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In an exclusive clip from Tuesday's episode of NBC's 'America's Got Talent,' Udi offers a glowing contrast in color that culminates in a sparkly explosion. NBC

America's Got Talent has featured light-show acts before, but Udi isn't likely to be forgotten.

In an exclusive clip scheduled to air in tonight's episode (NBC, 8 ET/PT), the glowing duo stage a fight to the fragmented finish. Against a black background, each boldly stands out in Day-Glo hooded bodysuits, one blue, the other red.

As they clash, Red immediately takes control, grabbing Blue's arm as the red color extends. Disembodied red hands then hold Blue in place, before Red yields a death blow, aided by an arsenal of flying weapons. 

As Blue lies lifeless, a duplicate — Blue's ghost! — rises from behind and floats toward heaven before a blue dove pulls it back and reconnects the two, body and spirit.

A resurrected Blue rises, faces Red and they charge each other. Their crash ends in an explosion of sparks.

The clip doesn't reveal how the judges voted, but from the cheers and standing applause, it seems likely "AGT" fans will be seeing more of Udi later in the competition.  

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Here we have come for yet another episode post on America Got Talent (AGT) 2018 Season 13 Start Date Premiere Audition Cities Location and we are here to describe you some more about the show. We have seen America Got Talent (AGT) 2017 winner name announced on 20 Sep 2017 and Darci Lynne has won the show with so many public votes. Now the time comes for new Season with new excitement and it will be going to be a blast as well. You can check out America Got Talent 2017 Season 12 best of Audition and all best performance in one episode with us and we will be covering each and every aspect of the show. You can watch all episode of AGT 2017 on NBC network and do subscribe to our Facebook page to get the notification details.

We are here to talk about America Got Talent (AGT) 2018 Season 13 Premiere Date First Look and with no Surprise, you will see the same judges for AGT 2018 Season 13 as well. We would like to congratulate Darci Lynne for winning the millions of hearts and so to the Angelica Hale for being tough competitors to each other. This year AGT 2017 was so emotional and we are expecting some great talent as well in the next year 2018 Audition of AGT Season 13. You can write to us and follow us for more updates on the America Got Talent (AGT) 2018 Season 13 Premiere Date First Look which you all might be looking to get from all our viewers.

America Got Talent (AGT) All-Season winner Till 2018 Season 12

America Got Talent (AGT) 2006 Season 1 Winner- Bianca Ryan

America Got Talent (AGT) 2007 Season 2 Winner- Terry Fator

America Got Talent (AGT) 2008 Season 3 Winner- Neal E. Boyd

America Got Talent (AGT) 2009 Season 4 Winner- Kevin Skinner

America Got Talent (AGT) 2010 Season 5 Winner- Michael Grimm

America Got Talent (AGT) 2011 Season 6 Winner- Landau Eugene Murphy, Jr.

America Got Talent (AGT) 2012 Season 7 Winner- Olate Dogs

America Got Talent (AGT) 2013 Season 8 Winner- Kenichi Ebina

America Got Talent (AGT) 2014 Season 9 Winner- Mat Franco

America Got Talent (AGT) 2015 Season 10 Winner- Paul Zerdin

America Got Talent (AGT) 2016 Season 11 Winner- Grace VanderWaal

America Got Talent (AGT) 2017 Season 12 Winner- Darci Lynne

We would like to thanks our viewers for reading this small post to cover the special talent episode. We are expecting an AGT 2018 new Season 13 will be going to impact and we are ready for some phenomenal episode as well. Do share with us about this post in the comment and share this post to support. We will bring some more interesting post on the New Season of America got Talent 2018 Season 13 with us here on the show.

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Welcome back everyone for a new Blog post and we have not shared any new post on the American Got Talent 2018 S 13 Premiere Schedule Judges Contestant Audition which everyone is looking here for a very long time. So the time has come to share the best part of the agt 2018 and when does agt start 2018 like so many queries. This show is all about where Talent meets opportunity and America’s got talent 2018 start date going to start soon. We are here to cover one of the best posts about this show and we will be going to cover each and every aspect of America’s got talent 2018 start date. If you have not followed us on the Facebook page then please do that because we always going to give you the when does America’s got talent start 2018 updates. So we will be back and go to tell you all those best moments which you can grab with us about America’s got talent season 13 start date and much more.

Here we are first going to cover the American Got Talent 2018 S 13 Premiere Schedule Judges list and this year we are going to have the same unit of judges and AGT 2018 host will be the same. Last Season AGT 2017 winner was Darci Lynne Farmer and who will be going to win AGT 2018 that you can find here soon in September 2018. So there are so many people who were asking about the when does America got talent 2018 start and agt 2018 start date then this is confirmed last month and agt 2018 air date is 29 May 2018. American Got Talent 2018 Season 13 judges are Mel B, Heidi Klum, Simon Cowell and Howie Mandel. American Got Talent 2018 hostname is Tyra Banks who has already done the last year 2017. This year you might see so many new acts and everyone will be having much more fun this year. Soon we will be coming with more updates on America got talent 2018 start date and we will be going to share more facts about the show.

American Got Talent 2018 Season 13 Contestant Audition Episode Details

Here we are going to talk about the American Got Talent 2018 Season 13 Contestant Audition Episode Details and we have shared with you some very good moments as well. This will be the new Season 13 of AGT 2018 and all audition has been taken. So we will be going to cover agt 2018 premier and this year you can collect all those positive updates on the when does America’s get talent season 14 start which you all might be looking to get. There will be some changes in the format of America’s got talent season 13 premiere and in the live shows in terms of voting. Soon we will be coming with more updates on when does season 13 of America’s got talent start and we will be going to share more facts about the show.

