Gambling horoscope

Even the luckiest players succeed in some specific games. It can be immensely lucky in roulette, and when playing slots pursue constant losses. Why does it happen so often? It turns out that a particular player has a certain predisposition to a particular type of game. The same position is held by the supporters of astrology.

The degree of luck of the player is determined by his temperament and under what sign of the zodiac he was born.


Such people are characterized by a pronounced responsibility, but at the same time, they are characterized by excessive impulsiveness. In life, they try to take the position of leader. For them always and around the need to the only victory. Therefore, they often choose the riskiest games. They like craps, European roulette, and online slots.


People born under this sign have a pronounced erudition. They are real philosophers. They are quite difficult to unbalance. The best for them is a card game, such as poker.


They are obsessed with the desire to win. But at the same time, they are characterized by uncertainty and changeability of mood. They can instantly change their goals, but the passion to win is always the same. Such people can be advised to play baccarat, roulette or use video slots to play.


A person born under this sign is characterized by pronounced emotionality. They are quite distinct romanticism and have a rich imagination. If they manage to get a big win, they already know in advance what they will spend their money on. Therefore, the most suitable for them are online slots, where there is a progressive jackpot. But they will also be able to play roulette well.


Greatness and pride are distinguished by such people. Such people do not like minimum bets and are always ready to play big. In any game is important to them, a storm of emotions and lots of drive. Best of all, roulette in any form and video poker will suit them.


Such people are different analytical minds. They have an innate predilection for philosophy. The most suitable for them will be any version of the card game. Scales


They are characterized by silence and concern. They know exactly what they want from the game. Most suitable for them are different types of lotteries, the American type of roulette, poker game.


Such people are called real spoilers of fate. For them, any gambling is available, but they need to exercise caution and accuracy.


Such people look at the world exclusively from the standpoint of philosophy. They will not be interested in playing roulette, but black Jack will be attractive to them.


Persons with this sign are distinguished by diligence and pedantry. This helps their success in any gamble. But in practice, such people are infrequent guests in the casino. It is preferable for them to play roulette or blackjack. You can try them to play slots.


Recklessness and cheerfulness-these are the main features of their character. No matter what happens, they never lose optimism. Absolutely any gambling games are available for them.


People born under this sign are distinguished by silence and mystery. They are constantly immersed in the world of their own dreams. Coming to the casino, they do not aim to get a win. They’re just curious. It is better for them to play the lottery or bet on sports events.

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