digital watercolor to wash, spatter or diffuse paint and emulate Impressionist Masters like Sargent and Post-Impressionists like Van Gogh. No matter what, you will have fun experimenting!

Create with unique Painter media types like dynamic Particles that spring, flow and gravitate across canvas, plus F-X effects that sprinkle fairy dust, glow, jitter, shatter, distort and more! Or grab a Pattern Pen to stroke decorative brushstrokes across your canvas like magic.

Start off easy using the one-touch Auto-Paint tool. Simply open the photo of your choice, select a painting style and click play. As a must-have paint editor, Essentials will magically paint the photo for you using Smart Stroke technology that follows the lines and contours in your image, no hands required.

Sketch right over your photo using Tracing Paper as a guide to ensure that your hand drawn composition is perfection or create a one-of-a-kind photo painting by pulling the colors from your photo through any brush allowing you to fill the canvas with hand-hewn strokes.

The time-saving Mirror tool reflects your painting on the opposite side of the canvas using your media of choice. Turn on Kaleidoscope and paint using 3-12 reflective segments and create stunning kaleidoscope paintings.

Essentials incorporates pressure sensitive memory that will adapt to your particular touch. Provide a sample of your stroke in the Brush Tracker to globally set sensitivity or save your pressure for each of your favorite brushes allowing Essentials to remember and respond accordingly.


Manage memory-intensive operations, such as working on large canvases, plus zooming, rotating and working with layers, all at top speed. Equally important, your brushes will blaze across the canvas allowing you to focus on painting.

Feature Essentials 4 Essentials 5 Painter 2017
Revolutionary Particle Brushes
Jitter Brushes
Mirror Painting
Kaleidoscope painting
World’s most authentic Natural-Media®
Smart photo-painting tools
Tracing Images
Streamlined autopainting with presets
Real Watercolor Brushes
Multiple Clone Sources
Total Brushes 95 126 806
Brush Tracking Utility
2 in 1 mobile painting interface
Navigator panel
Real-time Effects preview
Transformation tools
Native 64-bit for Mac and PC
Enhanced Brushstroke preview
Enhanced Paper Textures
Enhanced Wacom tablet support
Streamlined interface for hobbyists
Customizable UI No Limited Full
Workspace manager
Advanced brush editing
Save/Export/Import custom brushes
Create Custom Papers, Patterns, Gradients, Nozzles, Selections, Image portfolio
Additional effects with full screen preview
Perspective Guides
Reference Image
Advanced Color Management
  • Windows 10 (64-Bit), Windows 8.1 (64-Bit), or Windows 7 (64-Bit) (with the latest updates)
  • Intel Core 2 or AMD Athlon 64 processor, 2 GHz or faster
  • 4 logical cores or higher (recommended)
  • 2 GB RAM (8 GB RAM or higher recommended)
  • 1 GB hard disk space for application files*
  • Solid-state drive (recommended)
  • 1280 x 800 screen resolution (1920 x 1080 recommended)
  • Mouse or tablet
  • DVD drive (required for box installation)
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 11 or higher, with the latest updates
  • To activate your product, you must connect to the Internet and register it first

*Additional space may be required for Microsoft .NET Framework 4.6


  • macOS 10.13, 10.12, OS X 10.11 and OS X 10.10, with the latest revision
  • Multicore Intel processor with 64-bit support
  • 4 logical cores or higher (recommended)
  • 2 GB RAM (8 GB RAM or higher recommended)
  • 750 MB hard disk space for application files
  • Solid-state drive (recommended)
  • 1280 x 800 screen resolution (1920 x 1080 recommended)
  • Mouse or tablet
  • DVD drive (required for box installation)
  • To activate your product, you must connect to the Internet and register it first

Visit the Discovery Center to view all of our free Painter Essentials tutorials, tips and webinars to get you started.

