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The World Goes Mad. Visit the Official Mad Max Fury Road site here.

What's New

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  • A new documentary on the making of Fury Road, "Going Mad: The Battle of Fury Road" has been released, chronicling Fury Road's 20 years in the making. Currently this appears to only be available for purchase through iTunes, I have not seen information on any other available release at this time. Also note that Fury Road is currently available in HD with all extras for the discounted price of $7.99 from US iTunes - I'm not sure how long that offer lasts for. It includes not only this documentary, but Fury Road itself in both regular and Black Chrome versions, plus other behind the scenes extras.

  • Mad Max Fury Road has been released basically everywhere on Blu-ray, DVD, and digital download. My copy arrived today, bundled with the Mad Max game, and is the standard Blu-ray release. As per the news below for August 19, all the releases appear to be the same as far as the extras content, so it's really just a question of whether you need 3D, or if you can't do Blu-ray yet and need a DVD. I haven't checked through all the content yet, but the extras I've looked through so far are pretty exceptional - lots of cool behind the scenes stuff on the cars and stunts. Basically all the material everyone drops by the web site looking for from the original trilogy! The deleted scenes were interesting, but perhaps a little light on - we know from various interviews that there were other scenes shot, but I guess they were either deemed incomplete or not suitable to be put on the disc. That would be my only disappointment with the set, and realistically its a very small one, given the amount of other material that we've been given.

  • The Sydney Opera House are presenting an event on the 11th of October, MAD MAX: FURY ROAD - CREATING THE APOCALYPSE - GEORGE MILLER, BRENDAN MCCARTHY NICO LATHOURIS IN CONVERSATION. You can find further information at the web site here, be sure to check out the full festival schedule here, as you may also find some other sessions of interest, including a separate talk with Brendan McCarthy.

  • For all you gamers, don't forget the Mad Max game out on PS4, XBOXONE and PC next week. Here in Australia the release coincides with the DVD / Blu-ray release of the film, and EB Games have a pack available that includes both the game and the Blu-ray for $99.95, plus a bunch of extras. Quite a good deal, I've ordered mine there today. If anyone else is aware of any packs, bonus deals, etc, feel free to let me know.

  • Fury Road is due out on Blu-ray, DVD, etc in only a couple of weeks now, on September 1st. Most countries seem to be getting pretty much the same content and release date, Amazon have listed a package which includes Mad Max Fury Road Blu-ray/3D/DVD/Digital here. If you don't need the 3D, the cheaper Blu-Ray (with DVD) is here, or the DVD only version is here.
  • As mentioned, most countries are getting pretty much standard releases of the film as listed above, HOWEVER, in Germany they're releasing a limited collector's edition set, which also includes an Interceptor model. I don't know much more about it than what you can see listed, but if you want to check it out, you can find it listed on the Amazon Germany site here.

  • Mad Max Fury Road is out today for rental or purchase on various online services, including Amazon and iTunes. If you can't wait to see it again, grab it now, or if you're still waiting for the full release with all the extras, only a few weeks to go...

  • The second Max and final Mad Max Fury Road comic is now out. For those of you who missed them, note that a compilation volume of all the issues is due out in early September, you can find further information on Amazon here.

  • The first of the Max comics is now out for those of you needing to grab one. Also, if you missed the first in the series, Nux Immortal Joe, note that this has been reprinted, so you should be able to find that again now as well.

    • The second issue of the Mad Max Fury Road Vertigo Comics series has been released. The Furiosa comic should be available where you are soon, if not already - look out for it in case they sell out as fast as the first one.

  • Also out this week is Cinefex 142. Although 60% of the Cinefex readers voted for a Fury Road cover, you can look for this one featuring either Jurassic World of Age of Ultron (meh). Read more at the Cinefex blog here.
  • This one doesn't appear to have been posted to any of the official Warner Bros YouTube channels that I've seen, but there's an excellent 4 minute featurette on the Apocalyptic Cars of Mad Max Fury Road. Some great close ups and background to the cars, be sure to check it out.

  • Sony have posted a new story trailer for the Mad Max PS4 game to their blog. Check out the blog post here for further info and to watch the trailer.
  • Note that you can already pre-order the game, and will receive access to a bonus car as per the trailer, and also detailed in the listing at Amazon. My personal experience with video game pre-orders (here in Australia anyway) is that different offers often become available closer to release date - I'm personally holding off my own pre-order for now.