We would like to thanks our viewers for reading this post on the American Got Talent 2018 S 13 Premiere Schedule Judges Contestant Audition and this year you might see some new moments on America’s got talent premiere date 2018. We will be going to share with you all updates like agt 2018 air date and America’s got talent 2018 air date which will be out soon with you all. Share and keep connected for more updates on America’s got talent season 13 start updates UnityWebPlayer Audition (Uncut Special Edition): Ryo .

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America Got Talent (AGT) 2018 Season 13 Start Date .


The craziest auditions of 'America's Got Talent' 2018. NBC

Yes, "America’s Got Talent," plenty of it. But the NBC reality competition also offers lots of lunacy, often inspired.

The top-rated summer series (Tuesdays, 8 EDT/PDT), halfway through its audition episodes, has featured memorable singers, dancers and escape artists. Three of them – Zurcaroh, Michael Ketterer and Courtney Hadwin – won the coveted Golden Buzzer and a free pass to the Season 13 finals.

Along with the sublime, there’s a compelling sideshow: acts whose crazy brilliance is their ability to defy categorization. You say you tune in for the beautiful singing, but come on, you really keep coming back for the compellingly crazy. 

Many quirky performers show talent, too. Here’s a list of five that impressed the judges — Simon Cowell, Heidi Klum, Mel B and Howie Mandel — enough to earn a trip to the next round, and a bonus reject.

More: This 13-year-old slayed the 'America's Got Talent' judges with a Janis Joplin-like performance

More: Simon Cowell promises fire, magic and scares in Season 13 of 'America's Got Talent'

Spit takes, glorious spit takes: La Fontane Umane

'America's Got Talent' host Tyra Banks, center, put her best foot forward when she joined Fontane Umane for a fountain show. (Photo: Trae Patton, NBC)

The performance of "Titanic" tear-jerker  "My Heart Will Go On," by the four tuxedoed men, looking like refugees from a college a capella group, resulted in waterworks, just not the expected kind. They didn't sing; they spouted impressive streams of clear (and then colored) water.  

These Human Fountains, as their name translates, became an unusual streaming service, with synchronized spitting that earned three "yes" votes  along with a cameo by host Tyra Banks.

Sinister sleight of hand: The Sacred Riana

The Sacred Riana wowed 'America's Got Talent' with her magic, but it was her stony demeanor that the judges will long remember. (Photo: Trae Patton, NBC)

Magic tricks are supposed to surprise, not scare the daylights out of you, right Judge Mel B reeled in shock and horror at the scary photo trick pulled off by The Sacred Riana, a demurely dressed young woman whose stony silence put everyone on the edges of their seats.

In an earlier interview, Cowell called the young woman "one of the weirdest, scariest acts we've ever had."  He shook up the  studio audience with a well-timed buzzer, but she won over the other judges.

Belly laughs: Yumbo Dump

Yumbo Dump has our vote for best act name on 'America's Got Talent.' But can the sound-effects duo win the overall competition (Photo: Trae Patton, NBC)

We may not have an "AGT" champ yet, but it will be hard to top Yumbo Dump as the best name for an act. The two men made the most of their girth to imitate the sounds of a water droplet hitting water, a cork being pulled and a UFO. 

They followed each sound effect with a joint cheer: "Feels so good!" It must have felt good, too, when three judges voted to move them along in the competition.

A slice in the dark: Aaron Crow

Aaron Crow was an imposing figure when he performed on NBC's 'America's Got Talent.' (Photo: Trae Patton, NBC)

Magician Aaron Crow, no stranger to danger, wasn't quite as spooky as The Sacred Riana, but he put the judges and audience on edge with his version of the silent treatment.

The imposing performer scared Mandel further when he brought the judge and two audience assistants on stage, hot-waxed his eyes shut, covered his head in layers and then swung his sword in various stunts, like slicing a pineapple perched on top of the fearful Mandel's head. It brought Mandel to his knees, out of either acclaim or relief. Crow moved on with a unanimous vote.  

For his next act, he'll throw in the kitchen sink: Hans, International Superstar

International Superstar Hans, center, impressed the judges with his various skills on 'America's Got Talent.' (Photo: Trae Patton, NBC)

Multi-skilled Hans was bold in fashion choice and self-description: "International superstar, sex symbol, accordionist, home-wrecker, Madonna fan." He explained his act to Cowell: "You know, honey, I do it all. Simon, I give you a Beyonce-style show on a Demi Lovato budget." 

That said, Hans' performance started with a "Cabaret"-inspired accordion solo, turned into a rip-roaring rendition of "Proud Mary," and was capped by an impressive — and cringe-inducing — leg split. He also moved on with unanimous votes.  

And one unforgettable act (believe us, we've tried): Sethward, the (human) "comedian caterpillar." 

Sethward the downward caterpillar got a quick hook from the judges on 'America's Got Talent.' (Photo: Ron Batzdorff, NBC)

"AGT" went downward with Sethward, a human caterpillar with a grating high-pitched voice who became the comedic version of a traffic accident: a horrific mess that you can’t stop looking at — except at the point where it appears this so-called butterfly flashed the judges. "You have a hole in your stockings," Klum said.

All four gave Sethward the heave-ho. He was so bad … oh, heck, he's just bad. But give the hapless performer vocabulary points for using the word chrysalis. No real caterpillars were harmed in this segment, but comedy clearly was a casualty.

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