Every canvas is a fresh start! Experiment with a variety of art tools and bring your unique visions to life on canvas. Painter Essentials 6 offers you the optimal Natural-Media® brushes, paper textures and tools needed to get started in digital art and experience true creative freedom. From loose sketches to full-blown paintings, Painter Essentials 6 will bring out the artist in you.
Learn more

Turn your photos into eye-catching paintings in just minutes. Painter® Essentials™ 6 makes it easy with one-touch auto-painting that lets you choose a style and watch your painting come alive, stroke by stroke. Or tap into your creativity and create a painting that's as original as you! With exclusive photo-painting and cloning tools, SmartStroke™ brush technology and incredible photo effects, Painter Essentials 6 guarantees your photo art will impress GameMaker Setup

Learn more

Corel Painter 12 (Windows)

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Make your video look its best with proven upscaling technology that delivers near-HD quality video from standard DVDs. The GPU-accelerated upscaling works across different platforms.

Fine-tune to get just the look you want with easy adjustments for richer color and enhanced lighting. Use presets to improve picture, adjust brightness, contrast and more.

If you have a NVIDIA graphics card with 3D Vision support on your PC, WinDVD Pro 12 automatically enters an exclusive mode to play high-definition video files in 3D mode, greatly optimizing your 3D playback experience.

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Playback interface

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Powerful video playback

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Easily capture a screenshot of your favorite movie scene as a still picture or video clip. Save it as a file and upload and share it with your friends. Even zoom or crop your video to take a closer look and get closer to the action.

Short on time Watch your movie on your time. Adjust the speed of the video playback to fit the time you have available. You can speed up playback up to 2 times faster, or slow down to half speed.

Thanks to optimization for new CPUs and GPUs from NVIDIA, Intel and AMD, WinDVD 12 is faster than ever before. Plus, extended power-saving capabilities give you more life from your laptop.


File support

Enjoy crisp, vivid playback of all the most popular file formats, including new 4K video and HEVC (H.265). Also enjoy Blu-ray 3D, BD-Live, BDXL, AVCREC, DivX, FLV, Windows Media (WMV), DVD-Video, MPEG, MTS, M2TS, MKV, MP4, 3GP and much more!

Blow yourself away with cinematic surround sound, supported by industry leaders Dolby and DTS. WinDVD Pro 12 offers a broad range of support for the most powerful audio technologies available.

Set your audio to match your environment. In a busy, noisy location Set your controls to ‘Noisy’ and boost the audio levels. At home Try the ‘Theater’ effect to preserve the original dynamic range of the movie and deliver theater-quality sound Network (or) LAN Driver for Windows 100% Working

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Paint program for beginners - Corel Painter Essentials 6

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Corel Painter 2015 Keygen Crack is the tool used for the editing and creation of images, photo cloning, applying effects and is aided by many professional tools. It help in the creation of the fantastic graphics. It is the same as the Adobe Photoshop. There are many advanced options in the Corel Painter Keygen 2105 like audio brushes. It has many filter. Social media brushes are the new addition in it. Photoshop brushes can be imported and used as it is. Smart photo painting is added with the smart drawings. It has many advanced killer tools for the editing of the images with the perfection.

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  • Compatible mouse or tablet.
  • Minimum 1280 x 800 screen resolution.

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  • Microsoft Windows 8, Windows 8.1 , or Windows 7 (32-bit or 64-bit editions).
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  • Minimum of 2 GB of RAM.
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  • Compatible mouse or tablet.
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Corel painter 12 corel painter (POOY)


不論是從傳統藝術創作轉換至數位藝術創作,或單純地在數位世界裡繪畫創作,Painter 都將向您交付超出預期的效果。我們依據眾多不同創作風格藝術家的建議,鉅細靡遺地模擬傳統藝術創作體驗,甚至超越插畫家、藝術家和相片藝術家的創作需求。