  • Warner Brothers Thailand have posted a behind the scenes Mad Max Fury Road TV Special to YouTube. Some excellent previously unseen material, be sure to check it out.

  • Bloomberg have put together a great article on the cars of Fury Road - Every Killer Car in Mad Max Fury Road Explained. Lots of great info again from Production Designer Colin Gibson, along with some great shots of some of the vehicles I haven't previously seen.
  • Speaking of cars, be sure to check out the vehicles still on display at Event Cinemas in George Street Sydney, they should be there until around the middle of the week (May 20 - if anyone knows the exact removal date, let me know).

  • Mad Max Fury Road has premiered at the Cannes Film Festival, with stars Tom Hardy, Charlize Theron, Nicholas Hoult and director George Miller all in attendance. There's quite a bit of coverage on the event, I found some of the more interesting coveragee and quotes in the articles from, indiewire and the LA Times.

  • Following the Mad Max Fury Road car display at the Sydney Opera House yesterday was the film's premiere at Event cinemas in Sydney. See my report on the Mad Max Fury Road Sydney Premiere here.

  • It was a huge day at the Sydney Opera House, with the Mad Max Fury Road cars on display in the forecourt throughout the day. Check my quick report on the Fury Road Cars here, and also be sure to check out a whole bunch of pics from others who attended the event on the discussion forum.

  • The cars of Fury Road are out on display again, this time at The o2 in Greenwich, London, from May 11 - 14. Flavourmag has put up some galleries of what to expect, along with an excellent interview with production designer Colin Gibson. Check out Flavourmag's article on the cars of Mad Max Fury Road here.
  • If you’d like to see some more of Fury Road behind the scenes (and who wouldn’t), sign up to Fury Road Assistant Cameraman Junaid Samaai’s Instagram. He's posted a few nice shots there of some of his work behind the scenes, with the tease of more to come.

  • Wired Magazine has a great interview with director George Miller, where he goes into the making of the film, and some of the history of the Mad Max franchise. Also, being Wired, there's a great roundup of some of the technologies in use in the making of Fury Road towards the end of the article.

    • Warner Bros have teamed up with Lotus for the Spanish Formula 1 Grand Prix. Not only are the Lotus F1 painted up to promote the film, but Lotus also unveiled an F1 Mad Max Concept at the Barcelona International Motor Show, along with some vehicles from the film itself. Read on for more info.
  • Mel Gibson has attended the Los Angeles Premiere of Mad Max Fury Road, along with Tom Hardy, Charlize Theron and George Miller. Very cool to see both Maxs together, you can see some video of the event from Associated Press here, and also some articles and stills in the Hollywood Reporter and Variety.

    • Another book being released in conjunction with the film is Mad Max Fury Road Inspired Artists, a collection of the works of 65 of comics best artists, providing their own interpretations of the world of Mad Max Fury Road. According to the listing at, the book is released May 12, but according to the discussion forum, the book is already available in at least some stores in Australia.

