Top 10 online casinos 2019

Gambling has long been out of hiding. In our country, they have come a long way from single slot machines in shopping centers and markets to entire complexes in specially designated gambling zones. But ordinary casinos are only the tip of the gambling iceberg, because the vast majority of players prefer virtual institutions, the best of which made up the TOP online casinos in Europe, which you can see on this page. How was this rating compiled?

TOP 10 online casinos (ranking of the best), has absorbed the ten most interesting and profitable institutions that are available to today’s gamblers. What factors had the greatest impact on the location of a club in the table? There were several dozen of them, but the main points were scored when assessing the following criteria:

The site’s appearance and usability;
Easy login and registration;
Deposit funds to the account;
Promotions of the institution;
An assortment of genres and games;
Availability and quality of the mobile version;
The need for mirrors;
Withdrawal and reputation of the institution.

The study of all these indicators and allowed to form the TOP of the best online casinos, presented on this page.

Site evaluation

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TOP online casinos in the world have become so not only because of the rich range of games, good advertising, and good returns machines. To appreciate all these advantages, players had to overcome the first steps on the site of the institution, and they directly depend on the design of the pages.

The TOP ranking of online casinos includes clubs that have managed to create high-quality and modern sites that do not cause problems for visitors. A new visitor should quickly understand how to find the information they are interested in, as well as be able to evaluate the range of games without creating an account. Clubs that chose to ignore the importance of demo mode or made accessing it too difficult.

Login and registration

We live in an age when the Internet is ruled by social networks and large international services.TOP online casinos with the withdrawal of money included only those institutions that allow you to import data from other services, giving customers the opportunity as quickly as possible to start a full game, without spending a long time on the registration procedure.

However, the additional possibility of traditional registration was also welcomed, because among the gambling people there are many who prefer not to disclose their personal data.

Deposit funds to the account

The TOP online casinos for real money included only those institutions that allow you to easily operate with this very money. To date, there are several common payment systems in our country, the support of which clubs, if not mandatory, is highly recommended. These systems include:

VISA / Mastercard;
Digital currency.

The more payment systems from the above list support the club, the more points it receives in the review and the higher in the ranking it appears.

Promotions and bonuses

Should you get into the TOP online casinos with a no deposit bonus? Of course! The more additional opportunities for winning the club offers, the more profitable it is for its potential customers. The list of bonuses and promotions of clubs that made up the TOP of the best online casinos includes:

Deposit bonuses;
Welcome bonus;
Support for promo codes.

In addition, various thematic events, regularly updated tournaments, as well as special events dedicated to holidays or international events were positively evaluated.

Selection of games

The more games, the better. The TOP best online casinos for winnings usually include those that offer not only a variety of slots but also do not shun alternative genres, among which you can find:

Lotto, keno and other similar games;
Video poker;

In recent years, especially popular and games with a live dealer, the presence of which is also considered as a significant advantage and improves the position of the institution in the ranking. It should be understood that not all players are interested in spending time spinning the reels of slots, which are not much different from each other, so the variety of genres makes clubs more attractive, keeps customers on them, and also brings money to pay the winners.

Mobile version

The TOP online casinos for real rubles include only those institutions that have spent their resources and time to develop not only a regular but also a mobile version of their website. Today, mobile users make up about half of all visitors to gambling establishments and it is extremely important for them that the site behaves correctly on a small touch screen.

The mobile version is displayed automatically as soon as you enter the site using your smartphone or tablet. The difference between these versions from the “desktop” is a more sparse markup, in which there is no advertising, numerous blocks with statistics and other information not related to the game directly.

In addition, versions of sites for mobile devices are adapted to the management of fingers-active zones are larger and spaced from each other is not a decent distance, so that it was easier to hit and harder to click by mistake.


A rare, but quite useful advantage that the best casinos have in terms of returns-applications for PC or mobile devices. Such software packages not only significantly accelerate the work of the club, but also take on a number of responsibilities such as finding an available mirror and notifying players of important events.


If you from Russia for your TOP online casinos with good returns quickly become popular, which means that they come to the attention of regulatory authorities. Since the legislation of our country gambling on the Internet is in a controversial legal field, it allows Roskomnadzor and other organizations responsible for filtering content, quickly block sites where people spend their free time, prone to gambling. To ensure that the game is not interrupted at the crucial moment, and your account is not isolated, the club should have several mirrors-alternative sites through which you can get to the club when its main site was unavailable.

What do people say?

TOP online casino payments can not consist of institutions that have problems with the withdrawal of funds. When compiling the rating, player reviews were carefully studied, as well as any information concerning the difficulties of withdrawal. If such messages were not found or they were isolated, the club received the right to be in the ranking, otherwise-dropped out of it.

Now that you understand how this rating was created, it will be easier for you to choose from it the club that is truly worthy of your attention.

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