運用 AVX2 擴充並透過全方位的優化編碼,我們再次提升了對多核心處理器的效能支援,順利地推出這款目前運算速度最快的 Painter 應用程式。不費吹灰之力地使用 Windows 多點觸控平移、縮放和旋轉功能。使用 Wacom 繪圖板繪畫並瀏覽不再是遙不可及的夢。還有,我們支援所有的 .PSD 檔案格式。

想像您可使用超過 900 支激發靈感的筆刷,開始您的創作之旅。我們的最新版產品包括了 36 支全新多樣的筆刷,以及全球最擬真的 Natural-Media® 和獨家微粒、花紋畫筆和厚塗筆刷等功能!

為確保您最後作品如同照片般完美,您可使用 Painter 的強大多樣的黃金分割、三等分規則、配置格線、專業相片繪圖工具、材質、漸層、選取區和其他程式內學習工具,迅速指導您創作繪畫成品。

盡情揮毫創作。自訂或與其他人協同創作,並匯入您所需的各類媒體:筆刷、自訂面板、紙張、流線貼圖、色彩、材質、花紋、漸層、噴嘴、外觀、織布、影像和選取區。若您使用這套繪圖軟體時還有其他需求嗎?請您移至 [email protected],通知我們您的需求。

不論是向 Painter 大師學習或找尋靈感,下載完美繪畫解決方案的額外筆刷套件,或透過最新視訊教學和網路研討會學習技巧,我們都可為您成功的藝術創作提供所需各項協助。

請容我們向您介紹 Painter 大師。這群 Painter 大師是群才華洋溢的插畫家、藝術家和相片藝術家。這些藝術工作者的藝術造詣高超,且是同行中的一時之選。這群獨特的藝術創作者將會啓發、激勵並教育各技術層級的 Painter 藝術家。

在 Painter 2015 或更高版本中,瀏覽使用這些創意大爆發的筆刷套件,加強您的相片、設計圖形和繪圖的效果。運用完美的筆刷套件解決方案,簡化您的工作流程。

找到您需要我內容!我們的 Discovery Center 保存著上百支有用的視訊影片,正等著您來觀賞查閱。您可按 Painter 版本瀏覽並學習與您應用程式相關的技巧。或者,透過我們所有學習管道,您可分享作品,學習新的小技巧,註冊網路研討會並參加創作竸賽。

Painter 2019 搭載了各種專業工具,創作您的終極藝術大作。



我們 2019 年版本提供了5 套全新花紋,運用這些獨特筆刷整合了激賞的材質花紋,製作前所未有的筆刷筆觸。您可以在既有的材料庫選取筆刷或自行建立個人筆刷。






這些薩金特變化筆刷十分熱門,因此我們更進一步為這項類別筆擴充了6 支全新刺激的筆刷。運用這些豐富的筆刷筆觸,讓您畫布上人物栩栩如生。



我們將藝術最喜愛的 Natural-Media® 模擬筆刷再精簡,讓您可更方便地存取探索筆刷材料庫。您可更不費吹灰之力地試驗新筆刷。


利用炫目的 2.5D 材質進行繪畫,讓畫布上題材躍然於紙上。您可自材質渲染和材質來源影像混色筆刷類別中選取這些筆刷。






輕鬆創作對稱繪圖的能力使 Painter 可透過在畫布相對位置重製筆刷筆觸或鏡射圖層的多重倒影,創作鏡射影像。



在您完成繪畫時,套用如顯示紙張材質、突顯 3D 筆觸或套用光線方向等效果,以增添畫龍點睛之效。




運用 AVX2 擴充並透過全方位的優化編碼,我們再次提升了對多核心處理器的效能支援,順利地推出這款目前運算速度最快的 Painter 應用程式。大量的筆刷工具在這版本中取得顯著的速度提升,某些筆刷甚至較先前版本快上兩倍。您在縮放、平移和旋轉文件時更可取得 50% 左右的反應速度提升,更快速流暢地檢閱文件。