  • Next Wednesday, May 13, several of the main vehicles from Mad Max Fury Road will drive through Sydney, to be parked on display at the Sydney Opera House from 7am until 3pm. This will be followed by the Australian Premiere at Event Cinemas in George Street from 6pm. Read the article at Filmink for the full detail, and also see the official web site at
  • HitFix have posted an interview with Tom Holkenborg / Junkie XL on creating the soundtrack for Mad Max Fury Road. An excellent interview and insight into the creation of the score, well worth a look.
  • Warner Bros put together a sound stage full of Fury Road costumes for a recent press day, and HitFix takes an up close look at some of the costumes from the film. A word of warning, the up close pics are fantastic to look at, but some of the pics and their descriptions contain spoilers to the film itself.
  • For those of you interested in some fan art, check out the excellent work of the Poster Posse, who have put together a variety of concept poster art for Mad Max Fury Road. You can find the first Fury Road poster gallery here, and the phase 2 Fury Road poster gallery here.
    • As a companion to the film, the book The Art of Mad Max Fury Road will be released on May 19. I don't have much more than the cover artwork at this stage, I'd recommend checking the listing at closer to release date, and I will of course post further info (and a review) here when I have it.
  • Warner Bros Pictures have released a series of interviews with the Fury Road cast, as well as director George Miller. Plenty of spoilers - you have been warned! To see the full list of interviews and links, see the Mad Max Fury Road cast interviews page here
  • The official Mad Max Fury Road site has an awesome vehicle showcase online, with a gallery of images and info for 18 of the cars. Head on over to to check it out.
  • For those of you not afraid of a few spoilers, FOX 5 DC has 17 minutes of interviews posted with Tom Hardy, Jacob Tomuri (stunt double), Charlize Theron, George Miller and Nicholas Hoult. Watch them here.
  • Six clips from Mad Max Fury Road have been released online, some are expanded scenes from the trailers, while others are entirely new. Almost all contain spoilers to some extent, to get the full run down on each clip, along with the links, check out the Mad Max Fury Road sneak peek here.
  • And if that wasn't enough, you can also check out a FULL 18 MINUTES of Mad Max Fury Road Behind The Scenes B-Roll footage here! (And it goes without saying, plenty of spoilers here also, if you're wanting to avoid them just yet).
  • Go behind the scenes with George Miller, Tom Hardy and Charlize Theron in the Mad Max Fury Road Featurette - view it on YouTube here.
  • Also be sure to check out the Legacy Featurette, and see where it all began.
  • Academy Award winning cinematographer Andrew Lesnie has passed away yesterday, aged 59. Winning his Oscar for his work on the Lord on the Rings Trilogy, Andrew also worked as Cinematographer on various Kennedy Miller productions including Babe, Babe Pig in the City, and the TV mini series Bodyline. One of his first roles was as documentary cameraman on the since long lost behind the scenes documentary for Mad Max 2. You can read some more on Andrew's achievements at The Age and over at
  • Mad Max Cars have partnered with Warner Brothers Pictures for FREE advance screenings of Mad Max Fury Road! Those of you in the Seattle area will have the opportunity to see the film before it officially opens, as well as view Mad Max Cars' replicas and meet the staff at the May 11 screening. There is a May 6 screening at Lincoln Square Cinemas (download your free pass here), and a May 11 screening, which includes the Mad Max Cars display, at Regal Thornton place (download your free pass here). Please only grab a pass if you can actually attend.
  • Shout Factory are releasing a Mad Max Blu-ray Collector's Edition on May 5th, which appears to largely be the contents of the earlier MGM Special Edition, but does also include some new cast and crew interviews, and new artwork. You can view the product details and pre-order on Amazon, or if you're in the US / Canada you can order from Shout Factory directly - which should see you get the disc earlier, and possibly with a bonus (see here).
  • Mark Sexton (storyboard artist) and Greg Van Borssum (fight choreographer) will be doing a Fury Road presentation and QA at Supanova in Melbourne (this weekend) and the Gold Coast. For further information, see the Supanova post on facebook here.
  • Tom Hardy is signed on for up to 3 more Mad Max Movies, if Fury Road does big enough box office - and looking at the trailers that seems almost a certainty at this point. Read the full interview with Tom at Esquire magazine, or the abridged version (just the Mad Max bits) at Badass Digest.


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Game Files - File Extension

Genres/Tags: Sports, Soccer, 3D
Company: Konami Digital Entertainment
Languages: RUS/ENG/MULTI17
Original Size: 11.6 GB
Repack Size: from 3.1 GB [Selective Download]

Download Mirrors

Screenshots (Click to enlarge)

Repack Features

  • Based on Pro.Evolution.Soccer.2017-CPY ISO release: cpy-pes2017.iso (11,588,282,368 bytes)
  • Pro.Evolution.Soccer.2017.CRACKFIX-CPY applied
  • Missing Japanese commentary pack (791 MB) added – now the game is full MULTI17
  • Included PES17 Selector 4K allows you to run the game in any resolution, windowed or fullscreen
  • 100% Lossless MD5 Perfect: all files are identical to originals after installation
  • NOTHING ripped, NOTHING re-encoded
  • While you have all 17 languages for GUI included in this repack, you can download install only those commentary packs you need
  • Significantly smaller archive size (compressed from cumulative 11.6 to 3.1~3.6 GB for any single commentary language)
  • Installation takes 20-45 minutes (depending on your system selected commentary packs)
  • After-install integrity check so you could make sure that everything installed properly
  • HDD space after installation: 6-10 GB (depending on selected commentary packs; ~13 GB during installation)
  • Game settings can be changed by running “PES 2017 Settings” from your desktop

Game Description

The award winning series returns taking the famed gameplay to a new level by achieving interactive reality in both control and new authentic visuals.

Game Features

  • Real Touch – Players control the ball in unique ways based on where and how you control them
  • Adaptive AI – For the first time in a football game, the AI will learn how you play and adapt accordingly
  • Natural Player Movement – Hundreds of new animations have been added to bring the players to life
  • Goalkeepers – Keepers see a great jump in their quality, through added motions and animations
  • myClub – Buy the players you want with the new myClub Scout/Auction feature

Selective Download

You can skip downloading of commentary packs you don’t need. Here is the list of selective files:

  • setup-fitgirl-selective-commentary-arabic.bin
  • setup-fitgirl-selective-commentary-argentina.bin
  • setup-fitgirl-selective-commentary-brazilian.bin
  • setup-fitgirl-selective-commentary-chile.bin
  • setup-fitgirl-selective-commentary-chinese-cantonese.bin
  • setup-fitgirl-selective-commentary-chinese-mandarin.bin
  • setup-fitgirl-selective-commentary-english.bin
  • setup-fitgirl-selective-commentary-french.bin
  • setup-fitgirl-selective-commentary-german.bin
  • setup-fitgirl-selective-commentary-greek.bin
  • setup-fitgirl-selective-commentary-italian.bin
  • setup-fitgirl-selective-commentary-japanese.bin
  • setup-fitgirl-selective-commentary-mexico.bin
  • setup-fitgirl-selective-commentary-portuguese.bin
  • setup-fitgirl-selective-commentary-spanish.bin

In example, if you want to launch the game with German commentaries only – skip all “selective” files,
but download setup-fitgirl-selective-commentary-german.bin all main files (01-04) My Farm Life 1 2 Bundle Setup

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Dread Quest Arena Demo

Dread Quest Arena V0.557 BETA Installer Fast-paced and challenging arena platformer. Our main hero is Dread the Devil. Banished by his masters and sent...

Gameconfig Tweaks Mod Full Version

Gameconfig Tweaks rebalances Xenonaut gameconfigs to make the game more "easy" in a side and "hard" in the other.

X4 Legacy Music Music

Adds XR, XRVR and X4 music including OST tracks not present in-game in .ogg-356 where possible*.v0.90 - Initial release

HAL Demo 1 comment

Sample Released! More to come! Details and instructions inside!

Daedalus Full Version

Daedalus is specialized toward mazes. It allows creating, solving, displaying, and analyzing mazes of many types and algorithms. It also features a scripting...

The SSDmod Redux Patch

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Theatre of War Full Version

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Crew 2 Forza-ish reshade Full Version

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Muchapa Full Version

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Squire's Story Online Patch

Adds Christmas event, some new items, bug fixes, new Party Dungeon, Key : Warband mod with a high fantasy setting.

Mechanic Night Full Version

in this game you have to survive while you get points.Below the instructions of how to survive

Blood in The West Full Version 6 comments

Blood in the West pre-final 0.9 release. Full mod, needs no previous installments. See info below.

No Pentagram Mod Script

Some community members requested to remove Pentagram from the game.

Arisen Demo

The first beta release of our game Arisen. Just unzip the file and run.

Star Wars - Clone Wars Full Version 29 comments

As promised I am giving you the fans the version of 4.0 that you all deserve. The Mod still has a few minor bugs but they are hardly worth withholding...

Husky: Ashcon I Full Version

Version 1 of Husky - Ashcon I. Unzip and play.

Liberty City Stories: PC Edition Full Version

Well, This is original version of Liberty City Stories PC Edition that create in 2008. This is a old installer that old team using InstallCreator program...

Cost and Cap Overhaul Full Version

Latest build you find other versions on nexus. Plz check out install guide video if you are confused

Mike's Battlefront 2 Mods Maps Collection Full Version

Here is part 12 of my mod collection, apologies for it being only 1.8GB and only having around 30 mods/maps but one mod had multiple different versions...

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