啓用專業清新的使面者介面,讓您在創作畫作時更加專注。我們仔細地將 Painter 2019 的主要使用者介面元素轉變為這套全新的暗色主題介面,讓使用者介面彷彿消失了般,使您的畫作在工作區中心更加顯著。


清爽、所應迅速的程式環境讓您可在一個簡潔的工作空間中進行創作。Painter 現在已有超過 650 個重新設計過的圖示,這些圖示讓使用者介面更加一目了然,協助使用者更輕鬆地明瞭圖示功能,更有效率地運用 Painter提供的各項功能。您也可以運用修改鍵方式,精確選取數值。


使用您的觸控筆或滑鼠上,按一下 拖移選項,快速縮放您的文件。您可向螢幕右方移動以放大文件,向螢幕左方移動以縮小文件。您可按住 Shift 鍵並拖移按一下某區塊以放大指定的繪晝位置。您現在可運用單一工具,即可完成各種縮放動作!




在 Windows 觸控裝置上,揮動兩指,體驗更直接的同步畫布平移和縮放,更即時順暢的畫布旋轉。欲重設繪畫視圖,您只需使用雙指輕觸兩下螢幕即可。您將會非常喜愛這項渾然天成的素描和繪畫體驗。


Painter 就是項藝術作品,

Painter 2019 2018 2017 2016
650 多項重新設計過的應用程式圖示
Wacom 多點觸控支援
Windows Touch 支援
支援 Adobe Photoshop (PSD)
PNG 支援
支援即時手寫筆 (RTS)
支援 Wacom 繪圖板
2 合 1 或雙重用途裝置
64 位元 Mac 和 Windows 作業系統
Natural Media 筆刷材料庫

下載版本比較 (PDF)

  • Windows 10 (64 位元) 或 Windows 8.1 (64 位元) 或 Windows 7 (64 位元) (包含最新的 Service Pack)
  • 最低 2 GHz 的 Intel Core 2 或 AMD Athlon 64 處理器 (建議使用 4 核心或更高階處理器) 支援 AVX2 指令集 (建議使用)
  • 2 GB RAM (建議使用 8 GB 或以上)
  • 1 GB 硬碟空間以安裝應用程式檔案* (建議使用固態硬碟)
  • 1280 x 800 螢幕解析度 (建議使用 1920 x 1080)
  • 滑鼠或繪圖板
  • DVD 光碟機 (安裝盒裝版所需)
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 11 或更新版本 (包含最新更新)

*可能需要額外的空間用於安裝 Microsoft .NET Framework 4.7


  • macOS X 10.13、OS 10.12 或 OS X 10 Farming Simulator 2013

    11 (含最新版本)
  • 支援 64 位元的 Intel 多核心處理器 (建議使用 4 核心或更高階處理器)
  • 2 GB RAM (建議使用 8 GB 或以上)
  • 750 MB 硬碟空間以安裝應用程式檔案 (建議使用固態硬碟)
  • 1280 x 800 螢幕解析度 (建議使用 1920 x 1080)
  • 滑鼠或繪圖板
  • DVD 光碟機 (安裝盒裝版所需)
  • 欲啓用產品,您必須先連接到網際網路並註冊您的產品

運用 Bob Ross 認證的數位筆刷和 Painter 精英大師 Karen Bonaker 的指導,您現在可更輕鬆地在數位畫布上重現 Bob 的溼畫法技巧。


與 Karen Bonaker 一同深入叢林,探索繪畫優雅瀑布的美感和寧靜。

在 Karen Bonaker 的指導下,傳神地重現 Bob Ross 謐靜的白雪冬景。

您可以在社交媒體中運用 #BobRoss 標籤分享您的繪畫。

® Bob Ross 的名字和影像是 Bob Ross Inc 的註冊商標。© Bob Ross Inc 版權所有。保留所有權利。授權使用。

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